10 Reasons to travel to Mexico

Easily ranking in my top ten favourite countries worldwide, I thought it was only fair to list 10 reasons to travel to Mexico right now!

Let’s Go! 10 Reasons to Travel to Mexico

1. Food

Where do I even start? Whether you spend $1 or $100 on food in Mexico, you will rarely be disappointed.

Mexican food is creative, fresh, colourful and very tasty, and it’s the first on the list of the ten reasons to travel to Mexico.

The best thing is that every state brings distinct traditions in how they prepare and cook food.

Check out my Top 5 Food Cities in Mexico.

Cities are known for their local specialities, ranging from delicious moles in Oaxaca, chile en nogada in Puebla or simple fresh fish tacos in Puerto Vallarta (and this fantastic downtown food tour, too).

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10 Reasons to travel to Mexico food
Which tamale shall I choose?

2. Good Value

Your dollar can stretch in Mexico if you want it to. You can travel like a tourist or learn from the locals and keep costs down to travel in Mexico longer.

One of the reasons to travel to Mexico is because it’s affordable.

Often, the best food is found in simple eateries and street food stalls where locals eat. If you take 2nd class buses, they are less than half the price of 1st Class coaches in Mexico and still very comfortable.

Staying in budget hostels or posadas (small hotels) is the key to keeping costs down too. We met happy travellers with daily budgets of $30 per day and others spending $100 per day. It all comes down to the choices you make.

But good value is one of the ten reasons to travel to Mexico next!

3. Colours

Mexico is like one big rainbow! I’m sure it reflects the attitudes and personalities of the Mexican people. So many colonial cities and beach towns are painted in the brightest of colours and huge murals and great graffiti art are everywhere.

The colours in Mexico will make you happy and are therefore one of the reasons to travel to Mexico.

Hotel rooms and guesthouses use colourful blankets and curtains to dress up rooms while the cars and kombi vans in the streets are super colourful.

In the Indigenous parts of Mexico, the locals wear a bright, hand-sewn traditional dress.

10 Reasons to travel to Mexico colours
Colours everywhere!

4. People

Mexicans are some of the friendliest people you will encounter. They have an easy-going nature, always smile and don’t take things too seriously.

No matter which part of the country you go to, Mexicans are one of the reasons to travel to Mexico and one of the reasons you will want to return. 

10 Reasons to travel to Mexico
We love the people in Mexico! One of the 10 reasons to travel to Mexico next!

5. Beaches

Talk about incredible beaches! Mexico ticks the boxes in this category for sure.

Whether you are soaking up the rays in Puerto Vallarta, surfing the huge waves in Puerto Escondido or simply enjoying the beauty of the turquoise blue waters in the Yucatan, you will never be far from a beach.

And let’s face it. When it comes to vacations or holidays, a beautiful beach is one of the reasons to travel to Mexico for most people. 

10 Reasons to travel to Mexico beaches
Beach in Tulum

6. History

For those interested in history and archaeology, Mexico is a must! History is present all over the country.

You must see these 11 Amazing historical places in Mexico during your visit.

Well-preserved historical sites like Teotihuacan or Chichen Itza tell tales of what this land was a long time ago. Mexico City also has some incredible museums and galleries with powerful art, including some famous works of the artist Diego Rivera.

So if you love to visit countries that offer relaxation and an opportunity to learn something, Mexico has it all. Rich history is an excellent addition to the list of reasons to travel to Mexico for us.

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7. Coffee

If you enjoy good coffee, then you will be happy to know that you won’t need to go long without your next dose of caffeine.

Coffee production in Mexico is the world’s 8th most extensive and grows particularly well in the state of Chiapas and near the border of Guatemala.

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10 Reasons to travel to Mexico coffee
Coffee in San Cristobal

8. Music

Music is always playing in Mexico, good music. Whether it is a live band bashing drums, blowing trumpets and parading down the streets during the fiesta, live mariachi music in the town centre plaza or pleasant Mexican music on your bus ride.

And if you are keen to dance, you won’t struggle to find an opportunity in Mexico. Maybe our list of reasons to travel to Mexico should have been longer. Haha.

9. Culture

Mexican culture is so diverse. I recently had the time to visit both states of Oaxaca and Chiapas, the heart of indigenous Mexico.

I instantly developed a love and appreciation for the indigenous people of Mexico, learning about their ancient cultures through their handicrafts and clothing, their food and their age-old healing rituals.

10 Reasons to travel to Mexico culture
Tlacolula. A local village in Oaxaca.

Our Complete Guide – How to Visit Tlacolula Sunday Markets in Oaxaca.

10. Fiestas

Fiestas is the last on our list of 10 reasons to travel to Mexico. Mexicans don’t always need a reason to have a fiesta. They seem to celebrate life all the time.

We encountered so many parades, street celebrations and evenings of fireworks and music. What an excellent concept!

That’s it. Our top 10 reasons to travel to Mexico. Other countries could learn many good things from the fun-loving Mexican people. Would you agree?

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