The Best Czech Food in Prague – Top 6 Places

When visiting a new country or city, it’s natural that you’re interested in trying the traditional cuisine.

Having worked in Europe as tour guides for many years, this is one of our favourite cities to explore.

The Best Czech Food in Prague – Top 6 Places

When visiting a new country or city, it’s natural that you’re interested in trying the traditional cuisine.

Having worked in Europe as tour guides for many years, this is one of our favourite cities to explore.

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

Hi, we’re Rach & Marty!

We’ve visited every country in the world and want to help you get the most out of your travels!

Whether you need an expertly planned itinerary, some experienced hints and tips, or just craving a delicious food adventure, we’ve got you covered!

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best czech food in prague goulash

Each time we return, we take a personal food tour to find the best Czech food in Prague.

There are a considerable number of places that serve Czech food, but many of them are not very good at all.

You see, Prague is extremely popular with tourists, and many restaurants only cater to the hordes of tourists wanting to try typical Czech food while in town, which is likely to be a couple of days at most.

This type of restaurant usually has just dollar signs in their eyes, and you’ll pay top dollar for sub-par Czech food. We talk about this and more in our post – 7 Tips: how to find the best food when travelling. 

And, of course, we can help you plan your time here too, to see the best things to do in Prague.

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If you want a plate of the best Czech food in Prague at the right price, read below. 

When visiting Prague (and this same rule applies to other popular tourist cities around the world), avoid signs in English with photos of the food that advertise “original” or “traditional” cuisine. It’s a dead giveaway that you’ll likely be disappointed and overcharged with the experience. 

But, to avoid this happening to you in your search for the best Czech food in Prague, we recommend the following places.

They’re tried, trusted, consistent, and work hard to serve the traditional Czech cuisine you crave.

Let’s Go! The Best Czech Food in Prague:

1) Kantyna

Stop in at this bustling grill house and butchers near Wenceslas Square, a leisurely pit-stop on your day exploring the best of Prague.

In this beautiful old building, complete with marble tables and modern touches, the concept is an old-style Czech canteen that has been reinvented.

Meat lovers will LOVE it here! The best Czech pork and beef cuts are expertly cut by in-house butchers and displayed for sale. 

best czech food in prague Rach Kantyna
Rach eating best Czech food in Prague at Kantyna

Walk into Kantyna a little further, and you’ll find meats being grilled to perfection or baked low and slow for guests who choose to dine in. Not only will you find mouthwatering spit-roasted pork shoulder, wine-braised ribs, roast beef neck, or pork belly to choose from (the menu is meat-heavy), but the more challenging decision is deciding what to order with it.

Should you stick with the local specialties and order a soup to start? Then, match your chosen meat with creamy mashed potato or garlic potato pancakes.

Yes, all of the above is a good choice. Some of the best Czech food in Prague is here, whatever you choose in the end.

The Kantyna ordering system works like a traditional Czech canteen. All the food is cooked, and you select what you’d like. Make your selection of cooked meat and ask the chef behind the counter how much you’d like. 

NOTE: Almost everything is charged by weight, and most meat cuts are charged at approximately 110 CZK ($5.00) per 100g. 

Be careful not to over-order the meat! I’d recommend that 200g of meat is enough for one person.

Then, you choose your sides as mentioned above. You’re handed back your plate full of food and a ticket that records the weight of your meat, mashed potato, etc.

best czech food in prague Rach Kantyna
Foods in Czech Republic always taste good with beer

Your final stop before you head back to your table (unless you did it when you first walked in) is to walk directly across from where you ordered your meal and choose a beer! It’s all fresh Czech beer on tap, and you’ll pay about 55 CZK ($2.50) for a half litre of beer. I love dark beer, but any Czech beer is good.

If you’ve got any room left after your meal, I recommend ordering the Czech bun filled with cheese curd; they’re delicious.

My foodie tip: Order the tartare steak as a starter. You won’t be disappointed. This is super fresh and doesn’t get much more traditional than this. Tartare steak from Kantyna is the best Czech food in Prague you’ll eat while you’re here. Check out their menu here.

Once you’ve finished your meal, take your ticket to the person at the register on your way out and take care of your bill. You can plan from our list below where your next stop for the best Czech food in Prague will be.

Address: Politických vězňů 1511/5, 110 00 Nové Město

2) U Fleku 

This is undoubtedly the most famous pub in Prague. U Fleku is a famous historic venue with eight separate dining halls slinging out traditional Czech dishes, Bohemian specialties & local beer.

