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About Eneko Island

Accommodation is super expensive and options are very limited, choices for food are slim and there isn’t much to do. If you’re looking for a beautiful island to relax and re-energise – then Eneko Island is the place to go.

It’s possible to visit Eneko Island on a day trip from the main island of Majuro or you can arrange to stay overnight or even a few days if you wish.

Here’s how to make arrangements to visit Eneko Island, the best beach in the Marshall Islands.

Before your arrival in Majuro, I’d recommend you make a reservation ahead in one of the below hotels.

The small airport is quite a distance from the centre of town where the hotels are located. Both hotels will offer a transfer from the airport to your hotel if you request it before your arrival.

Where to stay in Majuro?

There are very limited choices for accommodation in Majuro, especially for those travelling on a budget. The two hotels below are your only choices. There is a hostel in town – but from everything we’ve heard, it’s pretty grim.

Robert Reimers Hotel – It looks like this hotel has been around for quite some time.

The rooms, furniture and bedding are very dated. The cheapest double room starts at USD $115 per night, incl tax. The rate is for room only.

There is a restaurant on-site where you can purchase breakfast, other meals or drinks and wifi is an additional charge. An airport transfer is charged at $5 per person each way.

To make a reservation, contact them via email – [email protected]

Marshall Islands Resort – In my opinion, this property offers better value for money to visitors. The rooms are more updated than the above hotel, they offer FREE airport transfers, and a large hot breakfast with decent coffee from their on-site restaurant is included in the rate.

You can check if you can make a reservation on, however, I’m confident you may need just to email them to try and make a reservation. It’s very ‘old school’ in the Marshall Islands.

You can buy strong wifi online – the price is $5 for 24 hours (one device only).

Marshall islands resort
We stayed at the other hotel 2nd time round in Majuro – The Marshall Islands resort.

How to book your visit to Eneko Island? 

Go to the reception desk at Robert Reimers hotel and they can make arrangements for you.

You have the choice to book a day trip or to book an overnight (or a few nights) stay.

How much is it to get to Eneko Island 

Eneko Island Marshall Islands
Eneko Island Marshall Islands

Option A: Day trip ONLY to Eneko Island

Book a return boat transfer for USD $30 per person. The hotel can arrange the boat transfer for you (the pick-up/drop-off point is very near to the hotel which is very convenient).

The speedboat transfer takes approx 25mins and the scenery is fantastic! Turquoise water, small palm-fringed islands and islets – have your camera ready.

What to bring: Remember to take your swimsuit, towel, and sunscreen – as well as lots of drinking water and some food for the day. A snorkel and a book are optional too.

Option B: Overnight at Eneko Island

The best beach in the Marshall Islands is Eneko Island – You can stay in these cabins. Basic, but they do the job

There is a large cabin with three basic separate twin rooms available for guests to reserve

All rooms are USD $45 per night. Two rooms which are quite small with shared bathroom facilities and the other room is much larger with basic en-suite bathroom inside.

Ask the person at Robert Reimers hotel reception if you can book the larger room if it’s available (this is what we stayed in).

Our basic room on Eneko island, the best beach in the Marshall Islands

There is a communal outdoor kitchen for guests to use on the island, it’s very near to your cabin. This kitchen has very basic, limited cooking facilities (one pot, one saucepan, limited cutlery etc) with two gas burners. 

If you are travelling in a small group, there is also a small beach house to rent, it sits right on the water. The price is $150 for the first night and then $125 per night after that. You can also enquire at Robert Reimers Hotel for reservations. 

You could rent this house for $125 per night on Eneko Island

What should you bring to Eneko Island?

Remember to take drinking water. The water from the tap is saltwater, so ensure you bring enough drinking water with you to cook with and consume as there is nowhere to purchase it once you’re here.

The supermarket in town sells 3.5L bottles of water for a couple of dollars, so it’s a good idea to buy a few. 

What else to bring: Remember to take your swimsuit, towel, insect repellent and sunscreen – possibly a snorkel and a book too. You’ll need enough drinking water (to consume and cook with) for your entire stay here.

I’d recommend taking simple food such as mac/cheese, instant noodles or something that doesn’t require a refrigerator – as there isn’t one.

You may be able to hire a small cooler from Robert Reimers hotel to keep food cold during your stay on the island.

You can pick up some ice from the supermarket to fill it.

What to do on Eneko Island? 

Eneko Island is perfect for swimming or snorkelling in the turquoise lagoon on your doorstep. You can work on your tan, read a good travel book with the sound of swaying palm trees or enjoy a picnic lunch.

At sunset, the sky fills with hot pink and deep purple colours and the stars shine as bright as ever.

sunset on eneko island, best beach in the marshall islands
Sunset on Eneko Island, the best beach in the Marshall Islands

We hope you will enjoy your trip to both the Marshall Islands and the beautiful Eneko Island. Please comment below if you have any questions for us about travelling in this part of the world.

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