2 Women. Every Country. 1 Big Food Adventure.

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty.

We’re on a big food adventure to visit EVERY Country in the World!

We’ve travelled to over 100 countries already.  We figured why not go and see them all and be the first Australian and European woman to visit every country in the world! We’ve quit our jobs, sold our stuff and we’re on a food journey to literally see the world with a carry-on backpack! Find out more below.

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“Having returned from our last trip, which took us to over 100 countries, we joined the world of 9 to 5 to do the expected thing. Settle down, get a job, get a house. But we had itchy feet and it didn’t take us long to plan our next adventure to see every country in the world! Who needs a mortgage when you can travel the world, right?

We’re leaving Melbourne on 7th of April 2018.”

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Tips for Safe Travel

My mum always says it’s not me she worries about when I travel, it’s everybody else.  She trusts that I can look after myself and use my common sense on the road, it’s other people she has her doubts about. […]

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