The Perfect 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary

The city of Vienna is considered one of the best cities to live in the world. But it is also a fantastic city to visit and this 2 days in Vienna itinerary is all you need to plan the perfect stay in Vienna.

I have worked as a tour guide and tour leader for many years in Europe and not only have I visited Vienna many times, I helped to plan more than one Vienna itinerary for my clients.

The Perfect 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary

The city of Vienna is considered one of the best cities to live in the world. But it is also a fantastic city to visit and this 2 days in Vienna itinerary is all you need to plan the perfect stay in Vienna.

I have worked as a tour guide and tour leader for many years in Europe and not only have I visited Vienna many times, I helped to plan more than one Vienna itinerary for my clients.

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

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2 days in Vienna itinerary - View from Stephansdom

Vienna is a city famous for music, architecture, the Habsburgs, parks, and palaces as well as some very old coffee houses with grumpy waiters (really). 

There is so much to do, see and eat here. So let’s get started.

2 Days in Vienna Itinerary – Overview

This 2 Days in Vienna itinerary is created for first-time visitors and for those who would like to see all the main sights, but also enjoy themselves with some good food and of course music. 

If you are spending 3 days in Vienna, that’s even better as you can enjoy one of the suggested day trips from Vienna or take it easy and enjoy one of the many museums Vienna has on offer.

Planning your 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary – What to Book Early

While many of the suggested attractions and places can be simply visited and paid for once you get here, I recommend booking your hotel in Vienna as early as you can, especially if you are visiting Vienna in the summer (June-September), and also buy the Vienna PASS (more about that later).

I also suggest booking your guided tours at least a week or two beforehand as you can then plan your 2 days in Vienna itinerary around it. 

Day 1 of 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary – The Historic Centre of Vienna

The first day is dedicated to Vienna Historical Centre. Since most of it is pedestrianised I simply recommend reaching the city centre and being ready to walk a lot.

Maria-Theresien-Platz (Maria Therese Square)

Start your day at Maria Therese Platz, one of the larger squares here in Vienna. In the middle is the statue of the one and only empress Maria Therese. You will most likely hear or read a lot about here during your 2 days itinerary in Vienna.

She ruled the Habsburg empire for 40 years, left a solid legacy, and had 16 children! She abolished torture and introduced compulsory schooling for all, which set the foundations for a centralised education system, the basics of which remain to this day.

In a nutshell, she was awesome.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Maria Therese
Maria Theresia Monument – 2 day itinerary in Vienna

You will also see identical museums on either side of the Maria Theresian Square: The Museum of Fine Arts (Admission: 18 Euros) and the Museum of Natural History (Admission: 12 Euros). If you purchased the Vienna Pass you can visit both museums free of charge!

The Fine Arts Museum houses unique masterpieces by Dürer, Raphael, Rembrandt, Rubens, Titian, Velázquez, and Vermeer, so it’s a great place to have a look around for any art lover. 

The Museum of Natural History has an impressive collection of over 30 million specimens and artifacts, it’s a great place for a family to visit. 

Then it’s time to cross the main street Ringstrasse which essentially runs around the historical centre and enter the city centre of Vienna.

Hofburg Palace

As you walk inside the Hofburg complex, get ready to be amazed. 

The Hofburg Palace was originally a fortified castle that dates back to the 13th century. Also known as the Imperial Palace, Hofburg covers an incredible 59 acres and it is made up of 18 buildings, 19 courtyards, and a staggering 2,600 rooms! So walking around here is recommended as many squares and courtyards are free to wander around.

The first square is called Helden Platz (Hero’s Square), with impressive equestrian statues on either side of this large open space: the statue of Archduke Charles of Austria and Prince Eugene of Savoy.

This is also the place of Hitler’s balcony speech in 1938 when Austria was incorporated into NAZI Germany.

Hofburg – Imperial Treasury

Many buildings make up the Hofburg Complex and the Imperial Treasury is one of the ones you must see. It was built in the 13th century and is one of Vienna’s most important attractions. It houses the Crown of the Holy Roman Empire, the Austrian Imperial Crown, and other Habsburg treasures of immeasurable value. The largest cut emerald in the world is also here.

