The Best eSIM for International Travel (2024)

If you’re planning a few trips this year, you need to know about the best eSIM for international travel.

The best eSIM providers are the ones that offer you the cheapest eSIM plan and an excellent connection as you travel.

The Best eSIM for International Travel (2024)

If you’re planning a few trips this year, you need to know about the best eSIM for international travel.

The best eSIM providers are the ones that offer you the cheapest eSIM plan and an excellent connection as you travel.

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

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Post Updated in Dec, 2023

Furthermore, the best eSIM plan takes just minutes to download.

Without a doubt, an eSIM that covers you in multiple countries is the best eSIM for international travel. Choose from various data packs to keep you connected as you travel to different destinations and regions worldwide.

Read more about how to how to buy sim card for international travel and how to get eSIM card on your phone (it’s super quick and easy).

I’ll explain below how to choose the best eSIM plan for your trip from the cheapest eSIM plans and data packs available.

Ok, let’s go! Read more about the best eSIM for international travel 

This post will explain why an eSIM is the best choice for international travel, not to mention how convenient it is to download it within minutes to your device. Gone are the days of wasting precious holiday time trying to get connected once you’ve arrived in a new country. 

Several providers offer eSIM; however, Airalo offers the best eSIM for international travel.

So let me explain why Airalo Global eSIMs are your cheapest and most convenient option to stay connected on your travels worldwide. You can choose from either a Data Only Global eSIM or one that offers Data/Calls/Texts. 

What is eSIM? Is eSIM better than SIM card?

eSIM (embedded SIM) is a digital version of your physical chip SIM card. An eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan from a local carrier without using a physical SIM. 

Most devices already have a microchip that allows you (or your newly purchased Airalo eSIM ) to install numerous eSIM profiles.

It’s comparable to having multiple material SIM cards with phone numbers and data plans logged into your phone simultaneously. 

Technology does make our lives so much easier! 

Important: Your device must be compatible with eSIM. Please check this list to see if your device supports eSIM before purchasing a Croatian eSIM.

best esim for international travel airport

This is the best eSIM for international travel

The best eSIM plan for travellers exploring the world is to choose one of these Airalo Global eSIMs or Regional eSIM data packs.

These data packs are also some of the cheapest eSIM plans you’ll find out there. If you buy SIM card for international travel with Airalo, the benefits are unlimited:

  • eSIM Data Packs for international travel are AFFORDABLE. View all available plans here.
  • eSIM is swift and convenient to download to your device within minutes (check here to see if your device is compatible with eSIM).
  • You can easily top up within moments whenever you’re running low on data and receive a message from Airalo to advise that you’re low on data too. This is incredibly convenient.
  • When you buy an Airalo best eSIM for international travel, you don’t need to remove your original physical SIM card from your device – because it’s all virtual. You can receive calls and messages from friends and family at home with your actual phone number (the one that everybody knows) while data roaming on your Airalo digital eSIM.

As a world traveller myself and having completed my goal to visit every country in the world in November 2022, you can imagine how convenient an eSIM for international travel has been for me over the years.

It was a total game-changer and it continues to save me time, and money. And, it removes the stress of knowing I won’t run out of data – which is one of my tips for safe travel

best esim for international travel world flags
The best eSIM for international travel is Airalo Global or Regional eSIM

How to choose the best eSIM for international travel? 

Before buying an eSIM for international travel, firstly, you need to know what region of the world you’re planning to discover. The best eSIM plan also depends on the duration of your trip and how much data you suppose you will need. 

There are 6 x Global eSIM DATA ONLY Packs to choose from. All Global data packs are well-suited for international travel.

The Global data packs start from $9 for 1GB (valid for 7 days), and the largest data pack is $69 for 20GB (valid for 365 days).

All 6 data-only packs listed below will get you connected in 130+ countries!


Before you buy a sim card for international travel, it’s worth considering how much data you are likely to use to get the best value from your eSIM for international travel.

Suppose you regularly use wifi during your travels (hotels and restaurants usually offer these complimentary), then I recommend going with the smaller plan ($24 for 3GB of data, valid for 30 days).

