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Wondering about the best city to visit in Spain? Are you searching for cities that tick all the boxes? Great, because these ten amazing Spanish cities do just that!

If you’re searching for the best city to visit in Spain for the weekend or an extended trip through this country, we’ve got you covered. Each of these Spanish cities offers something unique to every traveller.

So this post is for you whether you’re visiting Spain to immerse yourself in culture, Spanish traditions, gastronomic delights, or the stunning beaches.

Let’s go! The best cities to visit in Spain for your next vacation

1) Barcelona

Barcelona is the best city to visit in Spain for many reasons, but the top reason is that it’s got the seaside. So yes, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds; a dynamic city with all the food, culture and Spanish vibes, and enjoy a beach break at the same time!

What I love most about Barcelona are the fascinating art and creative sculptures. You notice this throughout the city on your way to visit the incredible Sagrada Familia, wandering through La Ramblas, or getting lost in the back streets of the many cool alleyways and small streets. 

The Best City to visit in Spain Barcelona
The best city to visit in Spain – Barcelona

The eclectic architecture, bustling markets, fabulous dining, and amazing nightlife scene will have you extending your stay for sure. The best cities to visit in Spain are the ones that check all the boxes, and Barcelona certainly does that!

Get ready for an exciting Spanish city guaranteed to please every type of traveller.

2) Bilbao

One of the fabulous jewels of Basque Country, Bilbao is a real gem. This riverside city is a crossroads of design and architecture, with an esteemed dining scene. In addition to this, it boasts spectacular landscapes just outside the city.

Bilbao used to be a city of grit, full of factories and industrial zones – it probably wouldn’t have made it to this list of the best cities to visit in Spain a while back.

The Best City to visit in Spain Bilbao
The best city to visit in Spain – Bilbao

But, it’s seen a transformation over the years, and among the stunning cathedrals, the art nouveau train station, and endless atmospheric cobblestoned streets, it’s definitely worth your time.

So, be sure to visit the fantastic Guggenheim Museum and soak up the culture of Bilbao. Don’t miss the many pintxo bars and cool places for a drink in the evening.

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3) Madrid

The best city to visit in Spain is Madrid. This is a capital city that seems to have it all. A visit to Spain would seem incomplete without stopping in Madrid for at least a few nights. Honestly, this is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, if not the world. 

Madrid has a high level of energy, loads of style, and an endless list of amazing things to do.

The Best City to visit in Spain Madrid
The best cities to visit in Spain – Madrid is definitely one of them.

Unique art, museums, stunning architecture, fantastic food markets, buzzing nightlife, and fabulous restaurants & bars make Madrid one of the best Spanish cities to visit for every type of traveller. 

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4) San Sebastian

Beaches, the best Sangria you’ve ever tasted and & endless Pintxo Bars – that just about sums up why I love San Sebastian.

The best city to visit in Spain could almost be France. Well, almost. The French border is only 20km away, where nearby Biarritz and Bayonne are top-rated destinations if you’re heading that way after San Sebastian.

But there is no doubt about it, remember when I said the best cities to visit in Spain all have something unique? San Sebastian sits second for having the most Michelin Stars per square metre than any city globally (except Kyoto, Japan).

That’s a good enough reason to be the best city to visit in Spain for food-lovers like myself. And, don’t miss this Evening Pintxo & Wine Tour is fabulous for a great night out!

The Best City to visit in Spain San Sebastian
The best Cities to visit in Spain are the ones that have the best food! – San Sebastian

Aside from that, San Sebastian has beautiful buildings and churches and a lovely wide beach.

These pros make it a desirable destination for food-loving, culture-craving beachgoers who crave a bit of everything.

5) Valencia

The home of Spanish paella, one of my favourite dishes in Spain! And, with endless days of sunshine, trendy cafes and restaurants and fascinating architecture, it has to feature on my list of the best city to visit in Spain.

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain (after Madrid and Barcelona), and it’s filled with over 2000 years of history. The architecture is well preserved, and it’s a joy to stroll around the city and soak up the atmosphere and culture. 

The Best City to visit in Spain Valencia
The best city to visit in Spain is Valencia

Admire Valencia cathedral, stare at the Palace of the Marquis of Dos Aguas or join this Old Town Tour with Wine & Tapas to immerse yourself in the Valencian culinary scene.

