best food in india curry naan bread

India is a paradise for food lovers. If you enjoy a little spice in your life, this is a destination that you will absolutely love. Each region has its own style of distinct flavours and cooking style. The East is renowned for its chilli curries, and the West utilises coconut and seafood in the cuisine. But if you travel to Northern India, you can taste the change almost immediately. Here, it’s all about korma and tandoori specialties and finally, the South is famous for fiery, spicy foods. To taste the best food in India, you need to visit these top five food cities and regions to eat this incredible cuisine!

The best food in India can be found in these 5 cities & regions

1) Amritsar

best food in india Amritsar

Amritsar – A city offering a variety of foods to ensure you eat the best food in India

The best food in India may be right here in Amritsar for those who love hearty, rich food which is heavily laden in ghee. In other words, this is the stuff that will keep you smiling for weeks after you’ve returned home. 

The most popular dish on top of everyone’s foodie hit-list is kulchas, crisp, yet soft leavened bread (similar to naan) which is stuffed with mashed and boiled potatoes and aromatic spices. 

Amritsar has some of the best food in India, and be sure to try as many fish tikkas as possible, plus this list I’ve prepared for you below.

Foods to eat while you’re in Amritsar:

  • Amritsari kulchas
  • Dal Makhani
  • Sarson Da Saag & Makki Di Roti
  • Lassi
  • Kulfa
  • Besan Ladoo and Pinni

2) Hyderabad

best food in india hyderabadi biryani

Be sure to include a stop in Hyderabad for some of the best food in India.

Hyderabad is a delicious place to visit to find the best food in India. It has a huge variety of Indian foods to try, the biryani being a dish you must eat in this region.

From street food vendors, high-end restaurants and humble cafes, you can’t really go wrong in this historical city. The best food in India is all about big flavours and Hyderabad will definitely deliver this for you.

Foods to eat while you’re in Hyderabad:

  • Hyderabadi Dum Biryani
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Hyderabadi Kebab
  • Mughlai
  • Dosa
  • Haleem
  • Paaya
  • Uttapams

3) Gujarat

best food in india vegetarian thali

Gujarat has some of the best food in India for sure, especially for those who love vegetarian dishes.

Gujarat is a state surrounded by coastline, with an ab abundance of fresh seafood on its doorstep. The people of Gujarat primarily eat a vegetarian diet, so you can bet this food here is packed full of fresh spices, vegetables and delicately fragrant curries and stews. The food here is the perfect balance of spicy, sweet and savoury flavours.

Don’t miss the baked lentil cakes and dhokla, which are steamed savoury cakes. These are the perfect breakfast food to be eaten with a hot cup of Indian spiced masala tea. Don’t miss Gujarat on your culinary journey to find the best food in India.

Foods to eat while you’re in Gujarat:

  • Dhokla
  • Khandvi
  • Fafda
  • Handvo
  • Panki
  • Thepla

4) Mumbai

best food in india mumbai street food

So many amazing street eats in Mumbai. The best food in India is arguably found from talented street vendors who create flavourful food every day.

Welcome to India’s largest city and formerly known as Bombay. Indians are big consumers of street food, and I can totally understand why. It’s some of the best food in India that you will eat. The best food in India can be found on the streets of Mumbai. And, the best thing is that it’s available everywhere and at all hours of the day.

I’ve asked my Indian friends where the best food in India is from, their answer is unanimously Mumbai. This huge city gets the number one spot for best street food in India, and arguably the best food in India as a whole.

Foods to eat while you’re in Mumbai:

  • Bombay sandwich
  • Dahl puri
  • Pani Puris
  • Ragda Pattice
  • Kanda Poha
  • Sev Puri
  • Pav Bhaji – deep-fried potato dumplings in a bun.

5) Kerala

South Indian cuisine utilises coconut milk and fresh herbs. Lemongrass, curry leaves and many fruits available in the region are also featured in the dishes prepared in the south. You will discover the cuisine here focuses on more coconut milk-based stews, seafood and lentils.

As the texture of the curries isn’t as thick as in other regions, the food here is commonly served with rice rather than bread. Kerala covers all bases if you want a broad variety of the best food in India.

Foods to eat while you’re in Kerala:

  • Sadya meal
  • Aviel
  • Payasam
  • Irachi Stew
  • Malabar Paratha

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We’re aware that India is a huge country. The best food in India is hard to narrow down to just 5 regions.

Add these cities and regions to your bucket-list for more delicious adventures – Kolkata, Delhi, Goa, Lucknow, Kochi and Jammu & Kashmir.

We hope this post helps you to find the best food in India. 

– Recommended Extended Food Tours in India

Happy Eating! If you’ve visited this destination, please let us know where you’ve eaten the best food in India in the comments below!

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