House-sitting has always been one of the best ways to save money and travel the world. Accommodation is one of the biggest expenses for any traveller. But, imagine if you could immerse yourself in different cultures and enjoy free private accommodation as you travel the world. No rent to pay, no bills, no worries!
If you’re nodding as you read this, you need to become a house sitter. We’re going to explain how to become a house sitter and travel the world for free.

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We’ve been meaning to write this post on how to become a house sitter and travel the world for a while now. Then the pandemic happened and the world kind of closed down. But now that it’s opening up, one of our best travel tips is to join a global house-sitting website today. We’ll tell you how you can become a house sitter and kick-start your adventure to travel the world for free. And don’t miss reading about our 6 top travel hacks for travel in 2022.

So let’s get to it! Here are our best tips on how to become a house sitter.

What is House-sitting?

House sitting is a trust-based value exchange. In most cases, it results in happy homeowners and super satisfied house sitters. 

House-sitting is essentially a service where a homeowner entrusts their property to house sitters. House sitters live at the property to take care of it when the owner is away for days, weeks or several months.

Sometimes, house sitters are also required to look after resident pets or animals. This works for the homeowner for a number of reasons. It’s cheaper for them. Have you heard how expensive boarding kennels can be for pets? It also reduces stress on the animal. They get to stay in their home with familiar surroundings and the same bed. 

Either way, house sitters get to live in the house for free in exchange for the house sitting responsibilities. 

how to become a house sitter keys to house

How to become a house sitter? Sign up, get a house sitting gig and literally be given the keys to the door of this exciting lifestyle that allows you to travel the world for free

Where in the World can you Become a House Sitter?

If you become a house sitter, you can take house sitting jobs all over the world. Some house sitting websites focus on just one country, such as Aussie House Sitters who have house sitting gigs available ONLY in Australia.

The Best House Sitting Website for Australia

We’ve got a membership with Aussie House Sitters and it is our ‘go-to’ website when we’re back home in Australia. When we’re not travelling internationally, we use this website for minding a home and getting some work done online at the same time. Not to mention we’re saving money on accommodation in Australia (it’s not cheap) which we put towards more travel.

This website has the largest range of house-sits in Australia and the website is really easy to use. At only A$84 to join up, this is a really good deal!

Use our Referral Code VMYBJ5 to join up with Aussie House Sitters and you’ll receive a $10 discount off your membership!

The Best Global House Sitting Website 

Trusted Housesitters is an amazing website for saving loads of money and house-sitting all over the world. Being a house-sitter means free accommodation for you in return for looking after different homes around the globe. Become a member for only $79 per year and become a verified house sitter.

Signing up for our Trusted Housesitters membership has been the best decision we ever made. If you’re interested to become a house sitter and travel the world for free, we’d recommend you join Trusted Housesitters.

Already intrigued to become a house sitter? Hit the button below and read more about this fantastic opportunity.

Who Can Become a House Sitter?

Anyone can become a house sitter. You essentially need to be at least 18 years old and pay the membership fee to join up and build a good profile. 

In saying that, you have to be committed once you’ve scored a house sitting job. Remember, the homeowner puts an enormous amount of trust in your to take care of their home, pets, garden and property as if it were your own.

There are requirements that you need to adhere to with each house sitting assignment, such as walking a dog, watering the garden each night etc, and you need to be happy to do these things, and most importantly be at home to do them.

how to become a house sitter digital nomads

Ask a digital nomad how to become a house sitter and they’ll tell you all the answers. This is a great way to travel the world for free for many of us.

Basically, it needs to suit the lifestyle that you lead, or wish to lead. Digital nomads discovered years ago how to become house sitters to drastically reduce their travel costs. We’re with them, we absolutely love it.

If you’re wanting to travel the world for free, (or close enough to it), learning how to become a house sitter and signing up could be the best thing you have ever done. Now is the time to invest in a new and exciting lifestyle that can allow you to travel the world.

If all of the above sounds like a new life adventure for you, then all you need to get started is to sign up on a house sitting website. Once you have registered and created your awesome profile, you can start applying for house sitting gigs.

Reasons Why you Should Become a House Sitter

how to become a house sitter living room

You can house sit some beautiful homes. We love when we have a large kitchen to cook and a comfortable space to work on our computers when we house sit.

  • If you’re lucky, some house sits even come with a pet to care for.
  • You may score a place with a pool, or perhaps a beachfront location.
  • The additional bonuses such as high-speed internet and cable TV are luxuries that you can enjoy if you become a house sitter.
  • A great way to fully immerse yourself into the local culture. 
  • Save money so you can travel more

Why do Homeowners want House Sitters?

