reasons why you should visit oman city in valley

You can find some of the best diving in the world in these parts, explore some historic old bazaars and discover forts without the hassle of thousands of tourists.

Oman only opened up to tourism over the past decade, yet with so much space in this country, you’ll find you have the place to yourself.

We don’t think this will last too much longer. You should visit Oman for many reasons, but I’ll give you my top 10.

We explored Oman on this perfect 7 day Self Drive Itinerary, the best way to see this beautiful piece of Arabia.

10 Reasons Why you Should Visit Oman

1. Great Coffee

Locals enjoy their coffee served strong and often flavoured with cardamom. Turkish coffee is a popular option too.

Be sure to order a small Arabic sweet with your coffee, the sweets here are sensational. 

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2. Delicious Dates

why visit oman
Date palms are everywhere!

Date palms are literally everywhere! Oman has endless date plantations with more than 250 different varieties.

I’ve never tasted dates as good as from Oman (Ok, maybe during my two week trip in Tunisia and my amazing week in Libya tasted just as good), but tasting the dates here is a reason why you should visit Oman.

Dates are usually served with coffee and it’s traditional to greet a guest with both. Dates are also prepared as a spread (datella) to be enjoyed with bread. 

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3.  No High-Rises

There are no high-rises in Oman. The country has a no-skyscraper policy – a good move in my opinion.

This is great to see in the towns and villages as it helps the country to retain its traditional charms and unique architecture.

3. Muscat is a clean, well-organised city

why visit oman

Muscat is one of the cleanest capitals in the world.

This extends to the rest of the country and it seems the people take great pride in keeping it clean and tidy for themselves and visitors alike.

With the no-skyscraper policy and long trading history, Muscat is still a busy port city. 

4. Incredible adventures

10 reasons why you should visit oman - roads and mountains

Set off for an adventure in the desert at Wahiba Sands: Book a dune-bashing tour, go camel trekking or book a night in a desert camp (we stayed at Sama Al Wasil Desert Camp). Here, you can enjoy starry skies and traditional Omani food.

If you’ve got the time, this Sugar Dunes 2 Days Camping Trip is recommended for an exhilarating experience.

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5. Nature

Oman is a haven for eco-tourists. The people look after nature and the animals living in it, too.

Untouched coastlines are abundant with marine life in coral reefs, whales and dolphins. Visit the Jebel Samhan Nature Reserve in Dhofar to see wild Arabian leopards. 

6. Turtle Hatching

Coordinate a trip here between July and October to see Oman’s fantastic turtle-hatching season. Stop by for an evening to watch green turtles nesting at Al Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve.

Each year, 20,000 sea turtles lumber up onto beaches to bury up to 60,000 eggs.

7. Mountains

Oman’s dramatic mountain scenery features pomegranate fields, rose gardens, scenic villages and mesmerising landforms such as the Bimmah sinkhole.

It is a must-see, even on a short stay.

8. The Simplicity

Oman is very different from other Arabic countries, such as UAE and Qatar Airways, they keep things simple.

There are no over-the-top skyscrapers, flashing lights and glitz and glamour here. This was my favourite thing about this extraordinary country.

9. The Food

why visit oman

We love good food, and Oman certainly delivers. Highlights include fantastic dips and spreads, great bread, slow-cooked meats and flavoursome vegetables.

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10. The Wadis

why visit oman

Oman is a hot country. Conveniently, there are many wadis (rockpools) and pristine coastlines to cool you down in the heat.

We found some beautiful Wadi’s on our 7-day road trip in Oman.

Some were only a brief walk to reach, others were found after a hike through some gorgeous scenery.

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