Where is Comoros? A Quick Guide to Comoros

Comoros is a country not many people have heard about before. It is small and harder to get to, with very few tourists making the journey each year. If you are planning to travel here, you might be struggling to find more information on this tiny country. So we have decided to at least compile a few essential facts about Comoros.

Where is Comoros?

Comoros is an island nation in the Indian Ocean located between the coast of Mozambique and Madagascar. It doesn’t attract the number of tourists like the other popular islands in the Indian Ocean, such as Seychelles or Mauritius, not to mention the dreamy island of Maldives. This is due to the unstable government, poor tourist infrastructure and therefore lack of flights too.

The Comoros – 3 or 4 islands?

Comoros consists of four major islands: Grand Comoros, Anjouan, Moheli and Mayotte. The first 3 islands gained independence from France in 1975. However, Mayotte is still a French Territory and along with Reunion (another island in the Indian Ocean), it can be reached from Paris on a direct flight. This also means that if you are visiting Mayotte when in Comoros, you will be stamped into France.

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Where is Comoros? Comoros map and Quick Guide to Comoros

Comoros and the island of Mayotte

Religion and language

The majority of the people in Comoros are Sunni Muslims and you can see this reflected in their society. You will hear the call to prayer, there are multiple mosques and local men wear a typical hat. Women, on the other hand, are usually covered and tend to wear a scarf to cover their hair or proper hijab.

There are three official languages here: Comorian, French and Arabic. Learning a few words will go a long way, especially in Comorian. But surprisingly, we found many people could speak good English. Not to mention, people were extremely friendly and kind.

How to get to Comoros

The island has only a few flights:

  • Nairobi in Kenya with Kenyan Airways
  • Addis Ababa in Ethiopia with Ethiopian Airways
  • Antananarivo in Madagascar with Air Madagascar

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Where is Comoros? A Quick Guide to Comoros Moroni airport

Moroni Airport in Comoros

Arriving in Comoros

The main international airport is the Prince Said Ibrahim International Airport located 20km north of the capital Moroni. There are shared taxis and you can usually find a taxi ride for about EUR 10 to the capital. There is no ATM here, but there is wifi in the departure lounge.

Do I need a visa for Comoros?

Visas can be obtained on arrival. The cost is EUR 30 per person payable in cash.

The visa is a sticker and it will take up a full page in your passport.

Where is Comoros? A Quick Guide to Comoros beaches

The beach on the main island Grand Comore

Tourism in Comoros is non-existent

There are apparently only 3000 tourists here each year. It’s hard to build an infrastructure with such a small number. Most travellers that come here are either country collectors – travellers who aim to visit every country. Or travellers who like off-the-beaten-path destinations. But let’s not forget foreigners that are often living in nearby Madagascar or maybe in Kenya and are interested to see places nearby.

There are only a few hotels available online. Although if you arrive on the morning flight you can then simply drive to a few hotels in downtown to choose where to stay.

We based ourselves in the capital city of Moroni at Hotel Jardin de la Paix. This hotel was very comfortable, well located, has good wifi, great service and served some great food, including tasty Comoronian dishes.

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Money in Comoros

The currency is Comorian Franc (KMF).

1 Euro = 492 KMF

1 USD = 450 KMF

There are only a few ATMs on the main island – try the one near the main station in Moroni – BFC Bank. Hotels and better restaurants will accept Euro.

Where is Comoros? A Quick Guide to Comoros the money

Local currency in Comoros: The Comorian Franc

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