This restaurant is one of the most memorable cultural and culinary experiences I’ve ever had in Prague. It also serves the best Czech food in Prague. Whenever I return to this city, I always stop by for another meal and beer.

Sure, plenty of tourists are always here, but you know why.

best czech food in prague U Fleku
You must stop at U Fleku to eat traditional Czech food in Prague. Try some of the best Prague food right here! Photo Credit:

During warm weather, a table outside in the garden is perfect for dining and drinking some of the best beer in the city. They provide a great atmosphere here with live music and good service too.

The U Fleku brewery is the only brewery in Central Europe where beer has been brewed continuously for over 500 years. It’s no surprise, then, that the Czech Republic drinks more beer per capita than any other nation in the world.

My Foodie Tip: Order the roasted duck with potato dumplings and red cabbage. What a dish! The best Czech food in Prague by far! Here’s the full menu at U Fleku.

Address: Křemencova 11, 110 00 Nové Město

3) Havelska Koruna

If you’re after a real ‘local’ Czech experience and some of the best Czech food in Prague for the price, this is a worthy stop for lunch.

Havelska Koruna is in a great location; you’d probably miss it if you didn’t know about it. Local Czechs stop at this low-key canteen eatery on their lunch break for a hot, hearty meal.

They serve staple Czech foods, including meat dishes, schnitzel, goulash, fried cheese, fruit dumplings, and big bowls of Czech soup with bread. This would be arguably the best Czech food in Prague on a budget.

Canteens like this one often serve some of the best foods in Czech Republic, always home-style cooking with good flavour.

havelska koruna best czech food in prague
Best Czech food in Prague that is affordable, consistent and in a great location. Photo Credit: Havelska Koruna

As you walk in, collect a tray, make your way through the line and select your food from the cooks behind the counter.

They’ll dish up your request and mark it off on a ticket. English may not be widely spoken in this very local eatery, but if language is a barrier, it’s OK to point at your food selection with a smile. 

The food is very affordable here, and there’s quite a lot of dining space. Most people come here to simply eat and then leave, so don’t expect fancy table service.

In saying that, the food is good, the price is right, and you’re surrounded by locals (not tourists) while eating lunch here. 

Once you’ve finished your meal and are ready to leave, take your ticket and pay the person at the counter before you exit. Please don’t lose your ticket as you need it to exit at the end.

My Foodie Tip: Order the fried cheese with potatoes if you haven’t tried it. If this doesn’t appeal to you, the goulash is also a good choice. There are so many dishes to choose from here if you want variety.

The best Czech food in Prague doesn’t always have to be expensive, and Havelska Koruna is proof of this. View the whole menu here.

Address: 21 a 23, Havelská 501, Staré Město, 110 00

4) La Degustation

If you’re looking for a real food experience of trying the best Czech food in Prague, La Degustation might be for you. In an intimate restaurant with 35 seats, the chefs focus on taking the diner on a tasting menu journey.

This restaurant is all about traditional recipes, the freshest ingredients, and fancy Czech food. 

I like that they build the menu according to produce in season, and when preparing game meat, they’re curious about the animal’s environment, what it eats, and how the seasons alter its flavour.

best Czech food in Prague La Degustation
La Degustation delivers a delicious tasting journey of trying the best Czech food in Prague. Photo Credit: La Degustation

The chefs have received one Michelin star for the magic they create here, so it’s almost guaranteed to be a memorable experience.

The set menu is very creative and finely tuned, and my favourite part of the night was peering over to the open kitchen to watch the chefs hard at work.

You can include paired wine (chosen by the in-house Sommeliers) or soft drinks in your set menu

This is a fantastic night out in Prague. If you have the budget and enjoy fine food, you’ll appreciate this dining experience. Best Czech restaurant in Prague’s old town? Yes, this is probably the one.

My Foodie Tip: I’d recommend making a reservation beforehand to secure your table. Check out the La Degustation website and the menu before you dine to learn more about this food journey you’re about to take.

Address: Haštalská 18, 110 00 Staré Město


5) Lokal 

Lokal is a classic Czech-style pub. There are five Lokal scattered around the city. The one that we think serves the best Czech food in Prague is Lokal on Dlouha Street. The best thing about Lokal is they stick to what they know, and boy, they know how to cook classic Czech dishes. 

A few of my favourite meals are fried cheese with potato, goulash with dumplings, or schnitzel with potato salad. 

Best Czech food in Prague Lokal Food
Lokal serves the best Czech food in Prague. Photo Credit: Lokalcz

Pilsner Urquell is the beer of choice at Lokal, held in a huge tank on-site, keeping it incredibly fresh. Order a beer with your meal; you’ll taste how good it is!

