Hi, we’re Rach & Marty. Two women on an adventure to visit EVERY country in the world. Start here to learn more about our trip.


Let’s start here. Why visit every country in the world?

The most common question that we’re asked as female travellers: “Is it safe to travel the world as a woman?”

The answer is YES! Our mission is to prove that the world is safer than you may believe. We hope to empower and inspire women everywhere to believe that anything is possible. Start here to know more about why we want to visit every country in the world.

Women can achieve extraordinary things.

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When did this adventure begin?

We sold most of our possessions and said goodbye to friends and family on the 8th of April 2018. When we departed Australia to embark on this trip, we had previously visited 108 of 195 countries. We had 88 countries left to visit to complete our goal.

Our initial flight from Melbourne, Australia was booked to the first stop on our adventure, Beijing, China. We started with a trip to North Korea, then we continued across Asia, the Middle East and Europe. We then tackled our 40 remaining countries in Africa. Wow, what an adventure that was! You can find some interesting blog posts about our travels on this continent on our Africa page.

We completed the Caribbean and finished visiting every country in the Americas in late 2019.

We had just 9 countries left to visit in early 2020 when the Coronavirus pandemic spread across the world. We returned to our home country of Australia due to government advice.

Our adventure is currently on hold.

Once it is safe to travel to the final countries that remain, we hope to complete our goal of visiting every country in the world.

We’ve visited 79 of the 88 countries – only 9 countries remain.  See where we’ve been so far.

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How long will it take?

We hope to experience each country, eat local food, talk to the people and immerse ourselves in the culture as we travel. We endeavour to spend 5-7 days in each country, however, we have a simple rule: If the country is unsafe or much too expensive, we’ll move on quicker.


The Plan

How do two 30-something females plan such an adventure? Where do we start? We’re planning this trip the same way we’ve planned the others, with a positive attitude and a logical approach. This adventure is more involved than any we’ve ever taken. We’ve got to carefully plan some very tricky visas and invitation letters to even allow us to set foot in some of the hardest countries to visit. Elements such as the weather and season are also carefully considered.

According to our research, if and when we complete this incredible adventure, we’ll be the first Australian & Slovakian women to visit every country in the world! From the handful of people that have ever done this, it’s highly dominated by males.

We’re keen to show that females can totally rock the world too. Shall we?


How are we funding this trip?

Here’s the truth: We’re prepared to spend our life savings on this trip.

We’re everyday women. Honestly, we’ve never had high paying jobs. We’ve both worked in the travel industry for well over a decade, however, this industry is more about passion and work culture than a large salary. Saving hard and making sacrifices was the key to allow us to do this. We’ve crunched numbers and yes, we will most likely run out of money at some stage, we’ll cross that bridge once we get to it, perhaps we’ll get a job again to help get us to the end.

Naturally, we’ve set a budget for the trip. We plan to keep our daily spend at USD 50 each per day. This includes flights, accommodation, transport, visas, food and fun. Don’t miss our ultimate travel resources. This list of travel products and companies has saved us thousands of dollars over the years, which we use to fund more travel.

We’re aware that different parts of the world are more expensive than others, so we’ll adjust how we spend accordingly.

We know this trip isn’t going to be easy. Perhaps that’s why it intrigues us so much? We’ll be documenting our journey, sharing a daily Instastory via Instagram, food experiences we experience and connections made with people we meet along the way. And don’t worry, we’ll be sharing the best parts of our trip as well as the challenging stuff too. 


Want to see us make it the whole way around to show that women are fearless, strong and capable of achieving anything? We hope so. 

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