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Post Updated Sept, 2023

It may seem that choosing travel gifts for women like her is difficult but in reality, selecting gifts for a traveling woman is easy. 

The best travel gifts for a woman, whether she’s your best friend, sister, mother, or work colleague is one that is useful to her traveling lifestyle.

As long as it’s practical and serves a purpose to take up ‘prime real estate’ in her carry on suitcase or 40L Carry on backpack, then, believe me, she’ll love it!

Save yourself some time, and stop searching for the best womens travel gifts. You’ve just found the guide to the best travel gifts for women.

Having visited every country in the world, I’ve listed items and travel gifts for her that I know she’ll use every day.

Sudan #visiteverycountry

Here is a list of the best travel gifts for female travellers in your life. 

These travel gifts for her are ideal for birthdays, special occasions, and the festive season too. And, if you’re searching for travel gifts for Christmas for girls planning their packing list for Europe, or what to take for a group trip to somewhere amazing, these are the most useful travel gifts.

Here they are – 15 Best Travel Gifts for Women 

1) Scratch Off Travel Map

travel gifts for women scratch map

A Scratch Travel Map of the world isn’t just one of the best travel gifts for women; this gift applies to anyone who loves to explore the world. You can also buy country-specific country maps (like this scratch map of the USA showing all states).

Choose from a variety of different size scratch maps with either a black or white background, bright colours, and ones that will suit any decor.

These are great gifts for a traveling woman; once she returns from her latest trip, she can scratch it off her map and see exactly where to plan the next destination. 

Click here to get her a Scratch Travel Map 

2) Women’s Infinity Scarf

travel gifts for women infinity scarf

What is the best gift for a traveling woman? This scarf is very practical and one of those gifts for female travellers that she will use repeatedly. Trust me, I own one of these, and I’ve used it on many trips.

It came in handy when I travelled overland in West Africa, as the scarf has many uses on this continent, and it helped conceal valuables when I crossed some difficult borders.

What I love most about this scarf are the many designs and colours. You can choose the one that suits your traveling friends’ personalities the best.

This is one of the most useful items on this list of great travel gifts for her.

I’d like to buy an Infinity Scarf for Women

3) Travel Lightweight Puffer Jacket

travel gifts for women puffer jacket
My travel puffer jacket for women is one of the most useful items in my backpack

The best travel gifts for women are lightweight gifts that look good and are functional—this lightweight puffer jacket for travel ticks all the boxes.

For less than $50, these jackets are the ideal travel gifts for her.

These practical jackets come in all colours, so you’re bound to choose one that suits her best. The best feature of this travel puffer jacket for women is the small carrying bag with a drawstring closure. It ensures she can keep her suitcase or backpack organised on the road. 

Yes! Show me the range of Travel Puffer Jackets for Women

4) Kindle Paperwhite

best travel gifts for women kindle reader
One of the best travel gifts for women is a Kindle Reader.

If she hasn’t already got one, this travel gift is something she will love! Kindles have come a long way since they were first on the market. Now, they’re super affordable, easy to hold in one hand, and have a bunch of different features that make reading so enjoyable.

Whether she’s on a long-haul flight, taking a train trip through Europe, or enjoying her latest beach holiday in Phuket, Thailand – a kindle is something she will use all the time. And, if you know she’d rather a paperback travel book instead, these 15 Best Travel Books of All Time will do the trick!

See the range of best kindle travel gifts for women

5) Frank Green Cup

travel gifts for women Frank Green reusable cups

My Frank Green Cup is one of my favourite travel items. I guarantee this is the best travel gifts for friends who love to drink coffee or tea. I use it to prepare sachets of soup or instant porridge when I travel too. It’s the perfect size to pack away in your suitcase or day-pack.

Frank Green Cups don’t spill or smash either; seriously, they’re the best travel companion! 

Founded in my home city of Melbourne, I love that these products are reusable and sustainable cups, and you can choose from various colours and sizes.

Click here to purchase a Frank Green Cup 

6) Silk Sleep Sheet

travel gifts for her silk sleep sheet
Best travel gifts for her – This sleep sheet is always useful on my travels

Whether your traveling friend is a budget traveler, or hops around the world in luxury-style accommodation, it doesn’t matter- this is a useful travel gift. A sleep sheet provides an extra layer of warmth and comfort on the road. For example, bus journeys, overnight trains, or a desert stay in Morocco.

