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If you’ve ever travelled to Europe, you already know that the food on this continent is AMAZING. And if you’ve tasted the food from Greece, you know this cuisine is spectacular. These five Greek food recipes are easy to prepare and taste incredible. Learn more about the food from Greece recipes that you’ll absolutely love to cook at home. 

1) Kotopoulo Skorthato (Chicken with Garlic & Lemon )

food from greece recipes chicken lemon garlic

Food from Greece recipes continue with this delicious baked chicken with fresh lemon, garlic and potatoes. Photo Credit: thespruceeats.som

If you’re a food lover like myself, you’re aware that some combinations of flavours and food are perfect for each other. When we’re talking about food from Greece recipes that nail the brief every time, this dish takes the gold medal. Whenever you combine chicken, garlic, lemon, olive oil, salt and fresh oregano – you know that the end result is going to be incredibly tasty. 

Kotopoulo Skorthato is a humble Greek dish, a crowd-pleaser if you will. If you tell your friends you’re going to cook them food from Greece recipes, this one from is the top choice.

2) Moussaka (Greek Bake)

food from greece recipes moussaka

Moussaka has to be on our list of food from Greece recipes. Best recipe to cook when you need to serve a larger group of people or family occasions. Photo Credit:

Classic and much-loved food from Greece recipes are the best. This moussaka recipe from BBC Good Food is a winner. Moussaka is found in practically every taverna in Greece. It’s also a meal that is prepared in every household on special occasions and family get-togethers. 

So, what is moussaka? Essentially, it’s a Greek baked dish made up of layers of minced lamb (beef can also be used) in a tomato-based sauce, and rather than pasta sheets, moussaka is layered with eggplant and sliced potatoes. The dish is finished with a creamy bechamel sauce on top. Moussaka is baked until it turns that perfect golden colour. Many people say it’s similar to an Italian lasagne, however, I think moussaka deserves its own glory.

Of all the food from Greece recipes that you can prepare, choose to cook this moussaka for your friends or family, I guarantee it will be a hit.

3) Saganaki – (Grilled Greek Cheese)

foods from greece recipes saganaki

Saganaki is one of the easiest and tastiest food from Greece recipes to prepare. Photo Credit:

A firm cheese, such as Kefalograviera is sliced, covered in flour, excess shaken off and pan-fried in olive oil (Greek olive oil is the best option here). Once it’s crispy on the outside and presenting a golden colour (and you can see the inside is all gooey and melted) it’s ready to remove from the pan.

Squeeze some fresh lemon juice over the cheese, chop into pieces and enjoy it as is! I like to eat saganaki with a fresh salad of tomato, lettuce and finely sliced red onion lightly dressed with a simple vinegarette. This cuts through the richness of the cheese, but it is such a quick and easy dish to create.

Simple food from Greece recipes like this taste so good. And because this dish is super simple, you can enjoy the flavours of Greece from home.

4) Spanikopita – (Spinach Pie)

food from greece recipes Spanakopita greek pie

Food from Greece recipes wouldn’t be complete without my favourite bakery item, spanakopita. Photo Credit:

This is my ‘go-to’ Greek dish and each time I’ve had the opportunity to visit Greece, I eat as spanikopita as I possibly can. And when I’m not travelling the world, the Greek cafes and bakeries in my home city of Melbourne do a fine job of slinging out the best spanikopita outside of Greece. 

This spinach pie uses multiple layers of filo pastry filled with a feta cheese fresh chopped spinach combination. I believe the secret to an amazing spanikopita is in the fresh herbs. These are also present in the above mix.

Fresh herbs including dill, spring onion and mint are the stars of the show. There are some other key ingredients such as garlic, lemon and spices to produce this wonderful dish. You’ll notice that these also feature in other food from Greece recipes featured in this post.

foods from greece recipes santorini

Writing about these foods from Greece recipes have inspired me to return once again to Santorini – one of the most beautiful islands in Greece.

This filling is layered between the filo pastry, with a good slathering of melted butter in between each layer. Yes, you heard correctly. Each layer.

When you bake the spanikopita with that golden pastry and the wonderful aroma fills your kitchen, you’ll be wanting to book a one-way ticket to Greece right away. You’re guaranteed to find the cheapest flights to Greece on These food from Greece recipes are so delicious, and this one will no doubt make you very hungry.

My favourite Greek Spanikopita recipe is from Nagi at

Tip: When you do book that trip to Greece, I recommend staying at least 2 weeks. Here’s the perfect two-week itinerary for Greece for every budget

5) Youvetsi – (Beef or Lamb Stew)

foods from greece recipes youvetsi

All of these foods from Greece recipes are packed with flavour, and this dish, Youvetsi will be one of your favourites. Photo Credit:

Every country has their version of a slow cooked stew. If we’re talking about warming foods from Greece recipes, this dish is perfect to cook during winter. Prepared using either lamb or beef and cooked with classic Greek ingredients such as tomatoes, onion, garlic, spices, orzo and red wine to name a few, it always result in a tasty dish.

Don’t forget the all important shaved pecorino or parmesan cheese on top at the time of serving, it’s small touches like this that make foods from Greece recipes so good. 

These foods from Greece recipes are easy to cook but packed full of flavour. What is your favourite Greek recipe or dish? Let us know in the comments below.

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