Lake Como doesn’t need an introduction. Considered one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, it is no surprise that a visit to Lake Como Bellagio town is a highlight for tourists as well as locals.

But where exactly is Bellagio and why is this town called the pearl of Lake Como? What is the best hotel in Bellagio to stay at? How do you get from Lake Como to Bellagio? All of these questions about Lake Como Bellagio are answered in this blog. It will help you plan your visit to Lake Como.

Lake Como Bellagio in Italy view

Answers to all your questions about Bellagio Lake Como:

Is Lake Como really so beautiful?

The answer is simple. Absolutely. Lake Como is as beautiful as they say. The lake has a dark blue colour and it is surrounded by the peaks of the Swiss Alps in the distance. The 24 towns and villages located at Lake Como add to its beauty.

Of course, Lake Como Bellagio town is considered the most beautiful town of all. 

We loved Lake Como so much that it’s featured on our list of 15 Best Places to Visit in Italy!

Why is Bellagio at Lake Como so famous? 

Bellagio town is simply gorgeous. It’s set in the middle of the Y-shaped lake and it is famous for its picturesque alleyways filled with small boutiques, shops, and restaurants. 

Then there are the villas: Villa Serbelloni and Villa Melzi. But for me, it’s the combination of architecture and the gorgeous blooming flowers that make Bellagio at Lake Como the most beautiful place. 

Here are also some interesting facts about Lake Como.

Lake Como Bellagio in Italy villas

Lake Como is famous for its villas. The best way to see them is from the lake. Rent a boat or take the slow boat across.

Is Bellagio worth visiting?

Yes. If you are spending some time in Milan, then make sure you come up to Lake Como, even for a day.

It’s easy to get to Lake Como from Milan on a train and then use the ferry, however for a stress-free day, why not join a day trip from Milan instead?

Street in Bellagio Lake Como

The prettiest street in Bellagio Lake Como

Is Lake Como’s Bellagio expensive?

Yes. Bellagio is the most expensive part of Lake Como for hotels. However, when it comes to restaurants, gelato, etc it’s very similar to the prices in Milan. 

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Of course, you can choose to stay somewhere else as getting from anywhere at Lake Como to Bellagio is easy on public transport: you can take the ferry or the local bus.

Lake Como Bellagio from the ferry

The view of Bellagio on Lake Como from the ferry.

What can you do at Bellagio? 

Well first of all the best thing to do in Bellagio is to just wander the charming streets and take in the vibes. Don’t miss out on the views from the top of Salita Serbelloni.

Bellagio is a popular destination and as many tourists come for the day, it’s nicer to explore Bellagio early morning or just before sunset. 

The three best things to do in Bellagio Lake Como:

  • Visit San Giacomo Basilica from the 12th century in the heart of Bellagio.
Lake Como Bellagio in Italy inside the church

You can visit San Giacomo Basilica when in Bellagio. Free entry

Take a Boat Tour on Lake Como from Bellagio for 1 hour and search for all the famous villas. 

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