When people go away on holidays, whether it be a few days, weeks or months, many don’t feel comfortable leaving their home vacant all that time.

More often than not, they also need someone to care for their pet and water their garden or even a few treasured indoor plants.

Plus, with someone present at their house, it reduces the chances of a break-in. Most homeowners request that you retrieve any mail from the letterbox regularly, so it appears that someone is still living in the home. In short, all homeowners need someone reliable, tidy and trustworthy to take care of their home while they’re away. That could be you.

how to become a house sitter girl with dog

If you love to care for pets, add that to your house sitters profile and score some great house sitting opportunities

How long are House Sits for?

House sitting gigs range from 1 night right up to 12 months, and everything in between. You can filter your profile to suit what you’re interested in. You can filter the duration of the house-sitting gig, the country, city or region, whether you’re happy to mind pets or not and a bunch of other things. It’s entirely up to you. Fantastic isn’t it?

Why it’s Awesome

House sitting is so easy, a lot of fun and incredibly rewarding too. Not to mention that your bank account will never look so healthy (especially if you’ve got the best debit card for travellers, you’re already saving loads of cash).

Just imagine yourself sipping on cocktails in your coastal house-sit somewhere along the French Riveria in France. Or maybe house-sitting a large breezy home in Tropical North Queensland, complete with two gorgeous dogs is more your style? (This is exactly what we’re doing in Cairns beaches in Queensland right now). 

Of course not having to pay for accommodation is a huge bonus, yet house sitting is so much more than just free accommodation on your travels. 

Housesitting allows you to experience life like a local. There is nothing better than getting to know people in the neighbourhood and learning about different cultures and ways of life. It’s kinda cool when you can be on a first-name basis with the locals in the area.

Caring for Pets

For us, getting the opportunity to spend time with family pets is priceless. Now, that’s something you don’t get from staying in Airbnbs and hotels. As I mentioned earlier, we’re house-sitting a beautiful home in Cairns beaches in tropical north Queensland right now and aside from the home being beautiful that we’re house sitting right now, we applied for the gig because we get to care for two gorgeous Labradoodle dogs.

So, this means we get to enjoy a lovely home, all the included amenities such as a big kitchen, BBQ, space to exercise, Netflix, fast speed internet, a pool and two furry friends to play with.

A win-win for everyone

Being a good house sitter will open many doors for you, literally. If you build a solid online profile, get some credible references and glowing reviews from homeowners, you can travel the world for longer. The house sitting jobs never run out. In every corner of the world, homeowners are looking for people just like you. 

Save Money so you can Travel More

how to become a house sitter save money

If you want to travel the world for free, paying zero dollars for accommodation is a good start. Learn how to become a house sitter and start living a dream lifestyle as you travel and save money at the same time

Obviously, becoming a house sitter allows you to get free accommodation. When we can’t find a house sit, we usually book our accommodation with as they offer the best range and prices. However, as long term travellers, if we can house sit for free and save all this cash on accommodation costs (which is at least 50% of our budget), it allows us to travel for much longer.

As you guys might know already, when we initially decided to embark on a journey to visit every country in the world, we set ourselves a budget of USD $50 each per day to cover all expenses. Back when we researched the pros on how to become a house sitter, saving all that money strongly appealed to us.

Not only does house sitting cost you zero dollars for accommodation expenses, in addition, you’ll also save cash on food expenses too.

For us, we love that we have access to a full kitchen during our house-sitting gigs. We can make our own ‘real’ coffee on the stove-top each morning and keep fresh food in the fridge! Winning.

It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it, but it’s not. Becoming a house sitter is the key to help you travel the world for free.

The Best time to become a House Sitter is RIGHT NOW

how to become a house sitter villa with pool

If you know how to become a house sitter with a good reputation, you can look after homes like this one all the time. Nice way to travel around the world isn’t it?

We have a feeling that many homeowners all over the world who are looking to take a break from their homes will start posting house sitting jobs very soon. If you sign up today, our crystal ball tells us it won’t be long at all until you land your first housesitting job.

Disclaimer: Becoming a house sitter and getting to travel the world for free is quite addictive. You may get instantly hooked…we did!

If you’re in a hurry to get to it before you reach the end of this post, you can sign up for Trusted Housesitters by hitting the button below. 

Become a House Sitter – The Best decision you will ever make

We hope you’re inspired to become a house sitter and start travelling the world! We honestly believe that this was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made and has allowed us to visit (almost) every country in the world. Did you know we only have these 9 countries left?

If you are planning an adventure, don’t forget to organise your travel insurance! We always choose to be covered by World Nomads Travel Insurance. Enter a few details below and get a quote for your next big adventure.