The entrance is 14 Euros / Free with Vienna Pass

If you have the Vienna Pass or are interested to learn more about the most beloved Empress Sisi (Elisabeth) you can do so through a dedicated museum to her life The Sissi Museum.

With over 300 personal items, from the clothes, she wore to her beauty recipes and even an insight into her imperial carriage, this is popular with Austrians and Europeans who are familiar with her life due to a very popular movie called Sissi.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Hofburg
Vienna itinerary Hofburg – Vienna 48 hour itinerary

Hofburg – Spanish Riding School

Most visitors have heard of the beautiful horses at Spanish Riding School that Vienna is famous for. The Spanish Riding School is a renowned institution since the 16th century and it is here where Lipizzan horses perform their haute école equestrian skills to audiences in the Hofburg Palace. You can walk through the Hofburg complex to come to the stables to see the horses.

Of course, the classical performance of the Spanish Riding School attracts worldwide visitors and you can even watch the horses and their riders train in the great Winter Riding School, too.

Book your ticket to see the morning TRAINING Spanish Riding School at 10 am here or book a ticket to the world-famous PERFORMANCE by the Lipizzans – the Ballet of the White Stallions at 11 am here.

Please note that the Vienna PASS gives you standing room only for admission to the morning training at the Spanish Riding School which takes place at 10 am (you must arrive 15 minutes early).

2 days in Vienna itinerary Roman ruins
2 days in Vienna itinerary Roman ruins

Michales Platz & Kohmarkt & Graben

Once you have seen some treasures of the Habsburgs as part of the Hofburg and the Spanish School, it is time to see Vienna’s pedestrian centre. 

First, you will arrive at Michaels Platz, a small square with some Roman ruins excavation. Continue down Kohlmarket and turn into Graben. You are now in the heart of the city centre of Vienna and one of its main shopping districts.

Graben is has also some gorgeous statues and columns erected at the end of the plague in Europe.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Graben
One of the best Things to do at Vienna – Walk around the main shopping street Graben

Have a Coffee at one of the Typical Viennese Cafes

Vienna is famous for its cafes and your 2 days in Vienna itinerary would not be complete without mentioning a few places to have average coffee with grumpy service. Wait, what? Yes, I said it. 

Viennese Cafe Houses are an old institution where people met and perhaps debate important issues or simply read the newspapers. The cafes have charm but their coffee is as it used to be – old school. With the birth of coffee roasters and hip cafes, let me tell you that coffee is nothing to write home about.

If you order the specialty which is Wiener Melange (an espresso shot, hot milk, and milk foam) you will most likely give it 6 out of 10. Plus the waiters are always abrupt with just an intention of a smile – trust me if you have a grumpy waiter you are in an authentic Viennese Cafe.

Some of the classic cafes include Vienna’s Cafe Central, Cafe Ritter, Cafe Hawelka, or Cafe Sperl.

And if you want to learn more about the coffee culture you can even join this guided Viennese Coffee-House Tour.

St Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) and Stephans Platz

The number one attraction in Vienna and the highlight for your 2 days in Vienna itinerary is the gorgeous Stephansdom – the main cathedral of Vienna and the resting place of bishops and Habsburgs. The catacombs where the remains are kept can only be visited as part of a guided tour.

The square where it’s located is called Stephan’s Platz, Platz meaning square in German. 

2 days in Vienna itinerary
Stephansdom is the main cathedral and seeing Vienna from the tower is one of the best things to do at Vienna

Construction commenced in the 12th century. Entry to the cathedral is free, but I would recommend visiting the Treasury.

Stephansdom has also two towers that offer fantastic views of the city. The North tower has a lift you can enjoy the views from 68m above the ground and it is also home to the Boomer Bell, Austria’s largest bell. While the south tower is for those who enjoy climbing the 343 steps to reach the top at 136m above the ground.

Once you finish here you might need lunch so I recommend combining it with a Danube Cruise!

