Save money for travel

Travelling is what I love, so travel is what I do. But how do I save money to travel?

I’m often asked how I can afford to take as many holidays as I do and how to save money for travel. The truth is, I treat my life as one extended holiday. In fact, most of my twenties were spent just wandering the globe, living from one travel job to the next, in order to sustain the lifestyle I had instantly taken a liking to.

The way I see it, if I wake up with a smile each day, I’m living the life I’ve imagined. The fact is that most people when asked the question of what they want in life, their answer is this. To be happy.

Travel is my happy!

Happiness can come in many different ways for each of us, I understand and respect that. For some, it might be to achieve success in the form of making buckets of money. For others, it might be to marry a wonderful person, have healthy children, and live the dream with the white picket fence and all that.

You see, I don’t earn the big bucks, I never have, but I earn enough. I’ve learned to go without certain luxuries that would be nice to have, but I don’t NEED them. I guess I’m not bothered about owning many material things either. And that’s one way to save money to travel.

Memories, knowledge, and experiences are what I crave more. Travel seems to reward me with so much more than I ever gain from owning lots of stuff.

My parents taught me at an early age, that if you want something in life, you work hard, and you earn it. It’s simple. So I worked hard because I wanted to travel the world. It’s the reason why I have managed to pay my own way of travelling to over 185+ countries, and still counting. And you can also work and travel at the same time. Here are 20 jobs that pay you to travel the world.

I want to share my top 11 tips on how I save money to travel the world. These are things that I still do, which is how eventually, I’ll be able to see the final 9 countries left to visit, from a total of 195.

11 top tips on how I save money to travel the world

1.  Have a goal amount in mind  

Take into consideration your salary, subtract bills and weekly necessary items and decide on an amount you want to save. Set up a transfer from your main account to your ‘Long Term holiday account’ so that you don’t even see the money.

Set up the account so that you earn some interest on that thing too. Commit to putting that amount directly into your travel account each week. If you don’t do it, you will simply spend the money. This is one of the best ways to save money to travel – commit to savings. And before you travel, get the Best Travel Debit Card Ever! – Save loads of money.

Save money for travel piggy bank

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Start saving and have a plan!

2.  Stop spending your money on new clothes

Sorry ladies, but if you’re serious about how to save money to travel the world, you’ve got to learn to be happy with a basic wardrobe. Think about it, if you are serious about travelling long-term, you will have to leave most of it at home anyway. A great way to save money on travel is not to spend it on things you won’t need in the first place.

Once you leave on that big trip, the best option is to take a backpack, no bigger than 60L for a woman.

Any bigger than this would just be heavier and more cumbersome to carry around on your travels. Travelling with the bare essentials is easy, practical, and smart. Now, of course, you can also buy a suitcase, here is a helpful guide to Backpack Vs Suitcase – Which should you choose?

Save money for travel backpack

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Not all those clothes will travel with you. Stop buying more!

3.  The cinema is expensive so stream movies instead

Easy. Stream movies instead and buy some microwave popcorn (rather than the ridiculous cost of $10 for a box at the cinema). Didn’t you know that the night in is the new night out? Now don’t get me wrong, I do love the arts and a good show in cinema or theatre can make your weekend really special. So do go out occasionally, but stay in and chill with Netflix to save money to travel most nights.

Save money for travel Netflix

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Netflix it instead of the cinema. It adds up.

4.  Drink tap water

I can’t actually believe how much people spend on bottled water! Um, don’t pay big bucks for bottled water, especially if you live somewhere that has perfectly good drinking water. Don’t be a princess, drink tap water.

Think ahead and carry a refillable water bottle with you so you can fill it up anywhere, for FREE! Not to mention you are helping to save our environment. You save money to travel the world and the world will have one less plastic bottle to deal with.

Save money for travel bottle

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Stop buying water!

