What is an eSIM best esim for Europe Travel activation

Let’s talk about the best eSIM for Europe travel, and while we’re at it, I’ll explain the answer to everyone’s question, “what is an eSIM anyway?”

Europe is a fascinating continent to explore with endless culture, fantastic cities, magnificent landscapes and excellent food! Avoid the hassle of buying a new SIM card each time you enter a new country and get the best eSIM for Europe. It’s the key to always staying connected, and it will save you a good chunk of cash in the long run too! 

You can use a single affordable data plan to roam confidently across multiple countries in Europe without physically swapping SIM cards every other day.

But let’s talk more about what is an eSIM and why you need an eSIM for Europe.

What is an eSIM?

An eSIM is essentially an embedded SIM card or, as I like to say, a digital SIM card. There is no physical changing of SIM cards required by you because there are no physical SIM cards involved with an eSIM.

An eSIM supplies a more ingenious and timely way to stay connected by permitting you to download data packs directly to your phone. Once you buy a data package for an eSIM for Europe, you will receive a QR code within seconds. Simply download the QR code and activate it.

Honestly, the answer to the question “what is an eSIM?” is this. It will be the best purchase you will make to have easy, stress-free travel in Europe.

An eSIM for Europe can add a feeling of security to your trip

I’d best describe eSIM for Europe, and international travel to be reassurance of safety while abroad. It’s comforting to know that you can always make a call or have access to data in any situation. Of course, I still recommend following these 12 tips for safe travel to avoid issues on the road.

Personally, eSIM for international travel is one of the best things to happen in the ‘travelling world’ for a long time – and I’m a huge fan!

What is an eSIM best esim for Europe Travel train travel

Why should you use an eSIM in Europe?

If you like to invest in products that offer value for money and make your travels easier, then buying an eSIM for Europe will hugely benefit you.

Using an eSIM in Europe is the cheapest, fastest (not to mention least stressful) way to stay connected in Europe and many countries worldwide.

eSIM in Europe allows you to keep your own phone number

An eSIM lets you keep your ‘original’ SIM in your phone, staying active while using a second active connection in Europe. The eSIM for Europe allows you to continue receiving phone calls from your original mobile phone number while using a separate European data plan from a different carrier in each country.

Personally, this is a huge bonus for me, as my ‘original’ SIM card from Australia is linked to my banks to unlock passwords. So it’s frustrating when I purchase flights and tickets online (which is almost every other day), only to swap out a local physical SIM and replace it with my ‘home’ SIM to receive the code to make payments etc.

I like that having an eSIM for Europe cancels out the chance of me losing my original SIM card while travelling, as it stays inside my phone.

How to choose the best eSIM for Europe?

Honestly, Airalo offers the best eSIM for Europe. They’re the world’s first eSIM store. Airalo offers eSIMs for 190+ countries and regions at the most affordable rates I could find online.

They have six different data packages available for eSIM for Europe. They range from 1GB for 7 days for only $5, with the largest data plan that offers a massive 100GB, valid for 180 days, for $185. 

I’ve covered comprehensive details on all data plans available for the best eSIM for Europe a little further down.

What is an eSIM best esim for Europe Travel friends Italy

Travellers use internet data for everything

An essential part of travel nowadays is connecting online to do many daily tasks. These include accessing google maps to find accommodation, using google translate to communicate, looking up schedules for public transport, booking the best activities and experiences or calling an Uber.

I’d like to believe by now that I’m an experienced traveller having visited every country in the world. In fact, I’m the first Australian woman to achieve this goal.

I have countless memories of entering a new country and then searching for a store to sell me a SIM card to get connected. This is a difficult task when you can’t access maps due to a lack of data to navigate how to get around. And the repetitive action of constantly changing SIM cards when travelling throughout Europe or other continents gets old pretty quickly.

I wish there were such things as the best eSIM for Europe ten years ago; however, I love that technology improves the way I get to travel now – and Airalo eSIM for Europe travel is a winner! 

The most significant development is the eSIM for international travel, not just eSIM for Europe. So you can download a data pack relevant to whatever countries or regions you’re travelling; it’s very cool.

Most importantly, it’s easy to get an eSIM for Europe and it’s lighter on the wallet too.

How does the eSIM for Europe even work? How do I get it on my phone?

Getting the best eSIM for Europe travel on your phone is super simple. First, go to the Airolo website and purchase an eSIM for Europe data plan that suits your needs. Next, scan a QR code and activate the best eSIM for Europe.

Once you arrive in a new country, your eSIM will automatically connect you to the most suitable phone carriers at a fixed low cost.

It’s as simple as that. Now you’re ready to use your eSIM in Europe, in any country you have chosen as part of your plan.

NOTE: eSIMs only work on eSIM compatible and network unlocked devices. Airalo, the eSIM store that offers the best eSIM for Europe and international travel, has this list to check if your device is compatible with eSIM.

what is an esim best esim for europe airalo steps
How it works with Airalo to get the best eSIM for Europe – Credit: airalo.com

Is Airalo the best eSIM for other international travel too?

The answer to this is a huge YES! Airolo covers over 190+ countries and regions.

