What is it like to live as a digital nomad in Thailand? And what are the best locations for remote workers and digital nomads in Thailand with a beach? If you’re considering moving to the southern islands to live the digital nomad lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about, this post is for you.

Our guide covers information on both Ko Pha-Ngan vs Ko Samui, two top Thailand digital nomads hotspots.

digital nomad in thailand ko phangan Haad Rin Beach

Living close to the beach is the dream come true for any digital nomad in Thailand

Thailand’s southern islands are a paradise for digital nomads! Imagine waking up to the sound of crystal-clear waves lapping against the shore and soaking up the warm sunshine on your skin. That kind of life awaits you in Thailand’s southern islands.

Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Samui are two islands that offer everything a digital nomad could dream of: high-speed internet, affordable accommodation, delicious food, and a vibrant community of like-minded individuals. 

Thailand is a connected, forward-thinking nation. They have invested in the vital infrastructure to encourage remote workers and digital nomads to relocate here in the future. 

This article will focus on why Ko Pha-Ngan and Ko Samui are excellent choices for digital nomads in Thailand.

Digital Nomad in Thailand – Ko Pha-Ngan 

Ko Pha-Ngan ticks all the boxes for a digital nomad in Thailand.

Fast internet, affordable long-term living, diverse natural landscape, excellent coworking spaces, and cosy cafes, a focus on wellness, and what we loved most about Ko Pha-Ngan was the sense of community. 

If you’re considering making this island your home base for a while, having a network of friends and like-minded individuals is key to living a balanced life.

Lifestyle in Ko Pha-Ngan

In addition to beautiful beaches, jungle hikes, and waterfalls to explore in your downtime, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy in Ko Pha-Ngan, with the right mindset. 

The island has wellness spaces, yoga centres, and gyms. There’s a laid-back atmosphere on this island and plenty of positive vibes.

So, if a good work-life balance is important to you, Ko Pha-Ngan could be your ideal place.

Haad Yao Beach, Ko Pha-Ngan

Haad Yao Beach, Ko Pha-Ngan

Best Area to Live for Digital Nomads

Ko Pha-Ngan has several areas where digital nomads can choose to live, depending on their preferences and requirements. Each area offers a unique atmosphere and a range of accommodation and coworking space options to suit different budgets and needs.

Some of the popular areas include:

Thong Sala: Thong Sala is the main town on Ko Pha-Ngan and the transportation hub of the island. It has many restaurants, bars, and shops and is home to the island’s main pier. Thong Sala also has several coworking spaces and affordable accommodation options, making it a popular choice for digital nomads in Thailand. It also has a great night market and it is the commercial hub of the island. 

Haad Yao: Haad Yao is a beach on the west coast of Ko Pha-Ngan. It’s a beautiful sandy beach with several beachfront bungalows, resorts, and villas. In addition, Haad Yao has a few coworking cafes (we loved Bubba’s Roastery), making it a great option for those who prefer a quieter lifestyle.

Baan Tai: Baan Tai is a coastal village located between Thong Sala and Haad Rin. It’s known for its long stretch of white sand beach and several beach bars and restaurants. Baan Tai also has several accommodation options and coworking spaces (La Casa & Summer Stone Cage), making it a popular choice for digital nomads. 

Sri Thanu and Hin Kong: Renowned for their pretty beaches and the wide choice of wellness spaces. These areas are very laid-back, with great cafes and positive vibes. 

Haad Rin: Haad Rin is the party capital of Ko Pha-Ngan, known for its monthly Full Moon Party. It isn’t big on coworking spaces, but you can work at any restaurant or cafe for a few hours, or even on the beach. This is really only suited for those who are looking for the backpacking vibes and don’t mind the party.

Chaloklum: Chaloklum is a fishing village located on the northern coast of Ko Pha-Ngan. It’s a quieter area with several beachfront bungalows, excellent dive spots, restaurants, and bars. Chaloklum also has a few coworking spaces, making it a good option for those who prefer a more peaceful lifestyle.

Coworking Spaces & Best Cafes to Work 

  1. Beachub at Sri Thanu Beach– This is one of the most well-known coworking spaces in Ko Pha-Ngan, located near Sri Thanu Beach. Beachub offers both indoor and outdoor workspaces, fast internet, and a community of digital nomads.
  2. Secret Place at Haad Yao  – Not so secret for any digital nomad in Thailand, this is where you can stay as it offers accommodation as well as a cute restaurant. Have your breakfast & lunch here while you work.
  3. La Casa Co-Working Space by Remote & Digital in Baan Tai – This is a gorgeous mixture of a cafe/restaurant and air-conditioned coworking space. The daily pass is 250 THB, but you can get a monthly pass for 2500 THB. Also, you get a free beer at the end of your work day and there are events to bring people together. There is also great food and coffee at the restaurants on site. What we loved the most was the desk and ergonomic chair set-up, something other coworking spaces often overlook. 
  4. Dots Cafe in Thong Sala – Ok, this is a popular coffee place as it is near the main ferry port, but there is more to it than just the cafe. It has a dedicated space on the second level for coworking. But if the downstairs cafe isn’t busy, you can have your breakfast/lunch while you work here as well. And the coffee is great.
  5. Bubba’s Coffee Roastery – A great cafe with delicious food and strong coffee. They roast it right here. While they have a restriction of the morning for working on laptops, it is a great place to come during the quiet times in the afternoon.
  6. Signature Remote Digital Coworking Space in Thong Sala – Another Coworking space by the same guys who run La Casa. The perfect location downtown and everything you need as a digital nomad in Thailand is here.
  7. Hustle Club – The newest coworking space in Ko Pha Ngan. It offers desks, ergonomic chairs, a restaurant and cafe on site, and even a swimming pool. Of course, the most important thing for any digital nomad in Thailand is super-fast fibre wifi. Day pass starts at 250 THB, monthly pass 3900 THB. Short drive up from Thong Sala. 
  8. Inner Space Coworking near Sri Thanu – Cosy and charming coworking place near Sri Thanu. One coffee or tea free per day, free printing and coding. fast wifi and a community. And you also have an access to the swimming pool at Zama Resort and 10% off their menu. Daily pass 390 THB, monthly 4,900 THB.
  9. Karma Cafe in Thong Sala – Karma Cafe is a popular work cafe with fast internet, comfortable seating, and a relaxed vibe. They serve delicious food and drinks, and you can work here for as long as you like.
digital nomad in thailand ko phangan Dots Coffee and coworking

Coworking Spa