Take a side step Thailand and make way for another Asian cuisine that is slowly getting the recognition it deserves as a food lovers paradise. Taiwan is only now starting to get chins wagging for some incredibly tasty nosh. Do you want to find out where to eat in Taiwan? 

Here’s all you need to know before your food journey to find the best food in Taipei.

where to eat in taiwan noodles

This huge island is a serious food lover heaven. A cuisine that has refined fresh ingredients and super clean flavours.  Blend this with the melting pot of flavours from nearby countries like Hong Kong, Japan and South Korea and you end up with Taiwanese food.

Whether it’s sweet or savoury, fine dining or street food that you’re craving, Taipei has it all!

We constantly hear rave reviews about the food from Thailand, Vietnam and Malaysia to name a few and I totally agree with this because these are some of my favourite cuisines too. However, for some reason, Taiwan barely gets a mention. Maybe this is the reason why it doesn’t receive huge amounts of western visitors. Just quietly, I think that is all about to change.

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I had no idea how good Taiwanese food could be, until now. I feel as though a whole new food world has just opened up before me and I’m hungry to learn (and eat) more.

where to eat in taiwan alleyway

Searching for where to eat in Taiwan isn’t hard, there is wonderful food around every corner.

Our brief visit to Taiwan was a last minute decision. It was a cheap flight from Hong Kong, and with such great prices, we decided to book a few nights in the capital city, Taipei. There’s a warm and safe feeling you sometimes get when you arrive in a new city, and this is how I felt arriving in Taipei.

Taipei – What’s it like?

Immediately I noticed that the people were patient and polite and this continued during my stay. Taiwanese people seem to have a zen-like attitude to everything, which is something that I really admired.

Did I mention that Taipei is also super affordable? From accommodation, getting around and deciding on where to eat in Taiwan, it won’t break the bank.

– Our Resources Page has our favourite websites for booking the best deals everywhere!

How wonderful it was to find large, clean and reasonably priced hotels here in great locations too. We found that our hotel, called E-Hotel was all these things and actually exceeded our expectations.

The room cost about USD $45 per night, including breakfast. The staff were very helpful and polite too. Click here to find and book this hotel or other affordable hotels in Taipei.

best food in taipei

Fantastic place to stay in the centre of Taipei

Daily metro cards are available to get you to every corner of the city, so you can see everything at a great price. These cards can be easily topped up at each station or you can simply purchase single rides too.

Use the metro to go sightseeing, visit temples, shopping malls, food hangouts/restaurants and night markets.

Awesome food is available everywhere and you should prepare yourself to indulge in as much of it as you can.

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Ask the locals to point you in the right direction for where they eat regularly, this is always the best advice. We did this and I feel we made the most of the time we had in Taipei by eating as much good food as possible.

Where to eat in Taiwan?

If you’d also like to get busy and eat some of the best food in Taipei, you can find all my foodie tips in my Taipei Food Lovers Bible.  Now you won’t miss a single morsel of one of my new favourite cuisines. Maybe after your visit, it will become one of yours too.

where to eat in taiwan dumplings

Where to eat in Taiwan – So many great places to eat dumplings.

Skyscanner has some pretty incredible flight deals that might just convince you to pack your taste buds for one delicious city break. I’m already planning my next visit. Trust me, you should be too.

Have we missed any great spots for where to eat in Taiwan? What was your favourite food in Taipei? We love foodie tips, please share with us below!

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