About Western Sahara

This is the largest unrecognised country in the world! Follow the coast along the Atlantic Ocean passing by palm trees, a massive area of vast desert and a huge lagoon. It is here where you can find one of the world’s best kiteboarding scenes. Dakhla, the regions capital attracts international adventure-seeking visitors who come here for the mad wind breaks. The occasional roadblock on the skirts of the desert are here to reinforce that this is still a disputed region, despite what is indicated by the Moroccan flags that are present everywhere.

Western Sahara is very sparsely inhabited and it’s virtually all desert. The Kasbah and mosque in the town of Semara (Smara) are among the major Muslim monuments in Western Sahara. The core city is Laayoune, the old colonial capital. There is little agriculture in the region, it’s very hard to grow anything without any soil. So, it means that camels, sheep, and goat are raised in the Sahara. It’s not exactly a tourist mecca, but if you love to really get off the beaten track or interested in visiting every country like us, then Western Sahara could be on your list.

Flag of Western Sahara

Best Things to do in Western Sahara