If you’re keen to learn how to cook Spanish paella, then book your spot on this awesome Paella Cooking Class with Tapas & Market Visit.

6) Granada

This compelling city boasts breathtaking views of the Sierra Nevada mountains, yet the drawcard for many visitors is to see the dazzling beauty of its hilltop fortress, the Alhambra.

The Best City to visit in Spain Granada
The best city to visit in Spain – Granada

Granada is full of Islamic architecture, classic old-style Tapas bars, and tons of character. Some would say it’s a ‘bit gritty’, but this is the most alluring factor for me.

If you wander around the lively neighbourhoods of this city, you begin to understand what makes Granada so unique. It’s the lively bars, tucked away Flamenco dancing spots, tiny eateries and welcoming characters that will leave the fondest memories of your time here.

7) Seville

Why is Seville included in the best cities to visit in Spain? There’s something a little extra special about this city.

Seville sits at the very heart of southern Spanish culture as the capital of the Andalusian region.

Its beauty will draw you in slowly with landmark gems in the historic centre, mouthwatering tapas, intimate flamenco dancing, and spirited locals who call this city home. 

The Best City to visit in Spain Seville
Seville in Spain

Don’t miss a visit to the Plaza de España, an impressive cultural and creative experience, or browse through these amazing things to do in Seville.

Keep your evenings free of events to take yourself on a gastronomic journey of the many tapas bars in Seville, or sit down and enjoy a meal of Andalucian cuisine in one of the many lovely restaurants. 

I recommend this Spanish Cooking Class & Triana Market Tour for the food lovers out there or this Tapas, Taverns & History Evening Tour of Seville.


8) Girona

Located in Catalonia, Spain, and nestled between Costa Brava and Barcelona, the medieval walls and narrow twisting little alleyways make this one of the best cities to visit in Spain.

However, a significant highlight of Girona is a visit to the Jewish Quarter. It’s located in the heart of the city and it’s one of the best-preserved Jewish Quarters in Europe.

The Best City to visit in Spain Girona

I recommend this Guided Tour of the Jewish Quarter in Girona. And, for the best views of Girona, walk along the city’s medieval walls. 

Game of Thrones fans, you’ll be happy to learn that Girona was a city they used to film some familiar scenes. Visit them along with all the commentary on this Game of Thrones Small Group Tour.

Girona is the best city to visit in Spain because of its close proximity to Barcelona. Take the train (book instant tickets and check schedule with Trainline), or check out these two most popular day tours below.

If you’re interested in doing some hiking in Spain during your trip, check out these 7 AMAZING Hikes in Spain so you can start planning!

9) Tossa de Mar

The best city to visit in Spain for gorgeous beaches and lazy days by the sea is Tossa de Mar. Situated on the southernmost part of the Costa Brava, many people haven’t even heard of this Spanish city.

However, I bet that it won’t stay under the radar for too much longer. It’s also an easy day trip from Barcelona, so if you’re travelling during the high season, it’s best to reserve a place to stay.

Check the best deals on hotels and apartments in Tossa de Mar on

The Best City to visit in Spain Tossa de Mar
Tossa de Mar – The best city to visit in Spain for gorgeous beaches

This is a popular vacation spot in Spain purely because of the beautiful beaches, but there are many things to do in Tossa de Mar to entice you to visit. 

Why not walk along the ramparts of stone walls and medieval towers which enclose the Old Town? Then, go snorkelling or diving in the crystal clear waters (marine life is abundant) or visit one of the hidden coves and bays that Tossa de Mar is known to have.

For an escape from the big cities, Tossa de Mar could be the Spanish beach break you’ve been craving.

10) Salamanca

Salamanca is one of the most beautiful cities to visit in Spain. It’s a university city packed with energy from the youth who frequent cool bars, restaurants, and cafes in between their studies. 

The Best City to visit in Spain Salamanca

The cathedral is a highlight, and the elaborate sandstone architecture you will find around the city is fascinating. As you can imagine, Salamanca is a great city for venturing out in the evenings and enjoying great Spanish cuisine or a glass or two of delicious Spanish wine.

Salamanca is a 2-hour train ride from Madrid, with frequent trains scheduled. (Check the schedule or book cheap tickets on Trainline).

I hope you enjoyed reading about the best cities to visit in Spain. Which ones will you choose to visit? 

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