pizza in florence woodfired oven

I’ve tried more pizza in Florence than any other place in Italy, and I can tell you that the Florentines have nailed it.

The pizza in Florence is good, really good! 

So, where can you eat the best pizza in Florence?

1. PizzAgnolo

pizza in florence pizzagnolo
Pizzagnolo is simply delicious! Best pizza in Florence for sure. Credit @pizzagnolo

They call this place a Florentine institution, and after visiting you will understand why. Serving traditional Neapolitan pizza, indulge in one of the seven pizzas they offer here at PizzAgnolo. If you’ve ever tasted pizza in Naples, then you’ll love this place!

I return here whenever I visit this city as it makes me smile. Don’t miss this delicious pizza in Florence.

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2. Pizzeria Spera

pizza in florence margherita

The best traditional pizza in Florence is found right here at Pizzeria Spera. I love the location near the Santa Maria Novella Station and Fortezza da Basso.

The pizza base here is thick and blisters perfectly in the wood-fired oven.

Fresh ingredients are generous and a good range of pizza toppings.

You’ll find that pizza in Florence can be kinda expensive, but not here – pizza is affordable and delicious! The staff are fun and super friendly too.

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3. Il Pizzaiuolo

pizza in florence Il Pizzaiuolo
Il Pizzaiuolo has delicious pizza in Florence. Don’t miss this great little place. @IlPizzaiuolo

If you love classic Napolean-style pizza, enjoy some of the pizza in Florence right here! This place is as popular with the locals as it is with tourists who discover where the yum is at!

It’s all about the base and a few quality ingredients here – and the team at Il Pizzaiuolo has perfected the art of slinging out some of the best pizza in Florence.

It’s hard to beat a Margherita pizza here, you can taste that only the best buffalo mozzarella is used. 

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4. I’Pizzacchiere

pizza in florence ipizzacchiere
The Best Pizza in Florence is found here. Credit: @IPizzacchiere

A hidden gem close to Piazzale Michelangelo, one of the city’s most iconic viewpoints. With 40+ types of pizza and great calzones too, this place knows a thing or two about what pizza in Florence should taste like.

The ‘white tiger’ pizza is fantastic. The best thing is that you can get a cheap wine or beer to go with your pizza and enjoy it in this tiny, yet super friendly restaurant. Highly recommended.

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5. Fratelli Cuore

pizza in florence fratelli cuore
Get pizza in Florence at Fratelli Cuore, right at the main train station. Credit @fratellicuore

I stumbled upon this restaurant after returning from my trip to discover the best of Rome in 3 days

Fratelli Cuore is located inside the main train station, so for convenience, it’s fantastic! It came as quite a surprise at how good the food is here, and I’d go as far as saying that it serves some of the best pizza in Florence.

I loved seeing that it was full of train station employees – always a good sign that the food is good and affordable too.

Before you depart, the perfect place to enjoy pizza in Florence is at the train station (or any other dishes).

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The Best Food Tours in Florence (that include amazing pizza)

Have we included your favourite place to eat pizza in Florence? We’re always on the search for new places, so please let us know where you go to eat the best pizza in Florence – and we’ll try it out on our next visit.

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