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20 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel

1. You can travel just with carry-on luggage. People who overpack for a 7-day trip are a mystery to you. This 40L Osprey Backpack or the Samsonite Stack’d Carry-On Spinner Suitcase are excellent choices for every carry-on traveller. 

2. Your fridge is covered with magnets from places you have visited. You might need a bigger fridge soon.

3. You know the airport’s city codes and the main airlines that connect them.

4. You can say “Thank you” at least in 7 languages and “Cheers” in 8. That Babbel app has been such a useful tool to help you connect with the locals on your travels.

5. You wish you had lots of frequent flyer points as everyone thinks you do by now, but sadly you tend to fly with too many airlines to be able to accumulate them. You’re also aware that Aviasales offers the cheapest flights everywhere!

20 Signs You're Addicted to Travel map
20 Signs You’re Addicted to Travel – You have a world map on your wall

6. You have a world map on the wall (or one of those awesome scratch maps) somewhere in your house and looking at it makes you want to jump on the next plane. All. The. Freaking. Time.

7. You don’t get homesick. You get travel-sick when back home. The first week is the worst.

8. When you meet people who don’t even own a passport, your mouth drops, and your immediate reaction is “How can you not have a passport?”

9. You always check in online and can break a record going through airport security. People who don’t take off their belt, laptop, or phone make you sigh out loud.

10. Your only purpose to go to work is to earn money to travel. You either work in the travel industry or you go to work to earn enough to set off for another trip.

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11. You have at least once quit your job to go “travel the world”. Even today, it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. And you still keep in touch with the friends you made whilst travelling back then. It’s so easy these days when there are Jobs that PAY YOU to Travel the World.

12. You always have 5 destinations on your mind to travel to next. And once you tick one off the list, you always seem to add another country to the list. You’ve got GAdventures and CruiseCritic bookmarked on top of your web browser. There’s no way you’re missing out on one of their sales!

girl jumping best travel insurance companies

13. You went “backpacking” at least once in your life, and it will always remain an unforgettable experience!

14. You know the best booking site for flights (Aviasales), hotels (, and travel information (Our Travel Resources Page has ALL the tips). Friends who book with a travel agent, usually ask you to check over their itinerary.

15. You indulge in ethnic food when you’re at home to at least get a taste of the country you once visited. And you’re a pro at how to find the best food when travelling.

16. You read travel blogs, and you have your favourite travel show on TV and Netflix.

17. You have simplified your life while at home. Do you really need more than 10 pairs of shoes when you get by travelling with only 3 pairs? Your Nike runners, Birkinstock sandals, and Havianas flip-flops (black, of course) are all you really need when travelling, right?

18. At some point in your life, you think owning a Kombi van could bring you the ultimate lifestyle of a real nomad. That Big Lap of Australia isn’t going to drive itself!

our review of 2021 Frida in WA
We purchased a van, named her Frida, and travelled around Oz during Covid!

19. You have a favourite book about travel: Into the Wild, The Beach, or Motorcycle diaries. 

20. You consider being an Expat in an exotic country the best possible future for your retirement. Hello Thailand! Can we just go and live in Chiang Mai and eat the best food already?

And that’s it for out 20 signs you’re addicted to travel. How many did you identify with?

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