The tiny country of San Marino is an independent nation that is entirely surrounded by Italy. Its location is perfect, neatly placed in the mountains near the Adriatic Sea. As Europe’s third smallest nation and the fifth smallest country in the world, it’s quite unique. But why should you visit San Marino?

Visit San Marino in 2022

With a total of 61 square km, San Marino claims to be the oldest surviving sovereign state in the world, and also one of the wealthiest in terms of GDP per capita. Due to its size, you can experience the highlights and have time to eat a delicious meal on a single day trip.

You can look forward to a labyrinth of cobble-stoned medieval streets, small cafes, shops, and strategically placed outdoor restaurants with epic views. From the piazzas to the guard towers, the stunning panoramas will have you mesmerised. Here are six more reasons why you should visit San Marino.

6 Reasons to visit San Marino

1. Easy to Reach from Central Italian Cities

You can visit San Marino on a day trip or a weekend away. It’s an easy drive from Italian cities like the very popular seaside city of Rimini (35 mins) Bologna (1.5 hrs) or Florence (2.5 hours). You can rent a cheap car through Europcar or take a train to visit San Marino.

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If you’re coming from Rimini, buses from here to San Marino city centre run frequently throughout the day. The price is €5 each way per person.

why you should visit San Marino

Most tourists visit San Marino from nearby coastal Rimini which is popular with holidaymakers.

2. The Views!

With huge mountain peaks, you’ll often find stunning views. These were some of the best panoramas we’ve seen in all of Europe.

The journey to the top of Monte Titano, standing more than 700 metres above sea level will reward you with incredible views of rolling hills, age-old houses and rooftops, and of course, the Adriatic sea.

The views from this gorgeous nation are why San Marino features on our list of 15 Best Places to Visit in Italy.

visit san marino view of city

Visit San Marino for the epic views!

3. Collect a pretty passport stamp

There is no official border to enter San Marino from Italy, which means you won’t get a stamp on your passport. If you like keeping a record of your travels, you can stop by the tourist information centre and pay 5 euros for the prettiest passport stamp ever to keep as a souvenir when you visit San Marino.

This may sound like a novelty thing to do, however, San Marino is a fully independent country and a United Nations member.

They have the right to stamp passports and issue visas at their own discretion, which means having the stamp on your passport shouldn’t cause you any problems at all in the future.

Our Visa San Marino

We wanted a souvenir, so we asked for the passport stamp from our visit in San Marino.

4. Piazza della Liberta

This is San Marino’s most popular public square. From here, you can enjoy the views of the countryside, watch the changing of the guard and see the Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino’s town hall, and its most iconic building.

San Marino #visiteverycountry

So many reasons to visit San Marino!

5. Climb the Towers

There are three towers and lengths of fortress walls that can be climbed and explored. They offer incredible views and the entry ticket to visit just one tower is 3 euros or 5 euros to visit all three.

Guaita Tower

This is the oldest and the largest of the three towers. Built on Monte Titano in the 11th century, Castello della Guaita is even depicted on the San Marino flag. The tower was briefly used as a prison all those years ago.

Cesta Tower

You can climb this tower and visit the interesting museum with weapons on display from medieval times to the present day.

Montale Tower

This is the third tower. We decided not to visit this one as we heard the surrounding views from the other two towers were much better.

why you should visit San Marino

Our visit in San Marino – We climbed every tower for the views!

6. The Food

The 6th reason why you should visit San Marino is that the food in San Marino is delicious. Being located close to the Adriatic sea, you can expect some fresh seafood from this region. We ate some magnificent seafood carpaccio and fresh seafood pasta dishes at a local restaurant which we highly recommend.

Here are the details if you’d like a meal to remember –