2 days in Vienna itinerary Stephansdom
2 days in Vienna itinerary Stephansdom

Boat Cruise on the Danube Canal with Optional Lunch

The Danube Cruise starts from Schweden Platz and takes 75 minutes. When you book the cruise you can select your lunch, Schnitzel, or 2-course lunch. The cruise follows the Danube canal and offers you to see the historical part of Vienna as well as the new trendy district. Get detailed information about the city on the large screens and enjoy the lunch onboard as well.

You can choose to do the cruise and eat lunch in the city as well. And once again your Vienna Pass will include it.


After lunch, I suggest you walk through the centre towards the Vienna Opera House and Albertina.


If you have your Vienna Pass you can visit Albertina for free. I recommend seeing some of the Habsburg’s 20 staterooms decorated in traditional Empire style and there’s a sense of luxury and opulence. Plus there is a wide range of works from masters such as Degas, Cézanne, Matisse, and Renoir, to name a few. Don’t miss Monet’s – the Water Lily Pond.

Cake Time – Sacher torte during your 2 Days in Vienna

You might enjoy a piece of Sachertorte by now. The quintessential dessert of Vienna.

For the best Sacher Torte visit Demel which makes this cake with an extra layer of apricot jam and Sacher Hotel where the cake was originally made. Delicious! 

2 days in Vienna itinerary Sacher Torte
Trying the original Sacher Torte at Hotel Sacher is a must-do on the 2 day itinerary for Vienna

Vienna Opera House

The city of Vienna is the city of music and seeing the Vienna Opera House (Wien Staatsoper) is a must. The building is absolutely gorgeous from the outside as well as the inside. When it was completed in 1869 it competed with the famous Opera Garnier in Paris.

Today cheap standing-room tickets and performances every day mean it’s easy for anyone to enjoy some of the world’s best performers, from the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. To purchase a cheap standing ticket at the opera you simply buy it 90-120 minutes before the performance starts:

  • €13 for the Balcony area
  • €15 for the Galerie area
  • €18 for the wonderful Parterre area

Of course, you can also buy a standard ticket online and if you book early you might score a great deal. 

2 days in Vienna itinerary Opera House
2 days in Vienna itinerary Opera House

Sound of Vienna Concert at Night

The other alternative is to enjoy an early dinner and book a ticket for the Sound of Vienna near the City Park (a short walk from the city centre).

I truly loved this place and have been here multiple times. The beauty of classical music performed by some of the best musicians, opera singers and dancers is just the perfect way to finish the day.

You’ll listen to well-known melodies of the “Waltz King” Johann Strauss II and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. You can book your ticket online here.

Day 2 of 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary – Schönbrunn Palace & more

For the second day of your 2 Days in Vienna Itinerary we will focus on the two main palaces in Vienna and its amusement park. 

Hop on Hop off Bus

If you have purchased the Vienna Pass, this is the easiest way to reach the next attractions as it includes the Hop-On Hop-Off Bus.

You can hop on, and hop off at any of the up to 45 stops to explore Vienna. With a choice of four routes, you can pick and choose your journey and you can visit all the attractions mentioned below. 

If you haven’t purchased the Vienna Pass, it is still worth considering buying the hop-on hop-off bus for today as the 24-hour ticket is 33 Euros per person. 

Or you can take public transport to all attractions listed for the second day of your 2 days in Vienna itinerary.

2 days in Vienna itinerary hop on hop off
The Hop-On Hop-Off bus has 4 different routes across Vienna

Schönbrunn Palace

The absolute gem of Vienna, The Schönbrunn Palace is simply amazing and you can easily spend a day here. But I suggest you come in the morning and choose the parts you wish to see.

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture in Vienna and in some way I can describe it as the Austrian Versailles.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Schoenbrunn
2 days in Vienna itinerary Schönbrunn

From the 18th century to 1918, Schönbrunn was the main summer residence of the Habsburg rulers, and Maria Theresa, Emperor Franz Joseph, Empress Elisabeth, and others once resided at Schönbrunn Palace. The name Schönbrunn translates to “beautiful spring”. 

The Palace consists o impressive 1,441 rooms in the Schönbrunn Palace, each with a different style. Not all of them are open to the public, but you can see many of them. 