In addition, their global data plans cover up to 87 countries! CLICK HERE to check them out, or see what Global Plans are available below.

what is an esim best esim for europe global plans airalo
The best eSIM Global Plans from Airalo. Credit: airalo.com

So whether you’re planning to drive the Big Lap Of Australia, go travelling Europe by train, head off to do some Island Hopping in the Caribbean or take the most challenging trip of your life and go travelling overland in West Africa, Airolo will have you covered.

Chances are that they will have the best eSIM for international travel that best suits your travel plans. 

Standard SIM card vs eSIM?

Everybody knows how a standard SIM card works; we’ve been using them since the early 90s. This small plastic card fits in your phone, advises the carrier of your details, and can route text, voice, and data to your phone or device. 

What is an eSIM, and how does it compare to a standard SIM? The eSIM has been around for about five years, but it’s only gained heavy popularity over the past few years. It may also be due to present-day human behaviour of wanting (or needing) to ALWAYS be connected.

However, the world is changing, and I’m sure I’m not the only one who loves how technology continues to evolve.

eSIM is essentially a software-based option to replace the ageing standard SIM card. Its function is identical, and you do away with the removable plastic piece (SIM).

So, what is the benefit of sticking with buying countless SIM cards for Europe compared to purchasing the best eSIM for Europe? As far as I can see, there is no benefit. The eSIM for Europe wins on price, convenience and reliability.

Swapping between carriers is now as easy as scanning a QR code or simply pushing a button.

It almost sounds too easy, doesn’t it? Seriously, eSIM for Europe travel is the best purchase you will make for your entire trip. I recommend you buy the Airalo eSIM for Europe and activate it before your arrival.

Once the phone registers that you’ve arrived in a European country included in your plan, it will automatically find the best carrier and connect you immediately. 

Advantages of using an Airolo eSIM for Europe or International Travel

We’ve now explained “what is an eSIM?”, and you know more about the best eSIM for Europe travel. Let’s talk more about the advantages of choosing Airolo, the best eSIM for Europe travel and beyond.

  • Immediate – Once you download the eSIM for Europe from Airalo, you’ll immediately receive your virtual eSIM card. All you need to do is activate it and be on your way!
  • Easy & User-friendly – Your only task is to buy an eSIM for Europe travel on the Airalo website and scan your QR code to activate. That’s all!
  • The eSIM for Europe is virtual – therefore, it’s sustainable and environmentally friendly. 
  • Secure – You can’t physically lose your eSIM for Europe, nor can you damage it. You simply scan your QR code to access the internet, and away you go!
  • More affordable – Your eSIM for Europe is a much better deal for data roaming, and you don’t have to pay (or search for) physical SIM cards any longer.

Airalo eSIM for Europe Travel – Available Data Plans

Now that we’ve covered why you need the best eSIM for Europe travel, what is an eSIM is and much more, let’s look at the data plans available?

Airalo offers several eSIM for Europe packages that cover up to 39 countries in Europe!

what is an esim best esim for europe Airalo Europe plans
Airalo eSIM data plans. Best eSIM for Europe. Credit: airolo.com

For their eSIM for Europe data packages, Airalo offers six different data plans:

It’s important to note that you will not receive a new phone number when you buy an eSIM for Europe or eSIM for international travel. You keep your ‘home’ SIM card in your phone and you can still be contacted on that number.

The best thing is that all of the eSIM for Europe data plans work with apps such as Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp to keep you connected.

So keeping your original or “home” phone number and activating an eSIM for Europe helps you stay in contact with family and friends while you’re travelling.


Airalo compatible devices for your eSIM for Europe

I mentioned this a little earlier, but it’s essential to know that your device must be compatible with Airalo eSIM for Europe before purchasing. 

Many of the recent smartphones will be compatible with Airalo eSIM for Europe. To be sure, check this list to see if your device is compatible with eSIM for Europe.

Once you know that it is, go ahead and buy a data plan for eSIM in Europe, download the QR code and activate it. Then it’s just a matter of deciding what countries to explore!

Once you’ve arrived in a new European country as part of your plan, the eSIM will automatically connect to the best internet provider. 

what is an esim best esim for europe girl on phone

Is eSIM for International Travel cheaper than your home data package?

If you’re from Australia like me, you know how expensive a monthly data package is. My cheapest option is USD 40 (A$55) per month for 40GB to connect with Telstra, arguably Australia’s best phone carrier. Of course, I never get close to using that amount of data per month; however, it’s the cheapest plan.

Then I discovered that an Airalo Global eSIM (which covers Australia and 86 other countries) would connect me for USD 35 (or A$49) for a 30-day plan with 5GB of data. If I discover that I need a little more data, I could get the Airalo Global eSIM for 180 days with 20GB of data for USD 89 ($A125). 

So if we do the math here, this plan works out at approximately USD 14 (A$20) per month to stay connected, almost everywhere. 

Buying an eSIM for Europe travel is a no-brainer

Buying an eSIM for Europe is the right move. Any digital eSIM for international travel, in general, is a win for us all. Let’s move with the times and make our travelling lives easier.

An Airalo Global eSIM for international travel is how I stay connected for my ongoing adventures. If you choose to get on board and buy an eSIM for Europe, I’m certain that it will be beneficial for your travel plans in Europe too.

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