Welcome to Transnistria!

Forgotten. Stuck in the 90’s. Unique

How do you travel to a country that doesn’t officially exist? Where is Transnistria? Most people haven’t heard of this country. In 1990, Transnistria broke away from Moldova and now considers itself a sovereign country with its own government, borders, and currency. Sounds familiar? Probably not. The rest of the world has not recognised its independence and this country doesn’t officially exist according to the UN.

Did you know there are officially 193 countries in the world?

Of course, their international recognition has nothing to with the fact that if you travel to Transnistria you would feel like you are in a different country. The money will change, the flag on the building is the national flag of Transnistria and well the vibe of the country is also unique. It has its own Soviet nostalgia, but don’t be surprised to sit in a funky cafe or restaurant after you have just taken a selfie with the statue of Lenin.

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