This is hands down one of the best things to do at Vienna. While the gardens are free to see and enter, I do recommend visiting the actual palace itself. Book your guided tour here unless you have purchased the Vienna Pass which includes the visit but see below for more info.

The tickets for Schönbrunn Palace do sell out so if you want to do a tour at 10 am, it’s best to book it early. Or if there are no tickets available, why not reserve a spot on this Guided Tour of Schönbrunn Palace & Gardens that skips the line too.

Visiting Schönbrunn Palace with Vienna PassPlease get your free ticket for the Grand Tour at the Group Centre, which is part of the Arrival Centre located at the Bus Terminal in front of Schönbrunn Palace in the morning (from 9:00 am). Your ticket will have an exact admission time at which you can start exploring the palace.

Should admission not be possible on the same day because the maximum capacity has already been reached, you will receive a ticket with an admission time for the following day. Vienna Pass includes the Grand Tour of Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunn ZOO, and the Palace Carriage Museum.

The gardens are beautiful and are home to some of the other attractions including The Zoo, Gloriette, and the Maze and one of the most photograph sights is the Neptune Fountain located in the garden.

Schönbrunn Palace and gardens are open every day and you can find opening hours here at the official site.

Strudel Show

Another fun thing to do is the Strudel Show. You’ll find it in the court bakery of the Café Residenz in Vienna. See how the original Viennese apple strudel is prepared and taste a warm piece of strudel.

The cost is 15 Euros and it includes a piece of apple strudel with a hot drink, an apple strudel demonstration, and an original recipe to take home. This experience is free with Vienna Pass or you can book a ticket for the Strudel Show here.

As mentioned you can get here on the hop-on hop-off bus or simply take the metro green line U4 to the stop Schönbrunn.

Belvedere Palace

The UNESCO-listed Belvedere Palace complex consists of two palaces: the Upper and Lower Belvedere. It is home to the Belvedere Museum which is also home to one of Vienna’s best collections of Austrian Art, the highlight being the famous “Kiss” painting by Gustav Klimt.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Belvedere Palace
2 days in Vienna itinerary Belvedere Palace

These two palaces are located on the opposite side of the gorgeous garden and used to be the summer residence of Prince Eugene.

The Upper Belvedere – built in the 18th century rises above the surrounding area at the top of a hill, providing an amazing view of Vienna. 

A visit to Belvedere gardens is free, but entry to the staterooms and museum is additional. Check out this Belvedere Schlossgarten Tour. Entry is free with the Vienna Pass. 

It’s easy to get here on the hop-on hop-off bus or on public transport.

You might then enjoy the afternoon at leisure or maybe visit a place you missed on day 1. You can also visit the Naschmarkt, one of Vienna’s most fascinating markets, offering exotic foods and spices from all over the world.

Many popular restaurants and bistros are scattered across the market and the surrounding streets where you can have dinner and get ready for the evening at Prater Park.

Or why not book a dinner with a 3-course tasting menu and a glass of wine with traditional folk music?

Prater Park with Giant Ferris Wheel

Prater Park is a popular public park and green space in the city of Vienna. It is home to one of the oldest amusement parks in the world with the symbol of Vienna: The Giant Ferris Wheel (Vienna’s Riesenrad) that rises up to 65 m (over 200 feet). The Vienna Giant Ferris Wheel has been turning since 1897, affording a unique view of the city on the Danube.

Before it was turned into an amusement park in 1766, it was used for centuries as imperial hunting grounds. I remember visiting Prater Park as a child and being amazed by all of it. Amusement parks weren’t a thing in Europe, usually, the travelling circus was the only way to get this type of entertainment. 

There are 250 attractions that made up Prater Park and you can find the full list here. It is a great way to spend your last evening in Vienna. There are rides, food stands, an autodrome, souvenir shops and so much more.

Entry to the park is free, with each attraction costing between 1 (US$ 1.10) and 5 (US$ 5.40). The Vienna Pass includes free entry to the Ferris wheel and other attractions.