A sleep sheet can pack down super small and easily slip into a suitcase or backpack.

Click here to see Travel Sleep Sheets 

7) Hanging Toiletry Bag

Every traveling woman has toiletries she takes on her trips, and if she hasn’t got one of these yet, she needs one. It’s amazing what a simple hook on a toiletry bag can do. It keeps things dry and organised.

Trust me, this is a top travel gift for women.

8) Portable Espresso Machine

Portable minipresso coffee machine
Portable minipresso coffee machine is perfect for our travels

If your traveling friend loves good coffee, this is the ideal travel gift for her. A portable espresso maker that brings happiness, even when travelling in the most remote destinations, and a sachet of instant coffee just doesn’t do the trick. I own one of these.

It travels with me around the world. I can pump out a great espresso with a rich crema from anywhere, at any time.

Of course, I pick up ground coffee beans along the way to ensure I’ll never miss one of the things I love most-a good, strong coffee.

9) Worldwide Travel Adapter

best gifts for women Universal Travel Adaptor

The most practical gift for a traveling woman is this worldwide travel adapter. I never leave home without this adapter; it’s a crucial element for my packing list for Europe and when packing for a trip to Africa too.

The best travel gifts for women in the practical sense are things they will use every day.

10) Sandisk 2TB external hard drive

best travel gifts for women sandisk portable hard drive

Gone are the days of carrying heavy, bulky external hard drives to back up all those travel photos and videos taken on vacation. The Sandisk 2TB (or 1TB is available) external hard drive is a must-have for every traveler. 

It’s incredibly light, durable (the cords don’t wear easily like other external hard drives), and reads data at lightning speed. Of all the best travel gifts for women on this list, she’d absolutely love to receive this one. 

Click here to buy one of these amazing travel gifts for her

11) Packing Cubes

Well Traveled Packing Cubes

The thing about choosing the right womens travel gifts is gifting something she is guaranteed to use. I can confidently tell you that she will use these; they’re fantastic—an affordable travel gift for her. 

Click here to get a set of packing cubes

12) Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack

Many female travelers often carry a day pack on their travels. Furthermore, they also take a Macbook, a travel camera, possibly a small drone, and countless gadgets and electronics.

Osprey Daypack travel gifts for women

The Osprey Daylite Plus Daypack is fantastic – they’ve thought of everything that any traveler/digital nomad could need.

So if you’ve got the budget to spend on the best travel gifts for her, such as one of these bags, she’ll love you forever.

Click here to check out this bag

13) Belkin Power Bank

belkin powerbank travel gift

This Belkin PowerBank is AMAZING! It has 3 ports to charge electronics simultaneously. With this thing, she will never run out of battery on her phone, which is incredibly important for keeping safe when traveling the world

For the price, this power bank offers so much value. It’s one of the greatest travel gifts for women for sure.

Yes, I want to purchase this!

14) Apple Airpods

The best travel gifts for women are the ones that can transport you anywhere within seconds. But, of course, I’m talking about the gift of listening to music. And, these Airpods are awesome! A travel gift for females cherished on flights, long train journeys, bus rides, or to pump out the beats on her morning run when she’s on vacation.

Of course, there are wireless noise-cancelling earbuds that don’t carry the higher price tag that Apple Airpods do, and they do the same job. Take it from someone who knows.

I’ve got a pair of Beats Studio Buds, and I love them!

Click here to check out Apple Airpods

15) Travel Insurance for her next trip – The Ultimate travel gift for women

If someone gifted me a travel insurance policy for my booked and paid short trip to Italy next summer, I’d be impressed. Travel Insurance is something travelers don’t love to pay for, but it’s necessary, so we just do it.

But, if you purchased a Heymondo Travel Insurance policy as a travel gift for her, it would be the most thoughtful present ever. 

Get a quote (and 5% discount) for Travel Insurance for her next trip

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BONUS Gift – Happy Socks

And here’s a BONUS gift for everyone! We all wear socks, and for some reason wearing Happy Socks with fun prints on them DOES make you feel happier. So, when your traveling person is away, they just need to look at their feet and be reminded of home or of the person who gifted them.

You can choose the prints or patterns and they even provide cool little gift boxes too.

I hope you enjoyed this list of gifts for female travellers. And most importantly, I hope she loves the travel gift you choose for her.

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