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Updated Dec 2023

If you’ve ever googled the best beaches in the world, there’s a good chance that the famous island in the Philippines popped up on your screen.

White Beach is a 4km long stretch of gorgeous white sand, swaying palm trees, and pale blue water that you need to visit. 

Boracay opened again for tourism in 2022, and we visited at this time. We’ve got you covered with the most up-to-date fees for visiting this gorgeous island. We’ll show you where is Boracay in the Philippines and the easiest and most affordable way to get there.

Follow our easy step-by-step guide if you’re travelling from Manila to Boracay (and other cities) and need information about how to get to Boracay from Manila. 

Where is Boracay in the Philippines on a Map

Trust me, once you’ve seen photos of this island, you’ll want to know where is Boracay located so you can plan a visit. 

The Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia located in the western Pacific Ocean. It is an archipelago made up of 7,000+ islands. Notice on the map below where is Boracay in the Philippines? Right in the middle of the archipelago and surrounded by other beautiful islands.

Boracay Island is located roughly 350 km south of the capital, Manila. Situated in the West Visayas Region, Boracay is one of the islands of the province of Aklan in the Philippines.

Where is Boracay in the Philippines
Where is Boracay in the Philippines?

Boracay is often referred to as the famous island in the Philippines or the resort island. The island is approximately 7km long and its slimmest point is barely 1km wide.

Most visitors fly from Manila to Boracay, but other connections can be found using Skyscanner.

Best Time to go to Boracay in the Philippines

The best time to visit Boracay is between January – May. This is when you can experience hot, dry days with gorgeous blue skies. You may encounter much rain during the other months as this is the official rainy season. 

What currency do they use in the Philippines?

The currency of the Philippines is the Philippine peso (PHP).

At the time of writing, 1 US Dollar = 52.24P

How to get to Boracay in the Philippines and Boracay travel requirements

Step 1: Book a flight from Manila (or other cities in the Philippines) to Caticlan (MPH) with Skyscanner

Step 2: Upon arrival, exit the airport and walk out of the arrivals area and across the road. There is a long line of tricycles (motorised tuk-tuks) and a small desk where you can purchase a ticket. The ride costs 100 pesos in total ($2) to get you to the Caticlan ferry port. The drive is roughly 6-8 min long. 

Step 3: Walk into the ferry port terminal, and to the right is a booth where the clerk will check your QR code. Once she has done so, she hands you a ticket, and you turn to your left and approach a series of 3 ticket windows. 

Fees to Pay to Visit Boracay 

Now that you know the answer to where is Boracay in the Philippines, let’s cover the fees you must pay to visit Boracay.

There are 3 separate payments (in cash) that you must pay for here – They include:

  • 100P ($1.90) per person – Terminal Fee
  • 300P ($5.75) per person – Environmental Fee
  • 50P ($0.95c) per person – The ferry ride across to Boracay (5mins in duration)

Once you’ve paid all the fees, enter the terminal toward the ferries. Your tickets will be checked by another clerk who will hand you a piece of paper where you fill in your name, age, and name of the hotel. Hand it back to him, and he’ll give you a plastic card with a seat number on it and direct you to the correct ferry to take you across to Boracay.

NOTE: On your departure from Boracay Island, a terminal fee of 100P per person is to be paid at the port upon check-in. A ferry ticket to return to Cebu Island is 50P per person.

How to get to your accommodation from the ferry port in Boracay

Once you arrive at the port in Boracay, the cheapest option is to take the shared small electric buses (8 seaters) for 40P per person. Let the driver know what hotel/resort you’re staying, and he will advise if he can drop you there. 

Another option is to take a private tuk-tuk/tricycle to your accommodation, although the drivers here quote upwards of 250P for the ride. 

Where to Stay in Boracay?

Where is Boracay in the Philippines Boat with palms

Boracay isn’t very big, and many visitors like to be as near to White Beach as possible. I get it; White Beach Boracay is stunning and offers spectacular views from some of the resorts and hotels that line the beach.

It’s also good to know that Boracay is split into ‘stations’. There is Station 1, 2, and 3. If you’re taking public transport around the island, the driver may ask what station you want to go to.

Station 1

This is where you will find the most luxurious resorts in Boracay. There are some beautiful hotels around Station 1; in my opinion, this is where you find the most beautiful part of White Beach. It’s a little quieter on this section of the beach, and it’s much wider than Stations 2 & 3.

In saying that, Station 1 doesn’t have as many palm trees and shade to take cover from the blistering sun as the other beaches do. Come prepared with a good rash vest and a large sun hat to beat the heat.