You can get here on public transport – take the metro to Praterstern, lines U1 and U2 or the hop-on hop-off bus.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Prater Park Wheel
2 days in Vienna itinerary Prater Park Wheel

Best Guided Tours in Vienna

In a city that has so much to offer, you might be wondering what are the best guided tours in Vienna. The ones that cover all the best highlights and attractions for your 2 days in Vienna itinerary.

Check out my suggestions below:

Best Passes to Save Money during your 2 Days in Vienna

Vienna PASS: 1, 2, 3, or 6 DaysThe Vienna PASS is an all-inclusive sightseeing card that allows you to experience the many faces of Vienna. Free admission to over 70 attractions such as Schönbrunn Palace and Schönbrunn Zoo, the Giant Ferris Wheel, the Spanish Riding School, the Albertina Museum, and many others, and unlimited hop-on hop-off bus rides.

This really is THE best way to see a lot in 2 days in Vienna and save money. You may choose to purchase 1-Day Vienna Pass for 87 Euro or 2 Days Vienna Pass for 123 euros.

Since the hop-on hop-off bus is your transport you won’t need to pay more for taxis or the metro.

I have added the cost of the attractions included in this 2 days in Vienna itinerary and you will save at least 50-70 euros by visiting these attractions with Vienna Pass.

Here is a list of the cost of attractions during your 2 days in Vienna included for free with Vienna Pass:

2 days in Vienna itinerary Karls Church
2 days in Vienna itinerary Karls Church

Where to Stay in Vienna 

Vienna is a larger city and there are 23 districts that make up the city. The smaller the number of the district the closer to the city centre.

For your two days in Vienna, I recommend booking a hotel closer to the city centre, however as public transport is fantastic don’t hesitate to have a short ride into the city if your hotel offers a better value.

If you are travelling by train you might appreciate staying close to the train station. For a clean and comfortable stay I recommend B&B Hotel Wien-Hbf as it is also close to Belvedere Palace and there is a tram that takes you to the city centre. It’s location is fantastic.

Here are two other hotels I’ve stayed in over the years and I recommend – listed below.

Prizeotel Vienna City – Situated in Vienna, less than 1 km from Vienna Main Railway Station, an excellent location, the Prizeotel Vienna-City features views of the city and fantastic amenities.

Ibis Wien Hauptbahnhof – This hotel is in in a great location, just across the road from the main station. Rooms are clean and comfortable, a reliable place to stay in Vienna.



What and Where to Eat in Vienna

Did you know that Vienna is the only city worldwide to have its own cuisine named after it? There are a few dishes and places you might want to visit during the two days in Vienna. Here is a quick list of foods you should eat in Vienna.

Wiener Schnitzel, a thin, breaded, pan-fried veal cutlet. This is a Viennese speciality and one of Austria’s national dishes. Traditionally served with potato salad, these days different variations on the schnitzel are available.

In most restaurants, a Schnitzel will cost from €15.00 for a pork cut and €20.00 upwards for a veal cut. Chicken schnitzel is also available. Here are some of the best places to have schnitzel in Vienna:

  • FiglmüllerSometimes called  ‘Home of the Schnitzel’
  • Schnitzelwirt – Offers  many different types of Schnitzel 
  • Skopik & Lohn – Upmarket Schnitzel in a nice setting 
2 days in Vienna itinerary Schnitzel
One of the most typical foods in Vienna is the Viennese Schnitzel

Austrian Goulash – Another classic, goulash is associated with Hungary but the Austrian version is a little bit different. Hungarian goulash often includes vegetables like potatoes, carrots, onions, peppers, and tomatoes, whereas Austrian goulash contains only beef and onions. 

Austrian Soups – If you are visiting Vienna during the cooler months, don’t miss out on the soups! Chicken soup, Dumpling soup, Rindsuppe (Classic Viennese Beef Soup) and Goulash soup too!

2 days in Vienna itinerary Austrian Food soup and bread

Coffee and Cake is as Viennese as it gets. Try the famous Sacher Torte or the Apple strudel and spend an hour just people-watching in one of the cafes of Vienna. And if you need a cheat sheet for the style of coffee types served in Vienna, here it is:

  • Kleiner Brauner: black coffee with a dash of milk.
  • Melange: milky coffee similar to a cappuccino.
  • Schwarzer or mokka: espresso.
  • Kapuziner: black coffee topped with whipped cream, a Viennese speciality.

