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Top 10 Best Places in Romania
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Top 10 Things To See in Romania

For me, Romania was one of the least-known countries in Europe when I visited almost ten years ago.

There was no way I could have named the best 10 things to see in Romania, I only knew about Dracula Castle and well, the capital Bucharest.

Santiago in Chile
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10 Best Places in Chile to Visit

If you are planning to visit Chile in South America, this travel blog highlights the best places to visit in Chile.

We have visited Chile a few times now, each time discovering a new place as Chile holds the record for being the longest country in the world.

Mirafores Lima Itinerary
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The Perfect 2 Days in Lima Itinerary

We have recently returned to Lima in Peru and really fell in love with this underrated capital in South America.

We decided to put this 2 days in Lima itinerary together to help you plan your time there.