Fun Fact: Did you know beer is cheaper than water in Prague?

The interior of Lokal is designed to look like the old Czech pub as it was ‘back in the day’—lots of wood, old photos of Prague, and beer memorabilia. 

If you’re noticing a trend here in the best Czech food in Prague, yes, potatoes and meat are included in many dishes.

You’ll notice this also if you visit the 10 Best places in Slovakia. This country is just next door to the Czech Republic, and it’s worth a visit. 

You can also take yourself on a Slovakian food adventure and visit these fantastic restaurants in the capital city of Bratislava. 

If you’re spending a few days here, don’t miss our 13 things to do in Bratislava (including the fun things to do).

But whatever you do, don’t confuse Slovakia with Slovenia – two different countries that always seem to get mixed up! You might also like to read more about the Baltics and Balkans region explained.

My foodie tip: You can’t go wrong with Prague food, such as pork schnitzel with potatoes. Any dish with pork is sure to be excellent.

Address: Dlouhá 33, 110 00 Staré Město

6) Cukrarna Mysak

You’ll love Czech sweets and pastries if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Several good places make lovely pastries, cakes, and sweet treats; however, Cukrarna Mysak is our favourite.

An elegant coffee & pastry shop opened in 1911. Here, you can choose from various traditional Czech cakes and pastries; they’re all fantastic! We love that you can enjoy a great coffee with your preferred sweet. 

Here are a couple of sweet foods from Czech Republic you should try:

  • Kremrole – a puff pastry roll filled with soft meringue.
  • Vetrnik – a profiterole ball filled with vanilla cream, and caramel whipped cream and caramel on top

My Foodie Tip: Order the Venecek, my favourite sweet Czech food in Prague. It’s a delicate pastry filled with vanilla pastry cream and a delicious sugar glaze. 

Address: 710/31, Vodičkova, Nové Město, 110 00

best sweet czech food in prague Venecek
Venecek. My choice for the best sweet Czech food in Prague

One more thing you must try in Prague

While we’re on sweets, you must try one more thing here.

The most popular Czech sweet in Prague is the Trdelnik. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘chimney cake’ too. While it is disputed where it originates from (Hungary and Slovakia both claim they invented it), it’s plentiful in Prague.

This is a wonderful Bohemian sweet pastry made of yeast dough, then wrapped in strips around a metal spindle called a ‘trdlo’ and baked over coals. Once ready, it’s rolled in cinnamon sugar or a mixture of sugar and crushed walnut.

Best street food in Prague? Yup, this could make the list.

sweet czech food in prague trdlnik
Trdelnik. A popular sweet Czech food in Prague

The time to buy a trdelnik is when you see it taken off the heat and rolled in the ingredients. It’s best enjoyed while it’s hot. 

Nowadays, I’ve noticed that many vendors selling trdelnik near the Old Town of Prague will offer them filled with whipped cream, ice cream, Nutella and all kinds of things. This is just for the tourists to post pretty photos on ‘the gram’. You’ll pay quite a bit more for it served this way, and if you ask me, trdelnik is best served traditionally. It doesn’t need all that extra stuff. It just needs to be dusted with sugar and eaten hot.

Foodie Tip: If you want to try a traditional trdelnik at the right price, then walk out of the touristy Old Town of Prague and purchase one from a small shop or vendor while it’s super hot and fresh.

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Where to Stay in Prague

There are many options for accommodation in Prague, but location is essential. It’s best to choose a hotel near a metro station to get around the city quickly. The trams are also a fantastic way to get around the city.

We’ve considered this and the best value for money for our hotel recommendations below.

Here are our choices for where to stay in Prague for every budget. 

best czech food in prague buildings

Budget Hotel – Our recommendation for affordable, comfortable accommodation in Prague is Hotel Florenc. Located within 100 metres from the Florenc metro, tram, and bus stop, Hotel Florenc enjoys a central location in Prague. Check prices here.

Mid-Range – We recommend Hotel Tivoli Prague for good value and a place to stay in Prague. Situated next to the I. P. Pavlova metro station, and just a 10-minute walk from Prague’s central Wenceslas Square. Check prices here.

Luxury – Alcron Hotel Prague gets our vote for fantastic accommodation in the city. The price is very affordable considering the standard of this hotel. The location is perfect, right in the heart of Prague, and a superb breakfast is included in the price. Check prices here.

Our Recommendations – Best Food Experiences in Prague

We hope you enjoyed reading our recommendations for the best Czech food in Prague. Please let us know your favourite Czech food in Prague in the comments below. And most importantly, where to find it.

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