Best Time to Visit Vienna

The best time to visit Vienna is from April to June or September to October. The weather is warm during these months of the shoulder tourist season with some nice spring and autumn days. Occasional rain.

The main summer season is during July and August and the days are hot and long, however, accommodation rates are higher and the main attractions get very busy.

For Vienna 2 day itinerary winter recommendations, then follow this guide, but don’t miss the Christmas Markets in front of the town hall. There is even a skate ring to keep you warm during the month of December. 

2 days in Vienna itinerary shopping
2 days in Vienna itinerary shopping

How to Get Around Vienna 2 Days Itinerary – Public Transport

Vienna has an efficient, clean and extensive public transport system. This includes metro, trams and buses.

If you are staying close to the city centre, you will probably end up walking everywhere and of course, if you purchase the Vienna Pass, it includes the hop-on, hop-off busses to get you around Vienna.

2 days in Vienna itinerary Tram
2 days in Vienna itinerary Tram

How much is it to ride a metro, tram or bus in Vienna?

The Single ticket is € 2.40 (US$ 2.60)

Tickets must be validated at the U-Bahn station or when you get on the bus or tram. Essentially you must stamp your ticket with the time and date so it’s valid.

Travel passes for Vienna

Travel passes allow unlimited use of the public transport networks for the duration of their validity, activated from the time of first use:

  • 24-hour pass: € 8 (US$ 8.70)
  • 48-hour pass: € 14.10 (US$ 15.30)
  • 72-hour pass: € 17.10 (US$ 18.60)
  • Weekly pass: € 17.10 (US$ 18.60) (valid for a specific calendar week from Monday to Sunday – this is not a 7-day ticket).
2 days in Vienna itinerary Metro station
2 days in Vienna itinerary Metro station

The Vienna City Card

The Vienna City Card includes unlimited travel for one adult and one child under 15 years old, plus discounts and benefits at museums, shops, restaurants and other attractions around the city. It is valid for the specified duration from the time it is first used.

  • 24 hours: € 17 (US$ 18.50)
  • 48 hours: € 25 (US$ 27.10)
  • 72 hours: € 29 (US$ 31.50)

Where to buy tickets for the metro, bus or tram in Vienna?

You can buy public transport tickets at the offices and machines at the metro and train stations.

Many tobacco shops (Tabak Trafik) also sell tickets – look for the blue “WL” logo outside the shops.

Single tickets can also be bought on board trams and buses but they cost more, € 2.60 (US$ 2.80) instead of € 2.40 (US$ 2.60).

Best day trips from Vienna after 2 days in Vienna

2 days in Vienna itinerary is designed to see the best of Vienna. If you were looking for a Vienna itinerary 3 days or even 4 days in Vienna, I recommend taking some day trips as there are a few amazing places to see around the Austrian Capital.

Here are the best day trips from Vienna best enjoyed on an organised tour:

Hallstatt Day Trip from Vienna 

Explore the UNESCO-listed Hallstatt village and its surroundings on this full-day tour from Vienna. This is one of the most beautiful spots in Austria! Explore with a guide to learn about Hallstatt’s 16th-century history and take a boat ride across the lake during summer.

Bratislava Day Trip from Vienna With Catamaran Cruise on the Danube

For a stress-free trip to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia, consider joining this tour. You will travel by bus, followed by a guided tour with a local guide and plenty of free time to explore. Read our recommendations on what to do in Bratislava here. You can then take the catamaran back to Vienna.

Budapest Small-Group Day Trip from Vienna

Yes, you can even see Budapest on this organised tour from Vienna. I personally think 2 days In Budapest is a better choice and I wrote this detailed 2 days in Budapest Itinerary for it, but if you only have an extra day this is the perfect tour to see the highlights of Budapest.

Including views from Gellért Hill, Fisherman’s Bastion, the Hungarian Parliament, Heroes Square, and St. Stephen’s Basilica.

