If you don’t register your arrival into the country after your arrival, you risk getting into trouble during your trip or receiving a fine from the authorities on your departure.

The good news is that it’s relatively easy to register in Sudan.

How to Register in Sudan

The easiest and quickest way to register in Sudan is at Khartoum Airport. Make your way to the ‘departures area’ of Khartoum International Airport.

It took us a while to figure out how to register in Sudan when we visited. I hope this helps. The directions to follow if you’re catching a taxi are below.

Once you drive through the small tollgate, you will see a row of small shops about 50 metres ahead on your right. Look for the blue-coloured shop/shack with a green awning across the top.

It’s an old wooden building with three windows.

where to register in sudan
How to register in Sudan – This is the office to register in Sudan with your visa.

How to Register in Sudan: Go to the 3rd window (from left to right) first.

Request a form from him to register. Once you’ve completed the form, give this to the officer, including your passport, a photocopy of your passport, and a photocopy of your Sudanese visa.

If you are not sure how to get a Sudan visa, read this blog, How to get a Sudan visa in Cairo, Egypt

He will give your documents back and direct you to the 1st window. Go here and give everything to this officer.

He looks over it, types something into the computer, and directs you to the 2nd window.

where to register in sudan
How to register in Sudan – Waiting for our registration to be complete

Move to the 2nd window and make payment to the lady sitting here with a drawer overflowing with bundles or loose notes and cash.

How To Register in Sudan – How Much Does It Cost?

The price is 532 SDG. (USD 6.65)

She may try and cheekily avoid giving you change, as she did with me. I was due the equivalent of around five dollars change.

I politely smiled at her drawer full of money, then at her and requested my change. She gave me some back, but not all of it.

I smiled again and asked her for the rest. She gave in, and I finally received all of my change..

Once you’ve made payment for registration, take all documents and the receipt she gives you back to window 3. The officer here will take 5 minutes or so to look over the documents again; then he will place a green sticker (registration) into your passport and call you to get it.

This sticker easily takes a half-page in your passport.

Final Step: Return back to window 1 after receiving this sticker in your passport, as the officer here must stamp this.

Done. This is the easy way to register in Sudan with your visa and avoid complications on departure.

NOTE: If you need additional copies of your passport or visa, the officers at Window 3 can make copies for you. These are 5 SDG per copy.

Another place to register your visa in Khartoum, Sudan:

The other way to register your visa in Sudan is to visit the Foreigners Immigration Affairs Department in Khartoum.

It’s located 6km from the city centre. If you google Sudan University of Science and Technology, you can see the location directly across the road from here. I’d recommend taking a Tirhal taxi for a couple of dollars.

From what I’ve heard from other travellers, the process here is very similar to the registration process at Khartoum Airport, and they say it takes about one hour or so to register here.

Sudan money
How to register in Sudan – pay in cash in local currency

Top Tips to make your travels in Sudan easier and cheaper:

  • When you arrive in Sudan, get an MTN SIM card with 1GB or 3GB of data. A sim with 3GB costs about 360 SDG at the arrivals area at Khartoum airport.
  • Download the Tirhal App to make your travels in Sudan easier. This is a ride-sharing app similar to Uber or Careem taxi. The only difference is that you can order a Tirhal taxi, and it quotes you a price for the ride, and then you pay the driver in cash once you arrive at your destination. It’s also a helpful tool to work out how much you should be paying for a taxi from A to B so you don’t get overcharged.

NOTE: When writing, 1 USD = 80 SDG black market rate (or 45 SDG official rate). I’ve used black market rates of exchange in this post.

Where to change USD to SDG in Khartoum

As you probably guessed, you will need local currency to register in Sudan and of course, you will need local currency for your expenses.

We changed USD to SDG at the SAUDI supermarket on Al Mashtal Road, Riyadh, Khartoum.

This was conveniently located only 1km from our hotel and very easy to exchange for the best rate possible (rate mentioned above).

Where to stay in Khartoum, Sudan

We stayed at the Jori Vil Hotel in Khartoum. Room rates are from USD 55 double/twin, including breakfast. This hotel is clean and comfortable, with fantastic wifi, and it’s in a great location.

This hotel is located in the Riyadh district near Khartoum International Airport.

Twin room at Jori Vil Hotel – A good mid-range hotel option

Did you enjoy our post about how to register in Sudan? Has anything changed regarding how to register in Sudan since our visit? Please let us know in the comments below.

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