Here is the list of 5 islands where 2 countries share one island

1. Indonesia and Papua New Guinea: Two countries share one island called New Guinea

New Guinea is the world’s second-largest island located north of Australia, and it is an island shared by two countries.

New Guinea is split almost equally, between Papua New Guinea to the east and Indonesia to the west.

English is the official language of Papua New Guinea. The official language of Indonesia is Bahasa. However, there are more than 700 native languages spoken in New Guinea by its indigenous population.

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2. Haiti and the Dominican Republic share the island of Hispaniola

The island of Hispaniola in the Caribbean is also where 2 countries share one island. Two very different countries. While the Dominican Republic is a popular tourist destination, only a few visitors visit Haiti.

But the border is easy to cross and this is how we travelled to Haiti.

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3. Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland: 2 countries share one island

The Island of Ireland is split between two countries, so yet another example where  2 countries share one island. Firstly, the Republic of Ireland (often just denoted as Ireland), is an independent sovereign state.

Secondly, Northern Ireland is a part of the United Kingdom and it’s not a sovereign state,

The Republic of Ireland is in the south. The currency is Euro.

They are part of the European Union. And they use the metric system.

In the north is Northern Ireland, which is part of the United Kingdom. Therefore, the currency is the pound sterling.

In short, they are not part of the European Union and don’t use the metric system.

4. The small Caribbean island of Saint Martin

The Caribbean island of Saint Martin is divided into two different parts of European governance. In 1648 a treaty was signed to ensure peace. As a result, the north is French territory of Saint-Martin and Dutch Sint Maarten is in the south. On the other hand, this island is the smallest island in the world where 2 countries share one island (sovereign states).

The Princess Juliana International Airport and is a popular site for plane watchers and tourists.

They visit the nearby Mahe beach to watch aircraft on final approach landing at the airport. Because the beach is close to the landing strip, the power of the jet blows people into the water.

Of course, tourists come here to see if they can stand the jet blast.

Saint Martin uses Euros. However, Sint Maarten uses US Dollars and has more of an American influence. 2 countries share one island, yet use currencies of two countries far away (Euro and USD).

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5. Three countries share one island! Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia share the island of Borneo

There is only one island in the world like this. This is an island where not 2 countries share one island, but three countries share the island of Borneo. This is the largest island in Asia.

The southern part of Borneo belongs to Indonesia, while the northern part is part of Malaysia. And then there is the tiny country of Brunei. In short, an independent, oil-rich country wedged within the Malaysian part of Borneo.

If Brunei didn’t get its independence in 1984, Borneo would be another island shared by two countries.

Borneo’s rainforest is 130 million years old, older than the Amazon rainforest. It’s also one of two places in the world where you can see Orangutans in the wild.

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