very-hungry-nomads-eSIM Egypt 3GB package

I’ll explain why an eSIM for Egypt will benefit you in many ways.  

Avoid the nuisance of changing out those tiny SIM cards in your device, and switch to eSIM instead! Thanks to technology, eSIM has made our travels much easier to stay connected.

eSIM for Egypt is an excellent choice; let me explain why:

eSIM – How Does It Work?

An eSIM is a digital version of your physical SIM card already implanted in your device. An eSIM allows you to trigger a cellular plan from a phone carrier without using a plastic SIM card. 

Most of the latest phones and devices already contain a microchip that allows you to install multiple eSIM profiles. 

It’s equivalent to having multiple plastic SIM cards with phone numbers and data plans packed into your device simultaneously. 

Tips For Selecting The Best Data Plan for Egypt eSIM Card

How long do you wish to spend in Egypt? Will you rely more on wifi when available at your hotel/cafes than the data on your phone? Simple questions such as this will determine what Egypt eSIM data card you should choose.

If you do plan to access wifi during your time in Egypt (cafes and hotels usually offer this option at no additional charge), then you should go with a minor plan, the eSIM which offers 1GB for $9.50 and it’s valid for 7 days.

Alternatively, if you primarily rely on phone coverage for your data, buy a plan that includes more data. I’d recommend the 2GB eSIM data pack for $18, valid for 15 days or the largest Airalo eSIM Egypt data pack, 3GB, for $25.50, valid for 30 days!

A bonus about buying an Egypt eSIM from Airalo is that you can top up with more data within seconds. The Airalo App makes the process effortless and gives you peace of mind.

eSIM Egypt – How Much Is It?

The best eSIM carrier for Egypt is Airalo. They currently offer three options to stay connected in Egypt, so there’s a data plan to suit everyone. 

The convenience, cost, and reliable coverage make Airalo eSIM for Egypt great value.

3 x Data Plans Currently Available for eSIM Egypt Data Card:

eSIM Egypt man buying esim

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eSIM for Egypt is VERY convenient

Arriving at your destination in Egypt and immediately connecting to the local carrier is a dream! 

If you’ve planned well and downloaded and activated an eSIM for Egypt before your arrival, you’ll enjoy an immediate connection once you’re in the country.

You can overlook waiting in queues at the airport trying to arrange a local SIM card to get connected – you’re all set!

It gives you the freedom to order a taxi or ride via a ride-sharing app via DiDi or Careem directly from the airport; it’s fantastic! 

Alternatively, jump online and search the public bus schedule for departures from the airport to the city, or instantly access google maps to follow navigation if you need to.

Furthermore, if you download an eSIM for Egypt before your arrival, you can reserve that last-minute hotel room in Cairo on if you still need to.

I frankly love this product. I even used the Global eSIM to keep me connected as I visited EVERY country in the world!

How To Get eSIM Egypt On Your Device

The eSIM Egypt data plans are easy to download to your device. 

Important: Your device must be compatible with eSIM. Please check this list to see if your device supports eSIM before purchasing an Egypt eSIM card.

  1. Download the Airalo app, purchase the most suitable data pack for Egypt from this list, and follow the steps to activate the eSIM for Egypt just before your arrival. Note: The eSIM validity data starts from the date of activation. So, you can purchase the eSIM beforehand but wait to activate it until just before you arrive in Egypt.

Here are a Few Tips: 

  • Before arriving in Egypt, switch from your current mobile provider to the Egypt eSIM provider. Don’t worry; a step-by-step guide is available to help you during installation.
  • Once your eSIM card is activated, I recommend you turn off data for all apps you don’t use, including those that can use a lot of data. Find this in the ‘settings’ button on your device. Apps such as Instagram, Netflix, and YouTube will eat up your data fast, so only access that once you reach your hotel and access the complimentary wifi. 
  • And, if you want the freedom to instantly send those videos home to your friends and family of you admiring the pyramids of Giza on a Private Day Tour or the highlights from your 3 Night Cruise along the Nile, the Egypt eSIM works like a charm. 

Topping Up Is Easy With eSIM Egypt

If you spend all the data on your current Egypt eSIM quicker than expected, no problem – open your Airalo App and top up; it’s effortless. 

In addition, I love the features allowing you to pay via Apply Pay, and Airalo sends you an alert message when you’re running low on data – which reminds you to buy more. 

Is eSIM Egypt The Cheapest Option To Stay Connected? 

Once you arrive in Egypt, you still have the option to purchase a local SIM card at any major airport or phone store. 

A local SIM will allow you to call and send local texts in Egypt. 

Depending on the plan you purchase, it will also give you access to local calling rates and data.

Many local carriers in Egypt claim to have the best sim card in Egypt and the most reliable connection. There are so many carriers out there it’s tough to tell you honestly who has the cheapest SIM card.

I can tell you that Airalo eSIM is affordable, and you can buy it with zero hassle and no fuss. This is priceless, especially when travelling to Egypt!

Getting a fair price (and not some absurd tourist price for things like a local SIM card) can sometimes take time and effort.

Physical Sim vs eSIM

It’s a good question. “Which is more useful, physical sim or eSIM?”

I used to be one of those travellers who thought eSIMs would be overpriced and unreliable for my off-the-beaten-path adventures worldwide.

How wrong I was. I decided to give eSIM a go, and since switching to eSIM and enjoying the many pros (which far outweigh the cons), I can’t imagine returning to plastic SIM cards. 

I explain in this post why eSIM for all international travel is my only choice for staying connected worldwide. 

Keep Your Original SIM Card In Your Phone & Same Number!

Another perk of downloading an eSIM for Egypt is that you don’t need to remove your physical SIM card from your phone. eSIM is digital, so it’s all embedded inside your device; it’s brilliant!

It’s great news because you avoid the risk of losing your miniature SIM card (as you’ll leave it inside your device), and it also means you can receive your messages from home.

Yes! A bonus for eSIM users is that you don’t need to change your original mobile phone number; it remains the same. It’s so convenient, especially when connecting with family and friends back home; they don’t have to try and message you on a foreign number. 

Oh, and once you purchase an eSIM, you can navigate the Airalo app in English. So it’s much easier than decoding the Arabic language on your device.

So there you have it – The Airalo Egypt eSIM Data Card is a wise choice for staying connected in this fascinating country. 

Regional eSIM – Connects You To Multiple Countries (Incl Egypt)

Are you travelling to other countries in the Middle East and Northern Africa? If yes, I have another excellent solution for staying connected on your journey!

Suppose Egypt is just one stop for you on a much bigger adventure. Then, a Regional Menalink eSIM may be what you’ve been searching for but have yet to learn even existed.

Why buy a Menalink eSIM for the Middle East & Northern Africa? It will save you money, AND the one eSIM will connect you to 15 nations in the Middle East & Northern Africa. 

And yes, Egypt is included in this regional Menalink eSIM.


Discover Global eSIM – For Intrepid Travellers (Connects you to 130+ Countries)

Better yet, if you’re travelling even more, you must check out the Discover Global eSIM that connects you to 130+ countries.

There are 6 Data-Only Plans to choose from, ranging from 1GB for $9 up to 20GB for $69. Alternatively, you can purchase a Data/Text/Calls Discover eSIM for outstanding value too! 

View ALL Data/Text/Calls Discover eSIMS (cover 130+ nations, including Egypt) here

In summary, the eSIM for Egypt, the Regional Menalink eSIM, and Discover Global eSIM are affordable, reliable, and convenient. 

Your travelling life will get much easier once you make the switch. 

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