Visit Kaieteur Falls from the plane

Post updated in Jan, 2024

But tourism in Guyana is still in the entry stage, so a bit of organising or know-how is required to visit Kaieteur Falls.

Here is some practical information on how to get there.

How to visit Kaieteur Falls – 2 Options

You have two options to reach the incredible Kaieteur Falls. By plane as part of a day trip from Georgetown or an overland journey that takes about five days.

How to visit Kaieteur Falls Guyana #visiteverycountry
At the amazing Kaieteur Waterfalls in Guyana

1. Visit Kaieteur Falls as part of a day trip (by plane)

Currently, three airlines fly to Kaieteur Falls as part of a day. All have offices at the domestic Ogle airport, and if you are flying in here, we recommend asking around as soon as you land.

Please note most international flights arrive at a different airport – Cheddi Jagan International Airport GEO, but Liat flies into Ogle Airport from Barbados or Trinidad. Book the cheapest flights on Skyscanner.

Airlines flying to Kaieteur Falls

Trans Guyana Airways

Contact: +592 222 2525, [email protected]

With a nice office and professional staff, this seems to be the leading airline to do day trips. You can inquire directly at the office at Ogle Airport. The cost of the day trip is USD 190 per person.

They work with Evergreen Adventures, which is one of the main tour operators in Guyana if you are looking for a bigger package rather than just to visit Kaieteur Falls, they can assist you.

The day trip picks up passengers at 11.30 downtown for 1 pm departure. Lunch and water are usually included.

Air Services Limited

+592 222-1234, [email protected]

This is the company we used for our trip. There is an office at Ogle airport and their website has a schedule. Flights are due to depart every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. But please note a minimum number is required so when we enquired at the office we were told there are no departures until Sunday. We then ended up flying on Saturday as the flight was charted through a tour company.

The cost is USD 190 per person, although you will see an advertisement for $150. We believe these are simple old adverts from a few years ago.

Roraima Airways

+592 225-9648, [email protected]

We have visited the office at the airport, but these guys seem to be the least organized. They had a flight on Sunday, and it might just be an airline that tour companies use to chart their flight for groups.

As the packages are pretty much the same and if your time in Guyana is limited, we would still take it as the falls are worth it.

The cost is the same at $190.

Visit Kaieteur Falls
The plane that took us to Kaieteur Falls

Example of Kaieteur Falls itinerary

11:30 AMCheck-in at Ogle
1:00 PMDepart for Kaieteur Falls
2:00 PMArrive at Kaieteur Falls
4:00 PMDepart Kaieteur Falls
5:00 PMArrive at Ogle

When you arrive at Kaieteur National Park, a local guide will escort you for the next 2 hours. He will provide more information on the waterfalls, the park and the wildlife. There are 3 different viewpoints, each about a 10-15 minute walk.

The main office has a small souvenir shop and bathrooms, and you can purchase drinks if you need them.

Tour Operators in Guyana that can book a trip to Kaieteur Falls

You can also book your trip to visit Kaieteur Falls with an operator, but please note all flights are still subject to change as if they don’t have enough clients, they won’t fly, and you can get bumped to the next day.

Of course, if you are booking as part of a group, this should solve the issue of minimum numbers.

The prices are usually much higher, around USD 210 or 220 per person, but you can also pay with a card. See below for all details and their website, which lists their current packages in Guyana.

Evergreen Adventures

Ogle International Airport Inc., East Coast Demerara

Email: [email protected]

Wilderness Explorer

141 Fourth Street
Campbellville, Georgetown
Tel: +592 227-7698
Email: [email protected]

Dagron Tours

91 Middle Street Georgetown
Tel: +592-223-7921
Email: [email protected] or [email protected]

Adventure Guianas

Mikel Plaza, 53 Pere Street, Kitty, Georgetown
Tel: 592-227-4713, 592-220-0770,
Mobile 673-0039/ 621-7766
Email: [email protected]

Wonderland Tours – no website

2nd floor 85 Carmichael St, Georgetown
Tel: +592-225-3122
Email: [email protected]

View of the Falls - How to visit Kaieteur Falls
View of the Kaieteur National Park – How to visit Kaieteur Falls

2. Visit Kaieteur Falls overland from Georgetown

If you are seeking a real adventure, then this is it. The overland journey involves a boat ride upstream, a few days of hiking and overnight in the jungle. The journey starts with a 9-hour bus ride to the town of Mahdia.

On the second day you will take a boat upstream, and from then on, it’s a few days of hiking to reach the National Park and to visit Kaieteur Falls.

The return to Georgetown would most likely be by plane. Enquire with tour operators for more details, and please note that an overland trip to visit Kaieteur Falls is really only suitable for experienced adventurers and hikers.

Tip: Be prepared to spend a few days in Georgetown as flights might get pushed due to minimum numbers or weather. But trust me, it will be worth it. See some good accommodation options below.

Try to sit on the plane’s right side as you will see the waterfalls when approaching and leaving. You get the last glimpse, and the afternoon sun might help to capture it better.

Where to Stay in Georgetown

It’s hard to find much information on affordable accommodation options in Georgetown; however, we stayed at Rima Guesthouse and had a great stay.

Room rates start from USD 30 p/night with shared bathroom facilities. The guesthouse is in a great location and has some cheap places to eat nearby. The guesthouse is sparkling clean and offers a great daily lunch menu.

UPDATE December 2023: We’ve been advised by travellers who recently visited Rima Guesthouse that the rate is now 150 Euro per night! Now, if this is true all year round – we’d advise to check the other suggested hotels we’ve listed below.

A few mid-range hotel options with fantastic reviews, locations and amenities are El Dorado Inn and King’s Hotel & Residences.

The best hotel in town is Marriott Hotel Georgetown.

CLICK HERE to check prices and availability for more hotels and guesthouses in Georgetown.

The Best Group Tour of Guyana

Are you interested in joining a group tour to visit Guyana? This 8-day Rupununi Savanna & Kaieteur Falls Adventure is fantastic! 

Travel across incredible Guyana, taking in a vibrant city and natural wonders from Georgetown City to the stunning Kaieteur waterfalls and the Rupununi savannas. 

Recommended Kaieteur Falls Tours

There are not too many options for Kaieteur Falls Tours, but the tours below are the best of the bunch.

I hope you enjoyed this helpful article on how to visit Kaieteur Falls. If you have visited recently, please let us know about your experience in the comments below.