Wachau Valley Wine Tasting Bike Tour from Vienna

Enjoy the stunning Austrian countryside and sample locally produced wines on this full-day bike tour from Vienna. This popular Bike Tour includes a state-of-the-art bike, lush valleys, quaint villages and rolling vineyards to admire as you cycle around.

Salzburg Day Trip from Vienna

Visit Salzburg, the home of Mozart, on a day trip from Vienna. Take a guided walking tour of Mozart’s hometown and visit the gardens of Mirabell Palace.

Mauthausen Concentration Camp Day Trip from Vienna

The former camp provides a look at the horrors perpetuated by Hitler during the war. An audio guide will provide historical background on each site as you go. Round-trip transport from Vienna is included in the tour. 

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How to get to Vienna City Centre from Vienna Airport

Vienna International Airport also known as Wien Flughafen Schwechat is a major airport in Austria and it’s used as the main airport for many international flights for Slovakians as the capital Bratislava is only 50km away (a 45-minute bus ride). 

Vienna International airport connects Austria to the world with major airlines as well as many low-cost European airlines such as Wizzair, Ryanair etc. 

The fastest and most comfortable option to get to your hotel is for a driver to be waiting for you when you arrive, holding a sign with your name on it. Book your private airport transfer here. The price is from €48 (US$50) per vehicle.

How to catch the city airport train (CAT) to Vienna City Centre

Another easy option to get from Vienna airport to the city centre is the CAT train.

It will take you just 16 minutes to reach Wien Mitte railway station in the city centre. The ticket for the train costs 12 Euros for one way or 21 Euros for the return and it runs every day from 5:30 am until 11:30 pm. It departs every 30 minutes.

Tickets can be bought at the airport, at the Wien Mitte train station or you can purchase your ticket online and be super organised.

The cheapest way to get from Vienna Airport into the city

But the cheapest way to get from Vienna airport into the city centre is to take the S-Bahn or Railjet. 

The S7 Express Train is not the quickest route, taking around 24 minutes to reach.

RailJet is a new high-speed train service that reaches the city centre (Wien Hauptbahnhof and Wien Miedling) in just 15 minutes,

Both depart every 30 minutes and the price of a ticket is only €4.20.

2 days in Vienna itinerary vienna austria on map
Vienna Austria on map of Europe with capitals you can visit from Vienna

How to Get to Vienna by Train or Car

But getting to Vienna is very easy by train from Prague, Bratislava Budapest, Venice or Zurich. Here are some examples of routes:

  • Budapest to Vienna – 2,5 hours by train prices from $11 
  • Prague to Vienna – 4,5 hours by train prices from $14
  • Bratislava to Vienna – 1 hour by train prices from $12
  • Munich to Vienna – 4 hours by train prices from $30
  • Venice to Vienna – 8 hours by train prices from $100
  • Zagreb to Vienna – 6,5 hours by train prices from $60
  • Zurich to Vienna – 8 hours by train prices from $85

I recommend making all reservations for your train tickets on Trainline – they usually offer unbeatable deals on train fares. More on train travel in detail here.

Of course, you can rent a car (Europcar is the best choice for car rentals in Vienna) and drive to or from Vienna but since one-way international rentals are not common, I suggest you do a loop of these Central European Capitals. The perfect itinerary would be Berlin Prague Bratislava Budapest Vienna Munich.

  • Budapest to Vienna is 2.50 hours by road
  • Bratislava to Vienna is 1 hour by road
  • Prague to Vienna is 3 hours by road
  • Munich to Vienna is 4 hours by road


Final Thoughts on this Vienna Itinerary – Is 2 Days Enough to See Vienna?

I hope you enjoy this Vienna Itinerary and that it helps you plan your stay in this amazing city. Is 2 days enough to see Vienna? I think yes, you can see Vienna in just two days but you have to be organised and have a good plan and itinerary.

If you follow this itinerary, you will see all the main attractions, taste Austrian Viennese food, and enjoy fun evenings with music and an amusement park.

If you have any questions or have visited Vienna with the help of this guide, let me know in the comments. 

