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Bustling cities, sleepy villages, epic mountain landscapes, teahouses, white sand beaches, and a food paradise – Southern Asia is a delight. If you’re looking to trek mountains or just chill out or sit back and watch this colourful region of the world come to life, a visit here should be on your bucket list.

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Latest South Asia Posts

  • 3 Days in Chitwan National Park

3 Days in Chitwan National Park

We crossed the border into Nepal in the early hours of the morning, having just spent the past seven days exploring Tibet. We had arranged a short tour to Chitwan National Park in Nepal [...]

  • 10 Hardest Countries to visit in the world

10 Hardest Countries to Visit

What are the hardest countries to visit in the world?  Here is our list of 10 countries that are the most difficult to travel to. This is due to either remote location, accessibility or [...]

  • How to Visit the Maldives On a Budget

How to Visit the Maldives On a Budget

Imagine the Maldives. Pure white-sand beaches, crystal clear waters with abundant marine life, extraordinary sunrise over the ocean, followed by a sublime sunset. Sounds perfect, doesn't it? The catch is; the Maldives is a [...]

  • best food in sri lanka

Where to find the best food in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is referred to as the teardrop island, located just south of India. This tropical island is full of fresh fruit, vegetables, coconuts and spices.  It's a destination that we'd been looking forward to [...]

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