Sweet Treats in Europe

There are many sweet treats in Europe, but we have tried to narrow it down to our favourite 7.

7 Delicious Sweet Treats in Europe

1. Gelato in Italy

The choices of flavours are endless when it comes to gelato. We are still trying to sample them all. Two of our favorite gelato shops are Suso in Venice and Della Palma in Rome.

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Sweets in Europe Gelato in Italy
Sweets in Europe – Gelato in Italy

2. Waffles in Belgium

Yes, the locals claim we should eat the waffle on its own with just a little bit of sugar. But it tastes so much better when topped with strawberries, chocolate, and whip cream!

Not to forget the mini-flag of Belgium that is added for the perfect insta-photo. 

Waffle in Belgium - Sweets in Europe
Sweets in Europe – Waffle in Belgium

3. Sacher Torte in Austria

Stepping up in class, this cake has been around for almost 200 years! Dark chocolate, chocolate sponge cake, and a layer of apricot jam…let’s not forget the whipped cream!

Yes, we are in heaven and we certainly do lick that silver fork once we finished. This is by far the classiest of the sweet treats in Europe. The best Sacher torte is at Hotel Sacher in Vienna.

Sweets in Europe - Sacher Torte in Austria
Sweets in Europe – Sacher Torte in Vienna, Austria

4. Trdelnik in the Czech Republic

Depending on where you get it, it might have three different names, but the Czech Republic seems to deliver the best.

Hot, fluffy, and delicious, the newest version includes Nutella filling. Well, it would be rude to say no. Don’t miss any of the best Czech food in Prague, here’s our top 6 places to eat!

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Sweet Treats in Europe - Trdelnik in Czech Republic
Sweet Treats in Europe – Trdelnik in the Czech Republic

5. Churros in Spain

Nothing gets you out of bed quicker than a promise of fresh hot churros dipped in chocolate. Well done, Spain, very well done.

They told us this is typically eaten at breakfast in Spain.

Not sure who to believe, but ok. If you’re heading there to check out some of the best hikes in Spain, this works perfectly; eat all the churros you like.

Sweet Treats in Europe - Churros in Spain
Sweet Treats in Europe – Churros in Spain

6. Baklava in Turkey

As it wasn’t enough to create a dessert from filo pastry and nuts, someone creative has thought of holding it together with a rich syrup and honey. Boom! One of the most decadent sweet treats in Europe was born. Thank you.

Yes, we know Turkey spans into Asia, but Istanbul is geographically in Europe, so we are including baklava on our sweet treats in Europe list. 

Turkish cuisine is sensational! Read more about the list of must-try foods in our Complete Turkish Food Guide.

Sweet Treats in Europe - Baklava in Turkey
Sweet Treats in Europe – Baklava in Turkey

7. Macarons in France

Macaron is the king of all sweet treats. Tiny and delicious, it leaves you wanting more. That is probably the main reason why it is so petite.

Vive la France!

Sweet Treats in Europe Macaroon
Sweet Treats in Europe – Macaroons in France

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And that’s it! We probably made you hungry with our list of the best sweet treats in Europe. What else would you add to this list? Do you have any favourite desserts? Let us know in the comments. 

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