Mirafores Lima Itinerary
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The Perfect 2 Days in Lima Itinerary

We have recently returned to Lima in Peru and really fell in love with this underrated capital in South America.

We decided to put this 2 days in Lima itinerary together to help you plan your time there.


eSIM Peru – The Best SIM Card for Peru (2024)

eSIM Peru is a wise choice for staying connected during your visit. The best SIM card for Peru is the one that connects you from the moment you arrive. Airalo Peru eSIM will do this, and you can choose which data pack best suits your individual needs. Furthermore, buying an eSIM for Peru is simple; just download, activate, and get connected! 

Similarly, if you’re searching for the best sim card to travel in South America, a Latin American Regional eSIM is your best option.

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5 Cheapest Countries to Visit in South America

Are you planning a trip to South America? If so, you’ve come to the right place. This article will share with you the cheapest countries to visit in South America.

There are 13 countries in South America and we listed 5 of the most affordable ones so your money will go much further.

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15 of The Best Places to Visit in South America

South America has so much to offer travellers. From beautiful beaches, fantastic cuisine, stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures, there’s no shortage of things to see and do when travelling in this part of the world.

But, the question is where are the best places to visit in South America?

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Top 5 Popular Foods in South America

We all love a list of foods not to miss when travelling! South America is one of our favourite continents to travel to.

One of the reasons why we loved it so much is because of the incredible food and meals to be eaten along the way.