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I’ve trialled several eSIMs on my world adventures over the past few years, and there’s one eSIM provider that stands out above the rest.

Whether you’d like an eSIM to get you connected in one country, or multiple countries, I’ll share with you some excellent options.

This article will explain why Airalo eSIM is the best ‘all-rounder’. It’s the best performing eSIM provider in the ever-expanding eSIM market.

Furthermore, Airalo has eSIM data plans available to connect you in over 195+ countries in the world. 

Long gone are the days of wasting precious holiday time trying to get connected after arriving in a new country. Technology is a wonderful thing and eSIM is the future of staying connected.

Here are the main reasons why I recommend Airalo eSIM for global travel:

What Is An eSIM?

An eSIM is a digital version of your physical SIM card, the plastic one you most likely have in your device right now. An eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without using a physical SIM card.

Essentially, your phone already has a microchip installed that allows you to install multiple eSIM profiles. It’s similar to having several physical SIM cards with phone numbers and data plans packed into your phone simultaneously. 

Why I recommend Airalo eSIM

  • Airalo eSIM is quick and convenient to download within minutes using the Airalo App. Most devices are compatible with Airalo eSIM, but it’s recommended to check this list before you make a purchase.
  • Single Country eSIMs, Regional eSIMs and Global eSIM Data Packs are affordable. For example, the Global eSIMS are unbeatable for the amount of data you get for the price. View the 5 x Global eSIM Data Packs here.
  • Airalo sends you a message to advise when you may need to top up. It takes only moments to top up with more data using the app. I find this added service very convenient.
  • When you purchase an Airalo eSIM, you don’t need to take out your own physical SIM card – because everything is digital. It means you’re able to receive messages and calls from home with your original cell phone number, while data roaming on your new digital eSIM.

Due to of my current lifestyle of nomadic travel, I’m usually unsure where in the world I’ll be exploring from month to month.

For this reason, I purchased a 20GB Global eSIM with a validity period of 6 months.

This eSIM cost me USD 89 and it connects me to 85+ countries on one single eSIM. If that’s not great value, then I’m not sure what is!

And the best part is that if I do happen to travel to a country that isn’t included on this Global eSIM, I can simply download that particular country eSIM, activate it, and use it while I’m there.

My Global eSIM is simply turned off during this time, and then I can turn it back on again once I’m in a country that’s included in the group (of 85 countries).

This eSIM has been a game-changer for me, because I’m always connected. And most importantly, I really love that my friends and family can contact me at any time on my original Australian mobile phone number. 

cheapest esim plan - guy walking with phone
The cheapest eSIM plan to travel the world is Airalo Global eSIM

Can you use eSIM and a physical SIM card at the same time?

Yes, you can use both a physical SIM card and an eSIM simultaneously on smartphones and devices. (providing you’ve double checked that your device supports eSIM before purchasing one).

This is excellent news for frequent travellers, as it allows you to switch between the two SIM cards effortlessly without having to physically swap them out.

By using both an eSIM and a material SIM card, you have the flexibility to use one SIM card for personal use and the other for international travel.

Pros And Cons Of Using An eSIM


  • Activated without carrier help, it’s a time saver
  • Convenient, don’t need to swap cards
  • No physical card to lose or damage
  • Perfect for travellers, business travel and digital nomads
  • Load multiple eSIMs at once and seamlessly swap between them
  • Top up online when credit is low
  • Keep your original number! Makes it easy to communicate with friends and family back home
  • Regional & Globals eSIMs (covers 85+ countries on one eSIM data pack) are amazing!


  • Not all devices support it
  • Limited options for making phone calls (you must use an app like WhatsApp, FB Messenger or Skype to name just a few to make calls).
cheapest esim plan-woman talking on phone

What is the Cheapest eSIM Plan for Global Travel

I’ve compared eSIM providers over the years, and although Airalo probably isn’t the cheapest eSIM plan from some of the most recent eSIM companies in this space, it is the best eSIM plan for the service you’re requesting here.

If you think about it, you want an eSIM that gives you a reliable connection in countries that you may have never been to before.

An eSIM that you trust to keep you connected even in remote places, or in situations when you may feel a little unsafe. These are the times when finding the cheapest eSIM plan on the market doesn’t matter too much anymore, because if you pay a fraction more for quality, you’ll feel much safer.

I used eSIM to keep me connected in some very challenging countries whilst travelling overland across Africa. I was so grateful to have this connection tool at my fingertips and be able to purchase an online connection in countries where it’s difficult just to find a hotel, let alone a local SIM.

Making the switch from SIM to eSIM gives you control. It could be the cheapest eSIM phone plan that works like a dream.

Remember that using an eSIM means you won’t need to update your phone number whenever you visit a new country – it remains the same.

This is one of the best advantages for eSIM, particularly when accessing apps on our phones like internet phone banking, as they require users to enter multiple codes.

cheapest esim plan - Airalo Global plan on phone
Cheap eSIM plan – Airalo offers excellent value

Single Country eSIM or Global eSIM

If you’re travelling to only one country, search it on the Airalo website, then follow steps to buy, download and activate.

If you’re planning to visit multiple countries, a Regional eSIM or Global eSIM may be best suited to your needs.

Let’s focus of Global eSIM for now, as I’m a big fan of this product.

There are 5 x Global eSIM Data Packs to choose from. All Global data packs are well-suited for international travel.

The Global data packs start from $9 for 1GB (valid for 7 days), and the largest data pack is $89 for 20GB (valid for 180 days).


These Global eSIM Data packs will save you a decent amount of money and connect you in multiple countries as you travel.

I use Global eSIM frequently as I travel the world. Even if it’s just a few days, it offers peace of mind to stay connected in 85+ countries.

Now, that’s pretty incredible.

cheapest esim plan - young girl video call on mobile

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How to Download eSIM to your Device

First, go to Airalo eSIMs website and browse through the country-specificregional eSIM or Global eSIM data packs on offer. You must also download the Airalo App to your device.

Once you have found the eSIM that is most suitable for you, follow the easy step-by-step instructions on the Airalo App.

Here are a Few Tips: 

  • After you’ve downloaded your eSIM, be sure to activate it just before you arrive in your new destination. (Remember, the validity period of the eSIM starts from the time you activate it).
  • Before arriving in your new country, switch from your current mobile provider to the new country eSIM provider. Don’t worry; there is a helpful step-by-step guide on how to do it during installation.
  • Once your eSIM card is activated, turn off data for all apps you don’t use, including those that can use a lot of data. Apps such as Instagram, Netflix, and YouTube will eat up your data fast, so access that when you reach your hotel for the complimentary wifi. 

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