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Latest Posts on Our Blog

  • jamaica jerk chicken dish

Jamaica Jerk Chicken – Most Popular Dish!

October 27, 2021|

Before visiting the island of Jamaica, there were three things I associated with this country. This first thing is that Bob Marley, the legendary singer is from Jamaica. Also, Americans take fully inclusive package [...]

  • best cheap eats in cairns ramen featured

12 Best Cheap Eats in Cairns

October 26, 2021|

After just finishing the lap of Australia and returning to one of my favourite cities in Queensland, I craved some tasty and affordable meals. Where could I find the best cheap eats in Cairns? [...]

  • Slovakia vs Slovenia - The capital city of Slovakia Bratislava

Slovakia vs Slovenia – What is the difference?

October 19, 2021|

If I had a dollar every time someone confused my home country Slovakia with Slovenia, I would be rich. Slovakia vs Slovenia. Slovenia and Slovakia. No, they are not the same country. No, we don't [...]

  • The Big Lap of Australia

9 Best Tips for the Big Lap Of Australia 

October 17, 2021|

Are you ready to do the big lap of Australia? Not sure where to start? This practical blog will provide you with 9 tips before you set off on this epic adventure. The big [...]

  • what to eat in central america street food

What to Eat in Central America – 7 Best Dishes

October 15, 2021|

If you're searching for what to eat in Central America, you don't have to look too far for great food. It's everywhere! My best piece of advice is to keep your eyes peeled for [...]

  • 11 Best Things to Do in Broome

11 Best Things to Do in Broome

October 13, 2021|

Broome is a desirable destination for many visitors, particularly when it's cooler in other parts of Australia. The best time to visit is during winter in Australia or between June to August. It's hard [...]

  • best things to do in venice

Top 10 Best Things to do in Venice

September 29, 2021|

Welcome to the beautiful city of Venice, one of the most popular destinations in Italy. A city built on water and rich in history, museums, gothic and centuries-old buildings. The list of things to [...]

  • View of the Guyana Kaieteur Falls

Why you should visit Guyana Kaieteur Falls (2021 Update)

September 10, 2021|

Guyana Kaieteur Falls is the number one tourist attraction in this lush country. But what makes it so special? What are the reasons to visit Kaieteur Falls?  This article has been updated in September [...]

  • Socotra

How to visit Socotra Island

September 8, 2021|

Do you wish to visit Socotra Island? An island with few tourists, basic infrastructure, but with astounding beauty and unique biodiversity. We decided to visit Socotra in 2019, and if "off the beaten path" [...]

  • 10 Best Snacks in Europe

10 Best Snacks in Europe you should try

August 26, 2021|

Europe is a paradise for any food lover. Of the 48 countries in total, there is no doubt that Europe can, and will satisfy your taste buds. We even wrote this detailed guide on [...]

  • Things I hate about living in Australia - map

10 Things I Hate About Living In Australia

August 10, 2021|

Australia is the dream country for many. But there are things I hate about living in Australia. Really? It almost sounds impossible. In some ways, Australia is the postcard country of the world. Think amazing [...]

Tips & Hints

Backpack Vs Suitcase – Which one should you choose?

May 12, 2019|

Backpack vs Suitcase. The ultimate question and a topic that has been dividing travellers since the time of the hippie trail. And I say, travellers, because let's face it, most tourists will choose a [...]

  • best travel websites

The Best Travel Websites To Save Money

March 4, 2019|

Everybody loves to travel. Of course, you need money to do so, but it isn't as expensive as most people believe. The secret to travelling more is to use the best travel websites to find [...]

  • Best travel books of all time

15 Best Travel Books of All Time

November 23, 2018|

This post has been updated in September 2021 The best travel books are those that can transport you to a new place in just a few minutes. You might be planning a new adventure [...]

  • what to eat in marrakech - tagine

What to Eat in Marrakech (and what to avoid)

November 4, 2018|

Marrakech is a great city, however, for a first-time visitor, it can be a little overwhelming. Trying to decide what and where to eat in in this bustling city can be draining. One thing is [...]

  • best portable coffee machine

Portable Coffee Machine – Our Favourite Travel Gadget

September 6, 2018|

As frequent world travellers, we’re often asked which travel accessories we can’t live without?  Our Portable Coffee Machine is one of them. We try to be practical when deciding what gear to squeeze into our [...]

  • 7 Tips: How to Find the Best Food when Travelling

7 Tips: How to Find the Best Food when Travelling

August 11, 2018|

We leave the comfort of our home to travel for different reasons. Some of us want a break from work to relax, others are keen to learn and experience different cultures. Food is an [...]

  • how to find and book cheap flights - aeroplane

How to Find and Book Cheap Flights

July 8, 2018|

We’re well experienced in the tedious and tiresome searching efforts when trying to book cheap flights. We’ve sat for hours on many occasions comparing which website will give us the best deal, the most [...]

  • scams in china

How to Avoid Common Tourist Scams in China

June 3, 2018|

That terrible feeling of getting scammed or ripped off when visiting a new country is infuriating. It happens in all the major tourist hubs all over the world, and travelling in China is no [...]

  • best gifts for travellers

20 Best Gifts for Travellers

December 10, 2017|

Travellers, backpackers and people who love to take holidays are not always the easiest to buy for unless you know what kind of stuff we absolutely love. The most important things to remember when choosing [...]

  • things i really hate about air travel

5 Things I Really Hate About Air Travel

April 29, 2015|

Once upon a time, I wanted to be a flight attendant. Fast forward twenty years and realising that my patience level isn't one of my finest qualities, there is no way I could last in [...]

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