The Dominican Republic was formerly a Spanish colony, so it makes sense that good food Dominican Republic-style has Spanish influence. This cuisine has also been influenced by indigenous Taino, African and Middle-Eastern traits. 

foods from dominican republic rice chicken

Dominican food has similarities to other Latin American countries, although names of the dishes are different. One thing is for sure, this is seriously tasty food and it packs loads of flavour!

Let’s go! 10 most popular food in the Dominican Republic

1) Chivo guisado (Goat Stew) 

food dominican republic chivo guisado goat stew

Chivo Guisado.

Chivo guisado is a tasty Dominican goat stew. Typical ingredients used to prepare this meal are onions, bitter or sour oranges, garlic, tomatoes, wild oregano, scotch bonnet peppers for a spicy kick and of course goat meat. 

The stew is cooked on low heat for many hours until the meat is tender and falling apart. Served on top of cracked corn pilaf (chenchén), this is delicious home-cooked food Dominican Republic style.

Chenchén is like rice in Dominican cuisine and is served with many stews and meaty dishes.

2) Lechon Asado (Grilled Pork)

Roasted suckling pig that has first been marinated in some great ingredients. This is a very popular food in the Dominican Republic that is packed with flavour! The marinade is a blend of orange juice, fresh garlic, olives, oregano, cumin, salt, and pepper. The pork is roasted until crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. 

A whole suckling pig or large cuts of pork can be used to make Lechon Asado, and it’s a dish that can feed a large crowd at once.

This dish is equally as popular in Cuba and this Cuban recipe to make Lechon Asado by is wonderful.

3) Sancocho

food Dominican republic sancocho

Sancocho. Delicious soup in Dominican Republic. Credit:

Sancocho is a traditional broth in several Latin American cuisines. A hearty soup of potatoes, meats, corn, and plantain, this dish is much-loved food in the Dominican Republic.

Sancocho de Siete Carnes (seven meats) is the most complex and sophisticated Dominican sancocho. Don’t leave without trying it at least once. Here’s the best recipe for Sancocho de Siete Carnes.

4) Yaroa

food dominican republic Yaroa dish

Yaroa. The best snack food Dominican Republic. Credit: Wikipedia

Let’s talk about traditional food Dominican Republic. Yaroa is a traditional casserole dish that is prepared in many different variations across the country. This dish is often made with pork, beef, chicken, sweet mashed plantains or fries, cheese and condiments such as ketchup or mayonnaise to put on top.

This is the best street food Dominican Republic snack ever! 

The mashed sweet plantain or fries are topped with shredded meat and covered with cheese and different sauces. Usually found from street food vendors and food trucks, it’s certainly not healthy, but go for it anyway!

5) Mangu

Another simple food in the Dominican Republic that makes great use of plantain! Mangu is a plantain mash, usually eaten as a breakfast food in the Dominican Republic.

This meal is a staple in the country and it’s usually served with eggs, fried thick salami and fried cheese.

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