Scotland Tours Rabbies Review Mountains Wildflowers

Upon searching online for the best Scotland Tours, Rabbies always showed up in the top spot. While navigating Rabbies Tours website, they seem to have covered every inch of Scotland.

So we decided on the 5-Day Northern Coast & Orkney Scotland Tour with Rabbies.

This tour balanced rugged landscapes, pristine lochs, charming cities and villages, and Neolithic sites. We’re fascinated with learning about history on our travels, so it felt like a good fit for us.

Of course, a bonus included a scenic drive along the NC500, one of the most beautiful road trips in the world.

Scotland Tours Rabbies Review Landscapes
Scotland Tours Rabbies Review – Get ready for views like this! Everywhere!

The question is, would we recommend this trip and the range of Scotland Tours Rabbies offers? Absolutely!

Here are the reasons why Scotland Tours with Rabbies is a top choice for booking the best tours to Scotland.

1) Scotland Tours with Rabbies are Affordable

The tour price is often a major deciding factor when choosing a tour company. However, we’d also say that a good tour company’s reputation is essential too.

Rabbies tick both of these boxes. They’ve got fantastic reviews from thousands of past passengers.

Scotland Tours Rabbies Review Ring of Brodgar
Visiting the fascinating Ring of Brodgar on one of Rabbies Best of Scotland Tours

After returning as another happy Rabbies passenger, we’d agree that their tours are affordable and offer good value for money.

2) Guaranteed Departures

We’ve worked in the travel industry for many years and understand this important factor when making tour reservations. Finding a company that guarantees all of its departures offers peace of mind.

This is particularly true if you reserve other tours, flight reservations, and day tours around your Scotland Tour with Rabbies.

It’s disappointing when tour companies cancel a tour just weeks away from departure if they haven’t met the minimum number of passengers.

You don’t need to worry about this if you book any of Rabbies best tours to Scotland, as EVERY departure is guaranteed.

This gives you confidence that your trip will run if you’re hoping to book Scotland tours in 2023 or 2024.

3) Local Guides are knowledgeable and entertaining

After skimming through the Rabbies UK & Ireland Tours, we saw that a crucial element to any good trip is mentioned repeatedly. All past passenger feedback from Rabbies Driver/Guides was top-rated! It seemed that every Rabbies crew member got rave reviews.

From their knowledge of Scotland’s history, entertaining stories, and suggestions on what delicious Scottish cuisine to try to their general willingness and pride to showcase the highlights of their nation.

Rabbies guides make these Scotland tours small group trips the best possible.

Rabbies Scotland Driver Guide Mark
Our wonderful Rabbies Driver/Guide, Mark. What a legend!

Reading all the 5-star reviews from happy travellers who’d taken a trip with Rabbies was very important to us. We know first-hand that a guide can make or break a trip.

We’ve worked as guides, and passion for the job is essential.

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4) You choose your Accommodation & Food

We like it when a tour company has options. Every traveller has different budgets, needs, and interests, and Rabbies gives you choices that cater to individual needs.

The standard of accommodation you’d like to stay in at each destination on the trip is entirely up to you. Your tour excludes accommodation, so you can book a dorm bed at a budget hostel or the best room at the most exclusive hotel you decide.

You just need to let Rabbies know your selection, and they’ll make the reservation for you, or you can choose to reserve your accommodation in the overnight locations.

Kirkwall Hotel in Kirkwall, Orkney Scotland
Our hotel room at Kirkwall Hotel in Kirkwall, Orkney. Rabbies Tours Scotland in style!

Better yet, at the end of another fantastic day of touring with Rabbies, your driver/guide will drop you off (and quickly check with the host that your reservation is OK) and arrange a time for pick up in the morning.

Your smiling Rabbies Driver/Guide does this for every passenger. It’s seamless, and it works.

The other choice that is entirely up to you is an important one. You get to choose where to eat. So, you can decide if you’d like to go and eat dinner at a classic pub or if you just feel like picking up a cheap meal deal from the local supermarket.

Honestly, we did a mixture of both on our trip.

It was so convenient to have the freedom to choose and also to go and wander on our own or ask some new friends on our trip to join us for lunch.

5) Small Groups

Rabbies operate small group tours, with group sizes not exceeding 16 passengers.

A smaller group made it easy for us to get to know other passengers on our trip, and we got to know our driver/guide, Mark, who is an absolute legend!

Scotland Tours Rabbies Review Inverness City
The beautiful city of Inverness in Scotland. Many Scotland tour 4 days or more will stop here.

Mark is a true Scotsman with a knack for telling the most compelling stories. If you decide to take a Rabbies trip in Scotland and Mark is your guide, you’re guaranteed to have a great time, full of many belly laughs and memories from this beautiful part of the world.

6) Travel in Style

Rabbies run their small group tours (and private tours) in 16-seater mini-coaches.

These vehicles are super comfortable and fitted with essential things like USB fittings at your seat for charging your phones and camera on the road.

Scotland Tours Rabbies Review Rabbies Transport
Our mini-coach to explore the Northern Coast & Orkney Islands in Scotland Tour Rabbies Trip.

Naturally, these mini-coaches have top-of-the-range air conditioning/heating to keep you comfortable too.

Oh, and a great sound system to giggle at your guide’s jokes as you weave around the backroads of Scotland.

So, to summarise this Rabbies Review – yes, we recommend Rabbies to provide the best tours of Scotland.

Whether searching for the best Scotland Tours Outlander series locations, the best Scotland Whiskey tours, or even Scotland Day Tours, Rabbies offers it all. The Best Scotland Tours from Edinburgh? Yes, they’re on Rabbies’s website too.

They get our vote for offering the best tours to Scotland, England, and Ireland and we can’t wait to travel with them again in the future. 

As we mentioned, Rabbie’s offers mini-coach tours throughout the UK and Ireland.

Click here to browse Rabbie’s Tours. Use promo code NOMAD5 at checkout for a 5% discount on any UK/Ireland trip with Rabbie’s.