Mauritania Visa Embassy in Rabat

How to get Mauritania Visa in Rabat Morocco

The process is pretty straightforward. Mauritania visa is biometric and can be issued in 24 hours.

You will need to arrive at the embassy in Rabat between 9 am-12 am (Monday – Thursday) to apply and pick up your visa the next day. T

he embassy doesn’t keep your passport, so if you need to, you can apply for another visa (ie. Mali) and then come back the next day to get your visa sticker.

We applied with an Australian and EU passport.

Our Visa Mauritania
Our Mauritania Visa 

What you need to get Mauritania Visa in Rabat:

  • 2 Passport Photos
  • A complete Application form was provided by the embassy for Mauritania visa
  • A fee of 690 MAD paid in cash @nearby bank – they will give you a piece of paper with your details for the bank
  • A printed copy of your passport
  • Photo and fingerprints will be taken as well

Location: Address: 6 Rue Thami Lamdouar، Rabat, Morocco

Google maps will get you there and the metered petit blue taxis are cheap in Rabat.  There is also a patisserie, Carrefour supermarket, and a bank nearby.

The Embassy of Mali is just down the road if you are applying for the Mali visa also.

Note: You can also get a Mauritania visa on arrival at the airport (55 euro) or at the border (55 euro or 660 MAD).  Some travellers have reported this to be a slow process, so I’d recommend that if you are in Rabat getting other visas, it’s best to get a Mauritania visa here.

If you are getting a visa for Mali, you can find more info on the visa here.

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I hope you found this post about applying for a Mauritania visa in Rabat, Morocco useful. Need some information about applying for other visas in Africa? Check out our Visa Guide.

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