How to get visa for Gabon

Check here if you need a Gabon Visa before you travel.

There is now an option to get an Evisa beforehand via this Gabon Evisa website. Please note that the cost of the visa is 45,000 XFA (about 70 Euro) + 15 euro processing fee and these are both paid on arrival at the airport.

As we were planning to overland to Gabon we decided to apply for the Gabon visa while in Cotonou, Benin as we had the time.

How to get Gabon Visa in Cotonou, Benin

The Consulate of Gabon is located in downtown Cotonou and not far from other embassies and most hotels. If you can’t walk, you can get a moto taxi, it usually costs about CFA 300-500 or less than a dollar.

We arrived after lunch and were welcomed by the guard. You need to leave phones with him. Staff at the consulate were very friendly and efficient. We paid in cash and waited for 30 minutes as we got the express Gabon visa.

Single, as well as multi-entry visas, are available. We applied with an Australian and an EU passport and it took 30 minutes for the express Gabon visa.

Our Visa Gabon visa
Our Visa for Gabon

What you will need for your Gabon Visa:

  • 2 Passport Photos
  • A complete application form provided by the embassy
  • A fee of 55,000 CFA paid in cash for 2 days process/ 65,000 CFA paid in cash to get it in 30 minutes
  • A printed copy of your passport
  • A copy of Yellow Fever certificate

Location: Rue 391, Cotonou, Benin (Just off Rue 395)

Located downtown, however, taxis may not know it, so you have to direct them or walk from the corner Rue 390/ Rue 395. Google maps have the correct location.

Have you recently applied for your Gabon Visa here? Leave information in the comments for other travellers. Thank you and safe travels. 

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