berlin bike tour

The creativity, multiculturalism, and uniqueness of Berlin are represented in its very vibrant food scene.

When we heard about this bike tour in Berlin, we thought it would be a great way to discover different places to eat.

Why This Is The Best Bike Tour in Berlin

The concept of this bike tour in Berlin is this: ride a bike around the best parts of Berlin with your local guide, learn about the history and have fun with others on your tour.

On longer tours, maybe enjoy a lunch stop and a beer garden along the way.

The tour kicked off at 6 p.m.; our friendly and enthusiastic guide, Blakely explained a little bit more about the evening ahead of us, and we grabbed our bikes to set off exploring.

Our first stop was just behind the Berliner Dom;

Blakely poured some bubbles for us, and we got to know the rest of our group better.  We were 14 people of all ages and mixed nationalities, and it seemed like food truly brings people together.

We rode just behind the Hackescher market to taste some excellent Turkish Food at Dada Falafel.

We were served a few dishes, such as hummus, falafel, and halloumi cheese. Fresh, tasty, and vibrant, the falafel was the absolute highlight!

Visit Some Great Attractions in Berlin by Bike

We continued on our bikes, riding through the streets of an unknown part of Berlin for many tourists. We stopped at Bernauer Strasse, where one of the longest parts of the Berlin wall still stands, and Blakely has explained a brief history of it with some incredible stories.

Our second food stop was at Die Schule, a German Restaurant that offered something unique – German Tapas. Sitting outside, we have enjoyed the summer evening and the selection of traditional German foods:

The Flammkuchen, small pork knuckle on peas, potato pancakes on applesauce, and others.

Oh, and to go with the new hipster trend in Berlin – We’ve tried the Green Berliner Weisse beer.

It tasted like Haribo gummy bears!

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A Great Introduction to This Cool City

After our main meal, we returned to our bikes to reach our final food stop for some excellent desserts and coffee.

We got to share multiple cakes to try as many as possible washed down with a nice espresso.

Perfect ending to an excellent tour.  At this stage, the evening felt like going out with friends as we all seemed to enjoy each other company and shared stories about food, Berlin, and our next travel plans.

We rode back to our starting point to drop off our bikes.

The evening skies of Berlin have turned darker, and we said our goodbyes.

With full bellies and some great memories, we greatly fell in love with Berlin.

Book this food tour on a bike for a great evening in Berlin.

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