Plate of foods from Brazil
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20 Most Popular Foods From Brazil 

Renowned for its diverse meat dishes and barbecues, Brazilian cuisine is a fusion of indigenous, Portuguese, and African influences.

This vast nation boasts a rich selection of exotic vegetables, tropical fruits, abundant seafood options, and delicious stews.


eSIM Brazil – A Complete Guide in 2024

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15 of The Best Places to Visit in South America

South America has so much to offer travellers. From beautiful beaches, fantastic cuisine, stunning landscapes and fascinating cultures, there’s no shortage of things to see and do when travelling in this part of the world.

But, the question is where are the best places to visit in South America?

Food Adventures

Top 5 Popular Foods in South America

We all love a list of foods not to miss when travelling! South America is one of our favourite continents to travel to.

One of the reasons why we loved it so much is because of the incredible food and meals to be eaten along the way.