When we told our friends about a super cheap, long-haul flight we booked from Australia to Europe, the initial response we received was “fantastic!”. The next question, “Which airline?” When we told them we booked seats to fly with Scoot, an airline that most of them hadn’t heard of, we received blank stares and scrunched noses. 

So, was booking a cheap flight to fly with Scoot something we’d recommend? Absolutely! Here’s why.

fly with scoot dreamliner

Dreamliner – Fly with Scoot – Photo Credit: en.wikipedia.org

Scoot offers you the choice to only pay for what matters to you

When reserving our tickets to fly with Scoot, we had the choice to only pay for what mattered to us. A great concept, right?

The price we paid for an economy class seat from Melbourne to Berlin (via Singapore) was AUD 353.00 each. That’s equal to about EUR 225 or USD 250. What a bargain! To put it in perspective, Qantas or Qatar airlines were charging around AUD 1,100 for the same flight (Melbourne to Berlin) via Dubai to Doha, so the price was three times as much.

Included in the price with Scoot was up to 10kg of carry-on luggage each. We had the option to add more luggage for a fee if required. The additional luggage fee started at A$129 for up to 20kg.

Marty and I each travel with a 40L carry-on backpack, which weighs no more than 8kg. Our small day packs sometimes weigh quite a lot. This is the bag we each carry our MacBook Pro, camera, important documents, and extra bits that seem to add up quickly.

For this flight, we purchased the add-on luggage allowance for up to 20kg. At least if our weight exceeded the allowance, we had it covered and we would then check in our bags. But we packed well and were under 10kg so we took both bags on board as carry-on.

Check out the Scoot Fees Chart for fees charged for different destinations. Simply select your origin and destination to view the fees.

fly with scoot baggage fees

Bring your own in-house entertainment

 If you fly with Scoot, they don’t offer in-house entertainment. However, in this day and age, it’s so easy to bring your own.

We’re frequent and organised travellers, so we’re used to thinking ahead for entertainment on long trips. For flights, train journeys in Europe, overland bus trips, or never-ending shared taxi rides, we’re always prepared. We download movies, series, and books on our iPhones and Macbook beforehand to pass by the long hours.

We’d recommend having a good power bank to take on the flight to charge your electronics as there are no USB plugs provided on board.

The service is 5 star!

When you fly with Scoot, you can expect fantastic service! The staff are all young, energetic, and polite and were available for anything we required throughout the flight. 

The seats are as comfortable as any other carrier

Don’t be fooled into thinking that just because a flight with Scoot costs you less, the safety or comfort is terrible. Our seats were just like any other carrier. Of course, they reclined, included a tray table for working, and were equipped with small reading lights when the cabin was dark. Both of our flights were on Boeing 787, a standard long haul plane.

fly with scoot the cabin

The economy cabin – Fly with Scoot

The flight was on schedule

Our flight was right on schedule, and both flights were super smooth. Before our flight, the communication from Scoot regarding updates via email was good too.

The food onboard is good

We pre-booked some hot meals on our second flight leg from Singapore to Berlin. The meals are very affordable and the one we chose (laksa noodles) was delicious. Make sure you order your meals online before you fly with Scoot.

fly with scoot food on board

Fly with Scoot and pre-order your meal or just order on board. My laksa noodle meal was delicious.

Scoot has been around for almost a decade

They cover over 66 destinations. They’ve been flying people around the world for almost a decade now. They have recently been awarded ‘World’s Best Long Haul Low-Cost Airline’ by Skytrax, adding to their years of being voted Best Low-Cost Airline (Asia/Pacific) by AirlineRatings.com. 

Now, that’s a good air carrier resume if you ask me.

Earn reward miles and use with Scoot partner airlines

KrisFlyer is the frequent flyer program of Singapore Airlines, so when you choose to fly with Scoot, you can start earning air miles points and be rewarded later on with Singapore Airlines and other well-known airline partners of Scoot.

Scoot often has some fantastic fares to visit Singapore from major cities across the world. If you’re looking for your next holiday destination, here are 7 amazing reasons to visit Singapore.

Would we fly with Scoot again?

You can probably guess the answer to this. From our positive experience of flying with Scoot and for the bargain price of our flight, the answer is YES! We’ve got the Fly Scoot website saved to our browser and we’re really happy to see that we can also book them through Skyscanner too.

Travel Insurance we recommend for every destination

SafetyWing Travel Insurance is created by travellers, for travellers. These guys offer Travel Medical Insurance that covers people from all over the world, while outside their home country – The best part is that COVID-19 coverage is included in their very affordable plans.

Have you had the chance to fly with Scoot? Tell us about your experience, both positive and negative experiences in the comments below.

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