How to Visit Bhutan. Is Bhutan worth the money

A small country where people still proudly wear traditional dress, they believe in dragons and mythical animals, and they wear a smile because they’re genuinely happy.

This article explains how to visit Bhutan and answers, “Is Bhutan worth the money?”

The happiness nation on earth!

Bhutan claims to be the happiest nation on earth, and there are many reasons why it should be high on your bucket list. The question is, if you’re contemplating how to visit Bhutan, is this? Is Bhutan worth the money?

If this place is already on your radar, you’re probably aware it comes with a price tag.

Is Bhutan worth the money?

A daily tariff is set at USD 250 per person per day, and for foreigners, it is the only way to visit Bhutan. This may seem expensive at first glance; however, it includes everything you will need during your stay.

Accommodation, all meals, sightseeing and entrance fees, private vehicle transport, an official guide and a driver are included.

how to visit Bhutan is Bhutan worth the money Thimphu
How to visit Bhutan? Is Bhutan worth the money? Tashi Chhodzong monastery in Thimphu

The King and the government of this country have it all worked out. The focus here is low-volume, high-value tourism, and we believe they’re on to something. It’s the perfect way to keep the country from being overrun by mass tourism and visiting Bhutan is a very enjoyable experience for all visitors. 

The tourism policy is designed to preserve and share the country’s stunning landscape with visitors while keeping it pristine for the locals too, a point that supports their philosophy of Gross National Happiness.

It’s nice to know that the tariff goes directly back into the welfare of the Bhutanese people and their country. $65 out of every $250 fee goes towards funding the free education and healthcare that the government provides for its people. So, is Bhutan worth the money? When you know your money helps its people, it puts it in perspective. 

It’s true that although 30% of the rural population lives under the poverty line, however, you won’t see beggars, slums, or homelessness. It seems they are doing something right.

You must book a packaged tour to visit Bhutan, and many tour operators can arrange your trip.

We booked our tour to Bhutan with Bamba Experience because they provide experiences so you can meet the locals, immerse yourself in nature and learn about new cultures, which is precisely what we’re all about!

Plus, they offer the most affordable tours in Bhutan.

How to visit Bhutan – Book a tour with Bamba Experience

Your package will include all the highlights and sights in Bhutan.

Our Bamba Experience guide wanted to ensure that our time in Bhutan was as enjoyable as possible, and we were encouraged to add any additional sights or activities to our itinerary if we wished, within reason, of course.

This was a nice gesture which you will not find very common at all. Of course, it made our visit to Bhutan really exceptional.

how to visit Bhutan and is Bhutan worth the money tasha chho dzong
Is Bhutan worth the money? I think it is, it’s a special destination. Prayer wheels at Tashi Chho Dzong, Thimpu

Visit Bhutan and you’ll discover a lot

Buddism is the main religion and a way of life here. For any curious traveller, it offers a comprehensive insight into learning and appreciating one of the most fascinating faiths in the world.

From dzongs and monasteries to temples and stupas, any culture-driven traveller will enjoy the many different itineraries you can choose from, depending on the duration of your stay.

Then there is the stunning nature. The flora and fauna here are abundant, the air is crystal clear, and the rivers run clear. More than 70% of Bhutan is covered in forest.

This isn’t by choice; it’s by law. The law determines that 60% of Bhutan must remain forested at all times to protect this piece of paradise.

This beautiful country is heaven for keen trekkers or hikers. Some of the treks may be demanding, but it will lead you to places barely touched. The real drawcard is that the trails are not at all overrun by multiple groups, something that is standard practice in nearby countries of Nepal and India.

The Bhutanese people are genuinely happy and very eager to please visitors to their country. They welcome you with open arms and the customer service here is exceptional. We’d argue that there are very few countries in the world that will extend such a warm welcome to you.

The word happy seems to be quickly incorporated into your vocabulary just minutes after your arrival. It’s just a reflection of the Gross Domestic Happiness that Bhutan is well known for, which places the well-being of an individual above the economy of the country.

So is Bhutan Worth the Money?

Absolutely. There is no destination that compares. You can’t visit Bhutan independently, but Bhutan is definitely worth the money.

Bhutan is country number 109 on our adventure to visit every country in the world. It easily ranks in our top five favourite destinations so far.

During our tour, we were accommodated in very comfortable, clean hotels with outstanding service. We were served wholesome and tasty Bhutanese cuisine, cooked with locally grown and fresh ingredients.

We had the full services of a knowledgeable local guide and a driver with a brand new car. All the highlights and fees were included, and we barely had to reach into our pocket during our time here, if only to buy a coffee or a beer during some free time.

The best thing about Bhutan was the genuine feeling of warmth, peace, and care we experienced. 

You can’t put a price tag on that feeling, and we’re convinced that the Bhutanese people are right.

Happiness really is a place on earth, and it’s here. Is Bhutan worth the money? I say yes, it is! It’s a place that you must experience for yourself to understand. Visit Bhutan to get a taste of their life philosophy.

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