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My list of the best warungs in Canggu is based on the variety of food on offer, flavour, freshness, atmosphere, and price. 

Before I tell you about where to eat the best local food in Canggu, let’s cover the common question, “what is a warung?”

What is a Warung?

A warung is a small family-run business — usually a small retail store, cafe, or eatery. The food served in a warung is usually home-cooked food, often recipes and small dishes that have been passed down through family generations.

A warung is an important part of daily life in Indonesia and it’s often a front room in a family’s home – usually run by women.

Let’s get to it! The 5 Best Warungs in Canggu, Bali

1. Warung Bu Mi

best local food canggu bali

It’s true that we eat with our eyes, and Warung Bu Mi has nailed the brief on the presentation of the food offered here. Better yet, the food tastes even better than it looks.

After eating at many warungs in Canggu, this is my favourite one! 

There are many great food options to choose from here, including 3 kinds of rice, white, yellow, and red. A bonus is that they have prices on each selection and there’s a steady stream of locals eating here too.

If you read my post about 7 tips on how to find the best food when travelling, then this is important. If the food isn’t very good, locals won’t return. If it’s good, and you can see a line-up, then jump in the line – you’re in for a good meal!

Another reason why this is the best warung in Canggu is that it’s in a central location in Canggu. The seating area is welcoming with comfortable tables and chairs to enjoy your meal. The women cooking in the kitchen in the back are constantly replenishing the food here as there’s a constant flow of hungry diners either eating in or picking up lunch for takeaway too.

With close to 30+ options of meat, vegetable, and delicious curries on offer, this warung is unbeatable. Expect a generous plate of food to be priced between 20 – 30K IDR. ($1.30 – 2 USD)

My recommendations at Warung Bu Mi, the best warung in Canggu: Pumpkin curry, jackfruit curry, Red rice, fried marinated tempeh, sautéed green beans or bok choy vegetables, and corn fritters.

Location: Warung Bu Mi – Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.52

2. Warung Jaba

I ate at this warung during my first visit to Canggu many years ago, back when Canggu was still quite a sleepy little place. I enjoyed the food back then at Warung Jaba and thought I’d return to see if it was as good as I remembered.

It is! And this is the reason why I’ve included it in my list of best warungs in Canggu. 

The food at Warung Jaba is varied, it looks fresh and there seems to be a steady stream of both locals and visitors eating here during the day and in the evenings.

The location of Warung Jaba is great, again being in the centre of Canggu. 

Best Warungs in Canggu Bali Warung Jaba
Best Warungs in Canggu Bali – Warung Jaba

You can point to whatever selection of food you like to build a plate, or you also have the choice to order from the menu and the women will cook your meal fresh.

A generous plate of local food here is around 30 – 35K ($2 – $2.30)

My recommendations at Warung Jaba: Gado Gado 20,000 IDR, Lalapan 30,000 IDR, and Nasi Campur (Rice with small portions of other dishes on the side).

Location: No., Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No.40A

3. Varuna Warung Canggu

Centrally located close to Batu Bolong Beach in Canggu, Varuna Warung has a decent selection of food to build a really tasty meal.

Great food, nice staff, good prices, and indoor and outdoor seating areas to chill out and enjoy a great meal. The variety of food isn’t as large or varied as some of the other best warungs in Canggu that I’ve listed here, but the food is consistent. 

I’d love to see a few vegetable curries on the menu, but you can build a great plate with the vegetables, tempeh, tofu, and salad here and add some yummy marinated grilled chicken sticks or deep-fried chicken pieces too.

My recommendations at Varuna Warung Canggu: Chicken sticks, marinated tempeh, and any of their sautéed green vegetable salads.

Location: Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong No.89x

4. Warung Sika

Best Warungs in Canggu Bali - Warung Sika
Best Warungs in Canggu Bali – Warung Sika

Once you step inside this breezy, colourful family-run eatery, it feels like Warung Sika is a firm local favourite. 

Many young students and locals stop here to enjoy lunch/dinner or pick up a quick takeaway. 

The family that runs this place are always smiling and the location is on one of my favourite streets in the centre of Canggu; one that still has some nice views of rice paddies just out front.

There is a great selection of food to choose from here, everything from chicken and vegetable curries, tofu, tempeh, tossed greens, fritters, crispy fried chicken pieces and so much more. 

Prices are very fair and I love how they serve the food, very rustic. Enjoy a local hot or iced tea with your meal from 5,000 IDR, I recommend the hot ginger tea (7,000 IDR).

My recommendations at Warung Sika: Cassava leaves curry, marinated & toasted tempeh, 

Location: Jl. Tanah Barak No.45, Canggu

5. Oma Jamu Vegan

Affordable, fresh, and delicious Vegan food is available at Oma Jamu. Furthermore, Oma translates to ‘Grandma’, so I feel like the selection of food here are recipes passed down through the family, which is kind of comforting.

Oma Jamu is located away from the busy little main streets of Canggu, so in addition to the tasty Vegan food, great juices, and coffee, maybe the fact that it’s a little quieter here is another reason why it’s so appealing.

Note: There’s also a Vegan grocery store here, so you can pick up some great products such as fruit, vegetables, fresh juices, etc.

Open every day: Mon-Sat from 08.00 to 21.00 except Sundays from 09.00 to 17.00.

My recommendations at Oma Jamu Vegan: All Day Vegan Buffet – 6 food selections for 45,000 IDR ($3.00).

Location: 945V+Q92, Canggu, Kuta Utara

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