5.  Sell things you don’t need

That’s right, it’s so easy. Sell your unwanted items on websites like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Gumtree for some extra cash. You know exactly where to put the cash too right? Correct, put it directly into that ING travel account we talked about in top tip number 1 on this list.

Better yet, if you join up before Dec 31, 2021, and use our referral code HMU366, you can be rewarded with AUD $50 for it. Now that’s a great incentive to save money to travel the world.

6.  Drink at home with friends

Sure, it’s really ambient to sit in a bar and pay $12 for a glass of wine, but if we’re being honest, you know that you’re going to drink at least 4-5 glasses. Especially if you are there with your best friend, laughing and catching up, as you do.

Chances are, you will eventually get hungry and buy something expensive and average from the bar/restaurant that you are sitting in,  and continue to carry on drinking. Time passes by like a flash, you feel tired and need to find a way home.

At which point, all the public transport is finished for the night, you are a little boozy, and the easiest (and maybe only) option is to get an overpriced taxi/uber to take you home. You check your bank balance to find that you had $100 more only three hours ago. #NotWinning.

If you catch my drift, sure this is fun, but it’s expensive. Moral of this rant; Ask your best friend over to your place, and purchase a few bottles of red wine, (just in case), all for a smiling total of $25. Drink in the comfort of your own home and if you get hungry, raid your cupboards, or better yet, think ahead and order that deliciously affordable Indian food from down the road beforehand, because, from past knowledge, you know how these nights always unfold.

Save money for travel staying in

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Staying in is the new going out!

7.  Eat out less

Like I said, learn to love to cook. If you hate it that much, or you are time-poor, just cook a big batch of something one day and freeze portions for the rest of the week.

If you love to eat out, (which I am very guilty of this), search online for cheap eats in your city. Alternatively, ask a bunch of students where they eat. They are masters of stretching the budget. Here are my 7 Tips: How to find the best food when travelling

8.  Take public transport, ride your bike or walk to work

Dropping a few kilos at the same time is an added bonus here too. As I always say, exercise is never a waste of time. I have calculated that I have saved over $2000 per year by riding my bike to work instead of driving or taking public transport. It was one of the reasons why I was able to save money to travel when living in Melbourne.

Save money for travel get on the bike

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Get on a bike and save $$$

9.  Consider selling your car

Wow, I can hear it as you read it. Many of you might be laughing at this suggestion right now, but if you sell your car, you will avoid many large costs such as having to pay for insurance, registration, fuel, parking, and the rest. If you simply cannot part with your car, think about options like car-sharing or catching a ride to work with a colleague that may live close.

10.  Search for bargains

This applies to everything! Go to the supermarket in the evening when they price down bread, meat, and dairy. This is when these products may be nearing the use-by date (but totally good to eat over the next few days) or they need to move the stock to make room for the following morning. Shop for clothes when sales are on.

When the season is about to change, stores heavily discount their clothing and this is the time to buy. Sign up to receive newsletters for some of your favourite companies, so when they have specials, you’ll be notified and you can snap up some great deals.

Save money for travel sale

11 Tips How to Save Money to Travel the World – Don’t pay full price. There are many ways to get a good deal.

11.  Get a housemate or change your living situation

I know this is a tough one. There is nothing better than arriving home after a long day, envisioning the empty couch and a quiet night in, on your own.

Sure, we’ve all had our bad experiences of house sharing, but it all comes down to choosing good housemates that you can live with and seriously share a space with. I’ve had some fantastic housemates in my time, which I looked forward to seeing at the end of the day for laughs, hilarious conversations, and companionship.

Better yet, consider becoming a house sitter to travel the world for free and never share a house again.

If you follow and embrace these simple money-saving tips, you can sit on that beach in Thailand/Brazil/Italy, or wherever in the world you desire, much sooner rather than later!

And that’s it – My 11 tips to save money to travel the world. Do you have any more money-saving tips to add to the list? What works best for you? Let us know in the comments below.

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