I’d totally recommend Station 1 to be THE place to stay in Boracay for couples.

My recommendations for the best accommodation in Station 1:

Luxury Hotel: Henann Crystal Sand Resort is our top choice! A beachfront resort featuring outdoor swimming pools, a fantastic restaurant on-site, and a superb breakfast included in the rate.

From $115 per night on Booking.com

Mid-Range Hotel: The District Boracay is another stunning beachfront property that features 3 dining options, an outdoor pool, and an exceptional breakfast included in your stay—only 120m from D’Mall where guests can enjoy shopping and entertainment.

Where is Boracay in the Philippines The District Boracay

From $102 per night on Booking.com

Budget Hotel: Serene La Playa Boracay is a reliable option for visitors travelling on a budget who want clean, comfortable accommodation in a great location. This property offers all these things plus a flat-screen TV, air-conditioning and only a 2 min walk from the beach.

Where is Boracay in the Philippines Serene La Playa Boracay

From $45 per night on Booking.com

Station 2 

Station 2 seems to be the busiest part of Boracay, it terms of having the largest range of international restaurants and cafes. The gorgeous White Beach is just as pretty here as it is at Station 1. This is where we stayed during our time in Boracay and there are some awesome accommodation options for every budget. My recommendations are below:

Luxury Hotel: Henann Palm Beach Resort –  A top choice for your stay in Boracay. Henann Palm Beach Resort features an outdoor pool with a pool bar, direct beach access, and fabulous breakfast, and it’s located only 600m from D’Mall (the busiest area of Boracay with many international dining options).

From $128 per night on Booking.com

Mid-Range Hotel: Coast Boracay – A beautiful hotel that offers a great breakfast. The location, staff, and facilities are all wonderful. They are highly recommended for a comfortable stay in Boracay.

Where is Boracay located in the Philippines Coast Boracay

From $103 per night on Booking.com

Budget Hotel: Lime HotelFeatures include an outdoor pool, sun terrace, and on-site bar plus a flat-screen TV in your room with satellite channels. Only 400m from D’Mall Boracay and 600m from White Beach, it’s a good budget option for a clean and comfortable hotel.

Where is Boracay located in the Philippines Lime Hotel

From $40 per night on Booking.com

Station 3

This was the last area of White Beach to be redeveloped. This station seems to have the most affordable options for accommodation in Boracay and attracts backpackers or visitors travelling on a budget. In saying that, the beach is just as beautiful in Station 3. 

View my recommendations of accommodation for every budget below.

Luxury Hotel: Astoria CurrentThis beachfront hotel has an outdoor pool, restaurant, flat-screen TV, kettle, and fridge in the room. A good breakfast is included in your room rate.

From $78 per night on Booking.com

Mid-Range Hotel: Kommons by Kamino – A great hotel located only a few min from the gorgeous White Beach. A good breakfast is included in the rate.

Where is Boracay located in the Philippines Kommons by Kamino

From $50 per night on Booking.com

Budget Hotel: Turtle Inn Resort – Boasting views of the surrounding landscape, the air-conditioned rooms come with cable TV, a balcony, and a convenient restaurant on-site. White Beach is only a few minutes ‘ walk away.

Where is Boracay located in the Philippines Turtle Inn Resort

From $39 per night on Booking.com

Bulabog Beach

There is one more area with accommodation options in Boracay, and that is along Bulabog Beach. It is located on the opposite side of White Beach. Bulabog Beach has never been known for its swimming conditions. This is the windy side of the island, so the water is quite choppy with a strong current. It attracts visitors who come to Boracay to kitesurf. 

In saying that, it’s less than 10 minutes to walk to the gorgeous White Beach, and we stayed in this area at Lanterna Hotel in a beautiful, clean room with air-conditioning, a balcony, and a large bathroom.

The property provides a kettle in the room, drinking water, and a fridge to keep things cool. This property was fantastic, and they’ve got a busy Italian restaurant below, complete with an Italian chef, highly recommended!

 CLICK HERE for the best accommodation options in Bulabog Beach.

Best Things to Do in Boracay

There is a range of things to do in Boracay. It makes sense that most of them are water activities. Check out the most popular things to do in Boracay below.

Now that you know where is Boracay in the Philippines, you can start planning your trip to paradise!

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Boracay has some great international restaurants, local eateries, and restaurant chains. You will be spoilt for choice when searching for what food in the Philippines you should try next.

Now that you know the answer to where is Boracay in the Philippines, I hope you have fun!

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