Is it safe to visit Iraq #visiteverycountry

Of course, the main picture that comes to mind when you imagine Iraq is war, desert, and ISIS.

If you check any government advice, you will find that they strongly advise not to visit Iraq.

Our situation was different; we are visiting every country in the world on our quest to be the first Australian and Slovakian women to do so.

After a lot of research, our plan for Iraq was set. We were going to visit Iraq Kurdistan and the city of Erbil.

Where is Kurdistan?

This autonomous region of Northern Iraq is different from the rest of Iraq. It’s a land of Kurdish people who have their own traditions, language, and clothing.

They have also been enjoying a relativity peaceful period with economic growth until ISIS changed everything in 2014. Nevertheless in our opinion, today, Erbil in Kurdistan is a great place to visit for seasoned travellers. 

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Where to Stay in Erbil

There are few options for clean and comfortable hotels in Erbil that are well located. We wanted an affordable hotel that was near enough to walk to the centre of the city and close enough to a supermarket.

We found the Erbil Quartz 4-star hotel, which was ideal for our stay.

where to stay in gerbil
Our hotel room in Erbil – Is it safe to visit Iraq?

We paid USD $58 per night for a room, and we made the reservation via The rate included an excellent buffet breakfast, which to be honest kept us full for most of the day. The room was very clean and comfortable, and the wifi connection was fantastic!

There are a number of good valued hotels in Erbil, you can view all accommodation options here.

What to See and Do in Erbil Kurdistan

The Citadel

In the heart of Erbil is the Citadel, perched on a rock and overlooking the city; this is the longest inhabited structure in the world. When UNESCO finally recognised its status, plans were set up to restore this gem fully.

It means that although the citadel is currently accessible to visitors, there are parts of it closed off for restoration.

The best time to visit is definitely just before sunset, you can join the locals to take some selfies.

is it safe to visit iraq
Looking up at the citadel from the city square – Is it safe to visit Iraq?

The Bazaar

From gold and jewellery to underwear and dried fruit or nuts, you can find anything in the bazaar. It felt like the heart of the city, and once inside, you can be lost here for hours. The roofs of the bazaar are also worth admiring.

Once you pop out, head to the side of the bazaar near the main square with a fountain. This is where you find shops with baklava, so you can stop for tea and try the fantastic knafeh (a Middle-Eastern dessert made out of cheese and syrup).

This is one of our favourite desserts in the world. It also features in our 10 Most Delicious Foods in Egypt post.

You can also find fresh juice shops along the front of the bazaar, perfect to cool down from the super-hot temperatures outside during the day.

Is it safe to visit Iraq? fresh juice iraq
Is it safe to visit Iraq? Fresh Juice Iraq

If you’re hungry, you can find many basic eateries offering falafel or kebab. You can’t miss the rotisserie-style lamb and chicken being grilled at the front of the shops.

These are affordable, starting at only 750 Iraqi dinars (IQD) or USD 0.60 cents each.

is it safe to visit iraq
View of the bazaar, city centre. This picture is taken from the Citadel

The Kurdish Textile Museum

This was an unexpected gem. Located in the Citadel, it offers a great insight into Kurdish clothing and textiles. The museum is stretched across two floors with a small cafeteria. The textiles here are beautiful.

Treat yourself to baklava or knafeh with tea or strong coffee

baklava kurdistan
Baklava! So many sweets to choose from here.

Similar to other countries in the Middle East, drinking tea (or coffee) is a great way to connect with locals and watch the world go by. Middle Eastern cultures are by far some of the most hospitable people in the world.

The warmth and genuine hospitality are also one of the things we loved most about visiting Iran.

Where to Enjoy Tea and Sweets in Iraq Kurdistan

There is a small shop at the edge of the bazaar facing the main square with a coffee roaster right next to it. This is the perfect place to enjoy a strong Turkish coffee or fresh tea with a piece of baklava. 

A friendly man from Syria owns this cafe, he was very welcoming.

We found some old photos of Damascus city on the walls of his cafe, it reminded us of our travel experience in Damascus and what it’s really like. 

After our time spent in that country, Syrian cuisine is now one of my favourites of them. I look forward to enjoying these 9 delicious Syrian dishes again in the future.

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is it safe to visit iraq
Tea and baklava. A great way to take a break from exploring this city.

Is it possible to explore more of Kurdistan?

A couple of day trips are available from Erbil to see more of the surrounding area. We hear the price is between $100-$200 for the day. This price is to hire a driver who knows the area well, along with an English-speaking guide for the day.

At the time of our visit, it was advised that we should not travel far from the city for safety reasons. We were happy enough to stay in the city of Erbil during our stay in Iraq, and this city felt extremely safe.

We’d recommend checking how safe the area is with your government website before taking any day trips from Erbil.

We frequently use for up-to-date information regarding our travel movements.

A Final word

As of March 15th, 2021, the Iraqi government has launched a new visa program that allows citizens of 38 countries to apply for a visa on arrival at Baghdad, Najaf, and Basra airports.

It’s now easier to visit Iraq outside of Kurdistan. 

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