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Are you travelling on a budget? These ten cheapest European countries will help you plan an itinerary that lets you see as much as possible while there.

Furthermore, if you plan to travel long-term (or at least until the money runs out), these 21 cheapest countries to visit will help you make your hard-earned dollars stretch a bit further.

Delicious cuisine can be enjoyed across Europe, and our food map of Europe will inspire your culinary journey.

For food lovers, don’t miss our top 10 best countries for foodies, a couple of them are located in Europe.

Here are 8 things to know about travelling to Eastern Europe and it’s good to know these 7 misconceptions about Eastern Europe too.

These top 6 travel hacks to save money are great to read when planning your travels.

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9 Comments. Leave new

  • Hi Marty,
    Firstly thanks for this very well crafted Itinerary and tips. I am visiting Vienna for two days with my Family in July and reach Vienna by train at about 1- so pretty much by the time I check in it will be 2 pm so I get only 1.5 days. I am planning to take the Vienna Pass but I am unsure what Itinerary to follow. These are the things I would like to do – Do you reckon this is doable or will be too much.

    Appreciate your help !
    Day 1
    Fine arts Museum
    Museum of natural history
    Hofburg palace
    -Imperial treasury
    -Sissi Museum
    St Stephen’s Cathedral (Stephansdom) with Climb and Treasury
    Cruise on Danube
    Opera house

    Day 2
    Spanish Riding school (10am)
    Schonnbrunn palace
    Strudel show
    Belvedere Palace
    Prater Park with Giant Ferris Wheel

    Optional – time permiting
    Schönbrunn Zoo
    Danube tower

    • Hi Rishab, thank you. Glad you enjoyed the itinerary. Honestly, if you check in at 2 pm you won’t be able to do all those things in just the afternoon, maybe you need to focus on the Hofburg Palace, St Stephens Cathedral, and then the cruise with Opera. You could then visit one of the museums on your second day, such as the Museum of Natural History. I hope that helps with your planning.

      • thanks Marty that makes sense. I am looking at all your europe itineraries – must say all very helpful !

  • Kyle Forster
    July 19, 2023 4:10 am

    Hi. I am heading to Vienna for 2 days and want to try your itinerary but you have many things crosses, particularly the Vienna Pass. Why is that? Is it no longer something you suggest? i don’t understand what the crossing out is signifying.

    • Hi Kyle,

      We recently experienced a glitch on our website that marked many of the suggested links as ‘broken’, and the Vienna Pass was one of them. We’ve since corrected all of these links.

      We definitely recommend the Vienna Pass for your visit to this beautiful city. 🙂

  • Kyle Forster
    July 26, 2023 10:55 pm

    thank you. also, you wrote this ” Please get your free ticket for the Grand Tour at the Group Centre, which is part of the Arrival Centre located at the Bus Terminal in front of Schönbrunn Palace in the morning (from 9:00 am). Your ticket will have an exact admission time at which you can start exploring the palace.

    Should admission not be possible on the same day because the maximum capacity has already been reached, you will receive a ticket with an admission time for the following day. Vienna Pass includes the Grand Tour of Schönbrunn Palace, Schönbrunn ZOO, and the Palace Carriage Museum.”

    since i have only 2 days and this is listed on the 2nd day, how unlikely is it that we cannot get in? i could not use the entrance on a following day as i would no longer be in Vienna. would it be better to try this on the first day?

    • Hi Kyle, I usually would say it is ok. But Europe in general is super busy this summer. Like crazy busy. I would suggest doing so on the first day and re-arrange. You can always see the gardens as they are free to enter and the Schonbrunn has a large capacity, but to be safe if this is on top of your list, try the first day.

  • Kyle Forster
    July 26, 2023 10:57 pm

    is there anything in this itinerary that would require prebooking to skip queues, or is it generally ok to lineup upon arrival?

    • Hi Kyle, you can book now tickets for most attractions online, but there are no major skip-the-lines tickets that you would need. I have visited most places by getting a ticket directly at the attraction and also bought the Vienna Pass.
      You can find more options here if you prefer to book and plan ahead:
      click here


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