Mexico is a popular destination to visit for multiple reasons. Many visitors travel to this country for the stunning beaches, fascinating culture, incredible markets, fabulous cities and tasty cuisine! It’s not difficult to create a Mexico Food Guide here as the range of culinary delights is abundant!

You could spend your entire vacation just eating your way around this diverse nation. Truthfully, we did just that on our 3-month adventure exploring many regions of Mexico.

And seriously, we feel as though we had just scratched the surface of eating as many delicious and most popular Mexican foods as possible.

In addition to the endless wonderful food to taste, here are 10 more excellent reasons to choose Mexico for your next trip!

Mexican foods fish tacos Sayulita

Mexico is one of our 10 best countries to visit for food lovers

While there are countless meals and snacks to taste during your visit to Mexico, these are my top Mexican foods that I had to share in my Mexico Food Guide.

21 Mexican foods you must try on your Foodie Mexico trip this year! 

1. Tamales

Mexico Food Guide Tamales

Mexico Food Tamales – Tamales are the ultimate Mexican foods to buy from street vendors at any time of day

Tamales are the perfect snack to pick up from street vendors or small eateries in Mexico. Pouches of corn dough (masa) are stuffed with various fillings, which can be both sweet and savoury. Typical fillings are chicken with salsa verde (green sauce), black beans and cheese or slow-cooked pork with mole. 

These yummy parcels are then wrapped in corn husks or banana leaves and steamed. They’re a super affordable snack food in Mexico and a great choice to take on long bus or train journeys. 

2. Tostadas

Mexico Food Guide Tostadas

Mexico Food Guide Tostadas come with many toppings, but seafood is my favourite

Mexicans are a resourceful bunch, and the Tostada is proof of why. So what happens when you’ve got excess corn tortillas at home, and they’re starting to go stale? Throw them in the fryer until they’re crunchy and golden. This creates a new base for a tasty snack called tostada.

You can put just about anything on top of a tostada, however, the most popular toppings include avocado, prawns, seafood and ceviche or frijoles (refried beans), quesillo (cheese) and roasted meat.

3. Tlayuda

tlayuda mexico food guide

Tlayuda has to be included in your Mexico Food Guide

Tlayuda is one of the most popular Mexican foods in Oaxaca, and this city is well-known for having some of the best food in Mexico. And I strongly agree! 

Tlayuda is a sizeable toasted corn tortilla topped with refried black beans, asiento (pork fat), strings of fresh quesillo (delicious Mexican cheese), thinly sliced roasted meats and usually creamy avocado slices and finally, some crunchy lettuce to add crunch. 

Tlayudas are served open-faced, although I like to fold it in half and eat it like a pizza.

This has to be one of my all-time favourite foodie Mexico memories from my time in Oaxaca, learning Spanish and falling in love with this incredibly delicious city. 

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4. Mole

Mexican Foods in Mexico Mole

Popular Foods in Mexico – Mole

Mole is a staple of Mexican home cooking traditions. If you get the opportunity to try mole, pronounced mo-leh, take it!