Best eSIM for USA guy with phone with plane

If you’re still skeptical and wondering are eSIMs reliable or not, I’ll explain the answer to that for you too.

This article will explain why an eSIM for travel in the USA is your best option, not to mention how convenient it is to download within minutes to your device. Long gone are the days of wasting precious vacation time trying to get connected after arriving in a new country. 

There are a few reasons why the best eSIM for USA is Airalo. Let me explain why these USA eSIM data plans are your cheapest and most convenient option to stay connected on your upcoming trip. 

What is eSIM? 

An eSIM is a virtual SIM or digital version of your physical SIM card. An eSIM allows you to activate a cellular plan from a carrier without using a physical SIM. Technology is a beautiful thing!

Essentially, your device or phone already has a microchip installed that allows you (or your newly purchased eSIM data pack) to install multiple eSIM profiles. It’s equivalent to having several physical SIM cards with phone numbers and data plans plugged into your phone simultaneously. 

Best eSIM for USA mobile phone
Best eSIM for USA is Airalo

More about the best eSIM plans USA

The best sim card for visitors to USA is the one that ticks all of the boxes. 

  • eSIM is quick and convenient to download within minutes
  • Airalo eSIM Data Packs for USA are affordable. View the entire range available here.
  • Top up within seconds whenever you’re running low on data. Seriously, this is beyond convenient.
  • When you buy eSIM for USA you don’t need to take out your own physical SIM card – because it’s all digital. It means you’re able to receive messages and calls from home with your original cell phone number, while data roaming on your digital eSIM.

A few years ago, the best SIM card for visitors to USA would have been hard to answer, as so many big companies compete. And, of course, they’re still out there.

The game-changer, however, for the best SIM card for USA in 2023 and beyond is thanks to technology. 

Now you can ditch the standard SIM card and get connected with eSIM in the USA. It’s the way of the future.

What is the best SIM card for visitors to the USA? 

That’s an easy question to answer. eSIM for travel in the USA is your best option. There are 6 x eSIM data packs to choose from. All data packs are well-suited for your trip to the United States of America.

If you’re a visitor planning to travel to the USA, you must choose the best eSIM for your individual needs. The best eSIM depends on how long you plan to spend in the country.

Furthermore, it would help to consider how much data you are likely to use to get the best value from your eSIM for USA.

If you regularly use wifi during your travels (hotels and restaurants usually offer these free of charge), you might want to go with the smaller plan ($11 for 3GB of data, valid for 30 days).

Yet, if you depend on cell phone coverage for your data, you might want a plan that includes more data. I’d recommend either this $26 for 10GB eSIM or the 20GB data pack for $42. Both data packs have 30 days of validity.

The below list may also be the cheapest eSIM plan USA you will find online – and they work like a dream!


the best esim for USA Airalo 6 data packs
The best eSIM for USA is any one of these 6 data packs that suits your travel style best.

Are you travelling to other countries too? Consider a Global eSIM

Suppose you’re visiting the USA as part of a bigger adventure that may include nearby countries such as Canada or Mexico. In that case, a Global eSIM may be what you’ve been searching for. 

These Global eSIM Data packs will save you lots of money and effortlessly connect you in multiple countries as you travel.

My favourite thing about being a world traveller, is the Global eSIM. It covers a staggering 87 countries included in one eSIM, and they start at just $9 for 1GB, valid for seven days.

The most significant data pack available is 20GB for $89, valid for 180 days! This combines the best eSIM USA with 86 other countries. Wow!


I use Global eSIM frequently as I travel the world. Even if it’s just a few days, it offers peace of mind to stay connected in 87+ countries. Now, that’s pretty amazing.

Save money and time with the best eSIM for the USA

Do you agree that this is the best SIM card for visitors to USA yet? Honestly, eSIM is my new favourite travel product for the past few years – it’s unbeatable!

I even wrote this Airalo eSIM product review for 2022 to explain why.

Is eSIM easy to download to my device?

Absolutely! But before you go ahead and buy an eSIM for USA or even a Global eSIM for travel (that includes the USA), remember to double-check that your device is compatible. So, what phones are eSIM compatible?

Is iPhone 11 eSIM compatible? How about compatibility with iPhone 14 eSIM? 

You can check if it’s compatible here. In saying that, most devices will support eSIM, but a handful does not.

How to Download eSIM to your Device

Once you have checked that your device supports eSIM, you can go ahead. 

Download the Airalo App, purchase your selected data package and follow the steps to activate the eSIM for the USA just before your arrival.

Before you arrive in the USA, be sure you switch from your home mobile provider to the eSIM provider.

Once your eSIM is activated, I recommend that you turn off data for all apps you don’t use daily, and apps that use a lot of data: Netflix, Instagram, and TikTok will eat up your data quickly. Try to leave social media scrolling when you get connected to Wi-Fi at your hotel or cafe. 

Your data will last much longer. 

Easily top up your eSIM within minutes

And, if you don’t care too much about churning through your data, eSIM is perfect for you. You can easily top up your eSIM with more data whenever you’ve reached your limit.

I told you it’s fantastic!

Best eSIM for USA girl with mobile phone
This is the best eSIM for USA because you can easily top it up with more data once you’ve reached your data limit. So easy!

Are eSIMs reliable? Why eSIM for USA is the best choice

If you travel to the USA, you certainly still have the option to purchase a local SIM card at any major airport or phone store/provider. 

Of course, this allows you to make calls and send text messages within the country where you purchased the SIM card. It also gives you access to local calling rates and data. Buying a sim card in the USA at the airport will usually cost much more than getting a sim card in the city centre, so be aware of that.

However, I believe purchasing an eSIM card for the USA is a much better option than buying a local SIM in the USA:

You can download an eSIM before your departure from home, instead of purchasing one in the USA. If you’ve got a prepaid eSIM activated upon arrival, then you can get online as soon as you touch down in the USA! Avoid the crowds, exit the arrivals hall and go and explore straight away!

It’s incredibly convenient. This virtual e sim card for the USA is the way forward.

You can start exploring the 15 Best Places to Travel in the USA right away!

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