Yet, if you depend on phone coverage for your data, you may want a plan that includes more data. I’d recommend either this $35 for 5GB eSIM or the $59 for 10GB eSIM

Global eSIM including Data/Calls/Text is now available


Airalo has recently introduced 6 NEW Global eSIM packages for Data/Calls/Text Included!


best esim for international travel phone in hand
The cheapest eSIM plan for international travel to multiple countries is a Global eSIM

Planning to travel to a particular region only? Consider a Regional eSIM

If you’re searching for the best eSIM for Europe travel or want to go island hopping in the Caribbean, then it’s worth checking out Airalo Regional eSIM

Say you’re planning to travel around South East Asia on an overland journey spread over a couple of weeks or months; there’s no point in buying separate eSIMs for each country. In this case, an AsiaLink Regional eSIM is perfect for this trip. It would cover up to 13 countries in Asia on your adventure.

There are eSIM data packs for international travel available in 6 world regions.


These Regional eSIM Data packs will save you money and keep you connected as you travel in multiple countries worldwide.

Is eSIM easy to download to my device?

100% yes! But before you go ahead and buy an eSIM for international travel or even a Regional eSIM for travel (that includes a specific region you’ll be travelling to), remember to check that your eSIM is compatible with your device here.

Want to download the best eSIM for Italy? I guarantee you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to do.

How to Download International eSIM to your device

Step 1: Download the Airalo App.

Step 2: Purchase your selected Global eSIM or Regional eSIM data package and follow the steps to activate your international eSIM just before your arrival.

Before arriving at your destination, switch from your home mobile provider to the eSIM provider in the SETTINGS menu on your device.

Once your international eSIM is activated, I recommend turning off data for all apps you don’t use daily. Furthermore, apps that use lots of data, like TikTok, Netflix, and Instagram, will quickly consume your data.

Your best bet is to leave your social media posting/uploading for when you get connected to Wi-Fi at your hotel or a cafe. Trust me; your data will last much longer. 

how to download esim international esim airalo
How to download eSIM for international travel Airalo

Top up your international eSIM within minutes, effortlessly

One of the pros of buying eSIM for international travel is that you can readily top up your data package with more data whenever you’re about to reach your limit. And it will literally take you less than a minute to do so.

Is eSIM reliable? Why eSIM for international travel is the best option

If you regularly travel, buying an eSIM as you move through different countries is the best option because it’s just so convenient (and affordable). And, as I mentioned earlier, you get to keep your original phone number! That’s such a bonus! 

From my experience of travelling to every country in the world, the journey would have been easier if international eSIM were around.

For my future travels (which include many of the 21 cheapest countries in the world to visit), an eSIM to stay connected is something I always travel with now.

best esim for international travel girl hands in air
The best eSIM plan for international travel is Global or Regional eSIM

But, of course, you still have the opportunity to purchase a local SIM card at any major airport or phone store/provider after your arrival. 

This option will allow you to send text messages and make calls within the country where you purchased the SIM card. It gives you access to local calling rates and data too.

However, buying an eSIM for international travel is a much better option than buying countless SIM cards as you travel to multiple countries. It just makes sense.

Remember: You can download an eSIM for international travel before your departure from home. If you do this, your Global eSIM or Regional eSIM allows you to connect to the local provider as soon as you touch down at your destination!

It also means you can avoid the crowds at the airport, get online and order that Taxi, Uber, or Grab Ride straight away and explore!

Receive a 15% DISCOUNT off your first eSIM

Airalo eSIM discount code NOMAD15

Give eSIM a try and get 15% off your first eSIM purchase! Use my referral code: NOMAD15, to claim your discount.

For existing Airalo users, get a 10% discount on your next Airalo eSIM purchase. To claim this discount, use my referral code: NOMAD10.

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You’ll need to stay connected while travelling the world. We recommend eSIM. It’s easy, reliable and affordable. View eSIMs for individual countries, or consider a Global eSIM if you travel to multiple countries or regions. This eSIM connects you in 124 countries, offering data-only eSIM and data/call/text eSIM.

The Global eSIM has been a game-changer; we couldn’t imagine travelling without it now.

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📶 Stay Connected: Airalo eSIM allows you to get connected the moment you land at your destination, and you can avoid those expensive data roaming charges. We LOVE this product! Use promo code NOMAD15 for 15% off ALL eSIMs (new Airalo users only) OR use NOMAD10 for 10% off ALL eSIMs (for existing Airalo users)

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