We live in a wonderful world worth exploring. Sometimes it is all about the colour. Here is a list of seven of the most colourful cities in the world.

1. Manarola, Cinque Terre in Italy

Colourful Manarola Cinque Terre in Italy

Manarola Cinque Terre in Italy

Cinque Terre is a chain of five villages rested on a rocky coastline in the north of Italy. Known for its beauty and best explored on foot along the old footpaths, Cinque Terre seems to be on everyone’s bucket list. The most colourful of the five villages is Manarola.

2. Guanajuato in Mexico

Colourful Streets of Guanajuato in Mexico

Guanajuato in Mexico

A vibrant student city in Mexico known for international festivals is yet to be appreciated for its colourful beauty. The city is nestled in a valley and its colourful houses line the twisted alleyways. A wonderful place to get lost.

3. Brighton Beach in Australia

Colourful Houses on Brighton Beach in Australia

Brighton Beach in Australia

Brighton Beach made it to our top 7 for a very good reason. Not only it offers a stretch of vibrant, colourful beach houses which really please the eye, but the houses are also located on a gorgeous beach itself. Simply sit down and enjoy both attractions.

4. Caminito, Buenos Aries in Argentina

Colourful Caminito, Buenos Aries in Argentina

Caminito, Buenos Aries in Argentina

Caminito, meaning little walkway in Spanish, is a street in a downtown neighbourhood of La Boca in Buenos Aires. A local artist painted the first house back in the ’60s to attract more artists to come here to live and perform. Today the most colourful street is mostly jam-packed with tourists snapping photos and shopping for souvenirs.

5. Nyhavn, Copenhagen in Denmark

Colourful Nyhavn, Copenhagen in Denmark

Nyhavn, Copenhagen in Denmark

Nyhavn in Copenhagen is the place to be. Almost 300 years old townhouses are painted in bright colours and create a unique and enjoyable sight for the visitor. Lined up with restaurants and bars, it’s a perfect place to sit down and enjoy the afternoon. You might see a red house (no 67) across Nyhavn where Hans Christian Andersen wrote his first stories.

6. Burano Island, Burano in Italy

Colourful Burano Island in Italy

Burano Island in Italy

Located only stone-throw from the famous Venice Island, Burano is known for its lace industry and its beautiful brightly-painted houses. Legend has it that it was the fishermen who painted the first houses so they would recognize their house from the water. Today, the colour must be approved by the government first.

7. Rynek, Wroclaw in Poland

Colourful Rynek, Wroclaw in Poland

Rynek, Wroclaw in Poland

Poland might not be synonymous with colours, but the city of Wroclaw will prove your wrong. One of the biggest cities in Poland, it still amazes travellers with a delightful square dominated by colourful houses.