Great Keppel Island should be high on your bucket list when visiting Queensland. Only a 30-minute boat ride from the coastal town of Yeppoon, you can choose to visit for a day trip or for an extended getaway. Either way, this is an affordable island paradise with so much to see and do once you arrive.

Rach Great Keppel Island

How to get to Great Keppel Island

Post updated February 2022

There are two ferries running transfers to the island from Rosslyn Bay marina in Yeppoon. We chose Keppel Konnections to get to/from the island and they were fantastic! This is a smaller boat with fewer passengers, a very smooth trip both ways.

The other company, a bigger ferry is Freedom Fast Cats. 


How to get to Great Keppel Island? We used Keppel Konnections (ferry above) There are a few options, so you can make the choice.

Both companies charge around the same fare and have a similar ferry schedule. See Keppel Konnections ferry schedule here.

Keep your eyes peeled on the ferry transfer between the mainland and the island. During the right season, you might be able to spot some humpback whales.

Alternatively, book this Great Keppel Island Day Trip Bundle from Yeppoon.

Best time of year to visit Great Keppel Island

The best time to visit Great Keppel Island is between May-August. We stayed on the island for 3 nights in August and the weather was perfect! Outside these months, the days can be very hot and humid.

The bonus of travel during this time, of course, is prices for accommodation are cheaper.

View for accommodation on Great Keppel Island.

Great Keppel Island - Everything you need to know

Where to stay – Great Keppel Island Accommodation Options

Up until 2008, everybody used to stay at Great Keppel Island Resort. This was THE place to stay, with a prime position on the beachfront to enjoy your Great Keppel Island experience. But, due to its closure in 2008, there are some other fantastic options for accommodation on Great Keppel Island.

A good mid-range option is Great Keppel Island Hideaway. We stayed here and we can highly recommend this place. Situated right on Fisherman’s Beach with a range of cabins to choose from to suit every budget and a restaurant on-site, it ticks all the boxes.

Keppel Konnections ferry arrives very near to this resort so it’s easy to walk a few minutes to your accommodation, which was super convenient.

Another option for accommodation here is Great Keppel Holiday Village. You can rent a cabin with two large beds, a whole house, or even a tent.

On a Budget?

Great Keppel Holiday Village offers an option to pay for a parking spot and set up your own tent. Ideal for travellers who wish to spend more than a few days on the island.

The rate includes a communal kitchen, showers, toilets, and snorkelling equipment.

Which are the best beaches on Great Keppel Island?

Marty great keppel island beaches

Great Keppel Island Beaches are gorgeous!

17 gorgeous beaches to choose from to be exact! You’ll be amazed at the pristine white sand beaches and turquoise blue waters in this rustic paradise.

There are two main beaches on the island – Fisherman’s Beach and Putney Beach. These are the busiest hubs of the island, and are where you’ll find most Great Keppel Island accommodation options.

For visitors seeking a little more seclusion, we’d recommend you head to Long Beach on the southern side of the island or Monkey Beach & Shelving Beach.