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This article will explain why an eSIM is the most suitable SIM card for Peru for all visitors. An Airalo eSIM for Peru will benefit you in multiple ways.  

Avoid the hassle of changing out those tiny SIM cards in your device, and switch to eSIM instead! Thanks to advancements in technology, eSIM has made our travelling lives much easier.

eSIM Peru is an excellent choice; let me explain why:

What Is An eSIM?

eSIM is a digital version of your plastic physical SIM card already encrypted in your device. An eSIM enables you to activate a cellular plan from a phone carrier without using a material SIM. 

Getting an eSIM is straightforward; just download the eSIM or data profiles to your device.

Most phones and devices already contain a microchip that allows you to install multiple eSIM profiles. It’s equivalent to having several physical SIM cards with phone numbers and information loaded into your device simultaneously. 

Peru eSIM – Which Data Pack Should You Choose?

Which Peru eSIM data plan you should ultimately choose depends on how long you wish to spend in Peru and whether you will use wifi when available.

If you do plan to mainly use wifi during your time in Peru (cafes and hotels usually offer this option for free), then you should go with the small plan, 1GB for $6, valid for 7 days, or 3GB for $15, valid for 30 days.

And, if you mainly rely on phone coverage for your data, buy the largest plan available, the 5GB for $20 eSIM, valid for 30 days.

Airalo eSIM Peru – How Much Is It?

The best eSIM carrier for Peru is Airalo. It’s the largest eSIM store with eSIMs to connect you in 190+ countries!

Choose from 3 x Data Packs for eSIM Peru:

eSIM Peru - data packs coffee
eSIM Peru – Choose from 3 x Available Data Packs

Peru eSIM is convenient 

Arriving in Peru and immediately connecting to the local carrier is a traveller’s dream! 

eSIM is the most accessible Peruvian SIM card for tourists – download, activate, and you’re good to go!

There’s no longer a need to queue at the airport to arrange a local SIM card for Peru. Get organised ahead of time and buy an eSIM.

It means you can order a taxi or ride via a ride-sharing app directly from the airport; it’s fantastic! Alternatively, jump online and search the public bus schedule for departures from the airport to the city, or instantly access google maps to follow navigation if you need to.

Furthermore, if you download this digital and best SIM card for Peru before your arrival, you can reserve that last-minute hotel room on

If you’re still wondering what an eSIM is and how it works, this post will explain it in plain English.

Download an Airalo eSIM for Peru Data Pack; it’s a wise choice to save you time, and being so affordable, it makes perfect sense.

We honestly love this product. We even used the Global eSIM to keep us connected as we visited EVERY country in the world!

The Global eSIM connects you to over 130 countries; it’s the best!

How To Buy and Download eSIM Peru

The Peru eSIM data plans are easy to download to your device. 

Buying a SIM card in Peru has never been this simple (not to mention reliable & affordable). It’s very easy to download an eSIM.

Download the Airalo app, purchase the most suitable data pack for Peru from this list, and follow the steps to activate the eSIM just before you arrive in Peru. 

Note: The eSIM validity data starts from the date of activation. So, you can purchase the eSIM beforehand but wait to activate it until just before you arrive in the country.

Important: Your device must be compatible with eSIM. Please check this list to see if your device supports eSIM before purchasing any Airalo eSIM.

Here are a Few Tips: 

  • Before arriving in Peru, switch from your current mobile provider to the local Peruvian eSIM provider. Don’t worry; a step-by-step guide is available to help you during installation.
  • Once your eSIM card is activated, I recommend you turn off data for all apps you don’t use, including those that can use a lot of data. Find this in the ‘settings’ tab on your device. Apps such as Netflix, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube will eat up your data rapidly, so only access that once you reach your hotel and access the complimentary wifi. 
  • And, if you want the freedom to instantly send those videos home to friends and family of your day trip from Cusco to see spectacular Machu Picchu or the highlights from your trip to see the Rainbow Mountains, Peru eSIM works like a dream. 
eSIM Peru - Airalo checkout
Peru eSIM – Buy, download, activate and get online!

Buying More Data Is Simple with eSIM

Peru is an exciting country, that is for sure! Be sure to read these 15 Best Places to Visit in South America before you plan your trip.

Furthermore, Peru is one of the cheapest countries to visit in South America and such a diverse one at that.

But, if you use your data quicker than planned in Peru, it’s not a problem to top up with more. Open your Airalo App and top up with more data; it’s quick and easy. 

It’s important to know that Airalo sends you an alert message when you’re running low on data, reminding you to buy more. A useful feature, wouldn’t you agree?

Is eSIM The Cheapest Peru SIM Card Available? 

Once you arrive in Peru, of course, you still have the option to purchase a physical SIM card at any major airport or phone store. 

A local SIM will allow you to call and send local texts in Peru. Depending on the plan you purchase, it will also give you access to local calling rates and data.

Many local carriers in Peru claim to have the best sim card in Peru, the cheapest and the most reliable connection too. And, with so many phone plans and carriers, prices do fluctuate.

The price comparison for eSIM Peru is highly competitive to buying a physical SIM card for Peru. You would likely pay a little extra for eSIM Peru, but what it makes up for in convenience is priceless.

It’s entirely up to you. Plan to buy a local physical SIM card for Peru, arrange one after your arrival, or switch to eSIM and get connected immediately.

What we like most about buying an eSIM is its affordability, zero hassle, and zero fuss. And we love that we can keep our original number.

Keep Your Original SIM In Your Phone

Another perk of downloading an eSIM for Peru is that you don’t need to remove your physical SIM card from your phone. eSIM is digital, so it’s all encrypted inside your device.

It’s good news because you avoid the risk of losing your tiny SIM card (as it stays inside your device), and it also means you can receive your messages from home.

An advantage for eSIM users is that you don’t need to change your original mobile phone number; it remains the same.

This is convenient, especially when connecting with loved ones back home, as they don’t have to try and message you on a foreign number. 

Oh, and once you buy an eSIM, you can navigate the Airalo app in English. So it’s much easier than decoding the Spanish language on your device.

So there you have it – eSIM for Peru is a wise choice for staying connected in this country. 

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Physical SIM vs eSIM – Which Is Better?

It’s a reasonable question that many people who travel regularly have asked. “Which is better, physical sim or eSIM?”

I was one of those travellers, but since making the switch to eSIM and enjoying the many advantages (the pros far outweigh the cons), I couldn’t imagine returning to physical SIM cards now. 

I explain in this post why eSIM for all international travel is my only choice for staying connected worldwide. 

Regional eSIM – Best Sim Card For Travel in South America

Now that we’ve covered the best SIM card for travel in Peru – there’s a good chance that you’re planning to visit other South American countries too. 

Suppose Peru is just one stop for you on a greater Latin American trip. Then, a Regional LatamLink eSIM may be what you’ve been searching for but just now found out.

Why buy a regional eSIM for South America? It will save you money, and one eSIM Data Pack will connect you to 19+ South American countries!

And yes, of course, Peru is included in this Regional eSIM.


In summary, the eSIM for Peru and the Regional LatamLink eSIMs are convenient, reliable, and affordable. Your travels will be much easier once you make the switch. 

To make switching to eSIM easier, don’t miss claiming your discount below!

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